• New College Dating Service Debuts


    A new online dating service aimed at the college market just made its debut. Limited to college students with an active university email address, DateMySchool.com is active on 350 U.S. college campuses, launching on 204 new campuses this week just in time for the start of fall classes. The unique online dating site was developed by two Columbia University students frustrated by the difficulty of meeting students in other academic fields. DateMySchool.com College Datingprovides another avenue for students to connect with other students on their own campus as well as students at other colleges.

    DateMySchool Safer Than its Competitors Because it Allows Anonymous Profiles

    The online dating site is getting mixed reviews from collegiates, many of whom consider it unnecessary. However, the new site’s promise of exclusivity and safety is winning over other students. But is DateMySchool.com safer? One of the most heavily-promoted features of the free site is that it can only be accessed and used by students with a valid campus email address. Site developers appear to ignore the fact that many people who are not students – professors, technicians, department staff, etc. – typically also have valid campus email addresses, making the site not quite as exclusive or safe as the developers proclaim. And just because the primary site users are college students doesn’t eliminate abusers, scammers or sexual predators. Like any other slice of American society, college students have their share of bad apples.

    DateMySchool also emphasizes that its site users have greater control over their profiles than is usually provided on other online dating sites. Like other sites, DateMySchool.com allows users to post a dating profile and trade messages with other users. However, the site purports to be safer than its competitors because it allows anonymous profiles that (it claims) cannot be searched by Google or similar internet search engines. The collegiate dating site also claims a higher degree of safety than other online dating sites because site users are able to control who sees their profile and choose to either exclude or include students from other campuses. Frankly, what DateMySchool.com is promising doesn’t seem all that different or effective as what everyone else is doing. We’d like to hear from you. If you’ve tried DateMySchool.com, do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down?

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