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    We know it can be hard to choose a photographer for your online dating photos.  That’s why we created the “Photographer Introductions” segment of our blog, where we highlight some of the Online Profile Pros photographers so that you can get to know them and their photography style a bit better.  We would like to introduce you to New York Online Profile Pros Photographer, Shana.  She has taken care of numerous New York City clients for OnlineProfilePros and always receives glowing reviews. Here is our Q&A with her:

    1. Where are you located?New York Dating Photographer

    I am based in Manhattan, New York. I grew up in Queens, and I’ve worked throughout the boroughs and Long Island, but I love that in Manhattan I can order a pizza and a couch at 3 in the morning (though I haven’t so far).

    2. Where do you like to shoot your dating headshots?

    I think the natural light from the sun and the surroundings really helps give a better impression of who the person really is. When you go on a date, your partner is going to see you in natural light, not the light of my studio. I also LOVE taking headshots in Central Park… there are so many different areas and backgrounds to choose from, the possibilities are really endless. I think you should get to show a bit of your personality when you pick a location, and I personally like the look of the pond when it’s nice out. That being said, some people prefer the structure of an indoor shoot, and I’m happy to accommodate.

    3. What made you become a photographer?

    A lot of my family members are photographers, it was just meant to be. I remember at my grandparents house there were always these amazing stylized photos of them “Play Acting”, which is what they called posed photos. They had these fantastic black and whites of both of them, and when it came time for me to go to college, I loved every class I took at SVA, the School of Visual Arts here in New York.

    4. How long have you been a professional photographer?

    I started taking my photography work seriously in 2005, and officially started my own business in 2009. I was so excited about it when I took out an announcement in the paper to get things rolling! It started out with family and friends work, and then I got into fashion photography while I was in school. I love taking photos and getting to know different people on every shoot.

    5. Please give some highlights of your photography career?

    I’ve worked with major magazines like Hearst Publications, and even some celebrities (a musician and Broadway Play star), but my favorite moments are seeing my pictures published. Some of my favorite articles I was published in were in “Imprints Magazine”, an article about Female Beauty, and other on PWPOnline.org called “30 Women Photographers and the Women Photographers Who Inspired Them”.

    6. What sets you apart from other photographers?

    That’s a good question, and a lot of people (including my fiancé) think they can be a photographer with their smartphone. I love to encourage them and getting to see what they come up with, but their photos doesn’t always capture the subject at it’s best. I find that with experience and passion I can take photos that show off a person’s inner self, and capture a moment so you can re-live it when you look back at the album. I also have some kick-butt dyed-orange hair!

    7. What makes the perfect dating headshots/ portrait?

    Dating can make people nervous and stressed, and it’s hard to portray comfort, compatibility, or whatever you want to show off to potential dates. I find that when we relax a bit, maybe stroll through the park, and be yourself and smile and have fun, we can capture a more natural moment anyone would be proud to show off.

    When you’re looking for a New York Online Profile Pros Photographer, don’t forget about Shana.  Here are some examples of her favorite online dating photos as well as a link to her Online Profile Pros Profile:



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