• Online Dating Startup Matches People Using a Headshot


    Some people say “your face is your fortune” and Soul2Match, a new online dating site wants to use your face to help you find love. According to Mashable.com, there is research that shows “couples with similar levels of attractiveness are the happiest. Other research says people trust those who have similar facial features more than those who don’t.” Those of you who start to feel anxious at the thought of having to write out a profile describing yourself and what you look for in an online dating profile can rest easy — just get someone to take a great online dating profile for you and online dating startup Soul2Match will do the rest.Matching Couples Online Profile Pros

    When it comes to dating, facial recognition software replicates what the brain does when you are out looking for dates by registering facial features and symmetry. Like most dating sites, Soul2Match is not aiming to find just one person you can date; instead it uses facial recognition software to match you with fellow users who are highly compatible. You can then decide a message to people who are highly compatible with you.

    Some people find online dating questionnaires to be too long or perhaps even too personal. This is a way to participate in online dating without having to answer a lot of questions. Those that doubt that facial recognition can be effective have to remember that when dating sites based on questionnaires debuted people also doubted that technology.

    Dating is a numbers game; the more people you meet, the greater your chances of finding someone compatible, so if you are willing to take a chance on a questionnaire, it might not hurt to try dating based on your photo. Couples still have to do the work to get to know each other no matter how they are introduced.

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