• Do Photos Make or Break Your Dating Opportunities?

    At your next office party or family gathering, ask how many of those in attendance are using online dating services. Chances are that a few of the 40 million people in the U.S. who have tried this service are at your event. Online dating success has come a long way, as according to the Pew Research Center 1 in 10 relationships in the past decade started out online. Yet, one of the constant criticisms of an online dating profile is the photos, or the lack thereof. In order to move from the maybe-folder to the high-probability-of-a-strong-compatibility, consider these online dating tips regarding dating site photos.Online Dating Photo

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Photos tell a visual story with potential dates. These images are often the first thing that someone will scan on online dating sites. Profiles that are photo-free are almost always filtered out. After all, choosing someone to date from online dating services already puts you in a position of vulnerability. While a photo could quite possibility be a fake, not having a photo at all indicates major issues including:

    • Inability to conform to social expectations
    • Lack of interest in the online dating profile
    • Lack of commitment to online dating and otherwise
    • Insecurity and/or social phobias
    • Lack of confidence in online dating services and otherwise

    Make the Most of It

    Now that you’ve determined a photo is a must-have, consider these online dating tips in determining how to make the most of your profile image. Old photos from your high school days, and not from your 15 year reunion, are wrong for dating profiles. You should also avoid using the same standby photo for months and months, and months. Date stamped photos that tell the time of your snapshots are a classic no-no.

    Save the time to discuss your cars, kids, smoking habits or serious hobbies until later on in the relationship rather than including these in your profile photos. Other red flags are images at awkward angles, such as the bird’s eye view, that hide double chins and other unsightly body aspects some individuals feel the need to hide. For everyone out there there is someone who will appreciate you for exactly who you are, so no need to hide your body issues in your profile photo. Honesty remains the best policy in online dating services.

    Leave it to the Professionals

    Rather than depending on your selfies or roomies to provide you with profile photos for online dating services, seek out professional help. Have a photo session with OnlineProfilePros. While most professional photo services will offer you a choice of two or possibly three shots to use for your photos, OnlineProfilePros gives you 50 to 100 images. That means you’ll not only have a professionally polished photo for your online dating profile when you initially sign up for a service, but you’ll be prepared to change your profile photo on a regular schedule. Fifty to 100 photos gives you plenty of options while offering an enormous range of styles and settings that are sure to fit your many moods. Schedule an appointment with OnlineProfilePros in which you’ll receive your very own professional photo shoot. Do it today so you can make your dating site profile as authentic and well designed as possible.