• Success in Online Dating – It’s All About the Profile Photo

    Personality is important when attracting dates from online dating sources — that’s a given. Other things that are important are location, interests and hobbies. However, no one will ever get to these aspects of your online dating profile if the picture doesn’t reel them in first. Therefore, the dating profile photo you use needs to be a real zinger in order to attract more success from your online dating service.

    The profile picture is the first thing that people see when searching for potential love interests on internet dating websites. Even if you’re the most beautiful woman around or the most handsome devil in town, a fuzzy or unappealing profile picture can ruin your chances of love. Even if the picture isn’t fuzzy, the photo can still be unappealing due to the environment in which it was taken (bars, clubs, bad lighting, psuedo-sexy shirtless beefcake photos or glamour shots).

    The secret to a great online profile is a down-to-earth professional photograph that brings out your natural good looks and displays your confidence.

    As the online dating world evolves it has become obvious that there is a need for professional photography studios to cater to people’s dating photo needs. Besides the demand, another reason photography studios have begun supplying this new service is because of the strict guidelines that internet dating sites enforce regarding profile picture file sizes and dimensions. Many times people will have beautiful head shots of themselves that, when reduced to the required dimensions and file size, end up looking warped and skewed online.

    The challenge is finding the time to locate a photographer and schedule an appointment. One of the reasons you participate in online dating services is because you don’t have time to spend hanging out in bars all the time. Well, who has time to spend visiting photography studios? Fortunately, you can find a photographer the same way you look for love… online!

    Even though a well written “About Me” section and other profile points are incredibly important to the online dating process, real success in online dating begins with the profile picture. Many people may think that it’s shallow to rely on the way someone looks before they view the profile, but because of the way online dating profiles are set up one can’t help but judge the proverbial book by it’s cover first.

    Find professional photographers in your area who specialize in online dating photography at DatingHeadShots.com. Having better online dating photos is what ultimately makes you a success in the online dating world.

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