• Don’t Send the Wrong Message with Your Profile Picture

    Using your cell phone to take your profile picture sends the wrong message. More and more we’ve seen people post “self-portraits” taken with their cell phones for their online dating profile profiles. Everyone knows that your initial online dating profile photo is the most important thing that can make or break your online dating experience. While there is no doubt that the quality of the cameras found in cell phones is improving, using your own cell phone to take your self-portrait sends the wrong message to your potential dates. Not only is it hard to take a great self-portrait but it makes others think that you are so lonely and desperate that you can’t even find a friend to snap a photo with a decent camera. We’re not saying you need the most expensive camera around to take a decent photo it’s just that cell phone self-portraits are so obvious to everyone that it really degrades the quality of your online dating profile and it sends the wrong message to your potential dates.

    Online dating is all about sending the right message to your potential dates, in essence you are working to create your own personal brand. Can you imagine Coca-Cola using a cell phone to take photos for one of their most important advertising campaigns? Of course not! Online dating is no different. The first thing you notice when you start the online dating process is page after page of lousy photos that you need to scroll through to find someone that you’re even remotely interested in contacting. Now, flip that around, it’s your photo amongst hundreds if not thousands of other photos that your potential dates are reviewing. The really want to be “that guy” that didn’t have any friends, couldn’t find a stranger, or didn’t care enough to even try to get a decent photo? Online dating can truly be effective and efficient, but part of that stems from the fact that it can be a brutal process. Potential matches look through photo after photo after photo; never bothering to read the profiles behind them. Just like you. If the first impression that someone gets of you is from a lousy photo, what chance do you think you’ll have? The right photo can make online dating successful for you so use a good one.

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