• Guest Blog: Look Beyond the Obvious to Find Mr Right

    If you’re looking for the secret to landing your very own Mr Right and not just your Mr ‘He’ll do for now…’ then you’ve come to the right place! There comes a time when we want to settle down with that one person who’ll make us feel loved, safe and secure even when we’re old and wrinkly and all our youthful sparkle has long since faded.Finding Mr Right

    So, what’s the secret? Well it’s really quite simple: have an open mind, be yourself and look beyond the obvious. Just because you believe you are destined to be with a dark, handsome stranger, it doesn’t mean you should rule out anyone below six foot with a flash of blonde!

    It might sound obvious, but if you have a set vision in your mind as to what your ideal man should look like, put it to one side just for a moment. Of course you have to find someone physically attractive, but if it’s a find head of hair you’re after, remember that will probably fade eventually. And if it’s a super toned body you’re going for, be sure to consider that all those cozy nights in front of the TV together with a bottle of wine and a takeaway to share will soon take their toll even on the most buffed of bods.

    It’s not about settling for second best, but it is about looking beyond the exterior and finding something a little more lasting. And if you want some more valuable and in-depth advice on how to find Mr Right, you can try online a dating coach.

    And remember, if you are yourself you will find someone who loves the real you, whereas if you put an act on in order to try and be what you think they want you to be, it’ll soon become tiring and you won’t be with someone who loves the real you. And, after all, isn’t that the least anyone deserves?

    Guest blog by Gemma Collier:  Gemma is a free-lance writer from the UK who has been engaged for just over a year. She spent time on dating scene and enjoyed her fair share of good and bad dates, but at 32 she decided the time was right to settle down. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, travelling, walking her dog (which was incidentally how she met her fiance!) and looking after her niece and nephew. She likes to write about the things that interest her, whether that be health and fitness advice, travel inspiration, or helping other singletons find love.