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    Profile Pictures That Will Land the Woman of Your Dreams

    We’ve all been there. We want to make that great first impression, to “wow” every lady who comes across our profile.

    But we tend to overthink it. We obsess about it. We painstakingly try to guess what she sees when she looks at our profile picture for the first time.

    Whether you’re looking for that perfect profile picture to snag a date with your soulmate, to catch the attention of your high school crush, or to present yourself as competent and successful, first impressions matter.

    And the foundation of a first impression on social media lies in profile pictures.  Let’s look at what studies say about finding that perfect pic.

    What A First Impression Means

    You’ll find ample research out there with results that show just how long we have to make a first impression.

    According to a series of experiments conducted at Princeton University, it takes less than half a second for someone to form a fairly permanent impression of you.

    In the studies, they showed participants a picture of a person for various lengths of time, up to a second. Participants reported their impressions, along with their level of confidence in their ability to accurately assess someone from such a short time viewing a photograph.

    If we translate this through the lens of social media, this means that the profile picture you choose may mean the difference between an “I’m interested in you” message in your inbox and a scroll on down the page.

    What Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Profile Picture

    There are many facial expressions, backgrounds, and body positions to take into account when picking your pic. A few of the common aspects to consider are:

    • Smiling or not smiling, with teeth or without teeth
    • Looking at or away from the camera
    • With a favorite pet or alone
    • With friends or solo
    • A wooded background, beach background, building landscape, etc
    • Stationary or in motion
    • Black and white, color, sepia, faded, etc.
    • Lounging or looking serious

    Which you choose depends on the image you would like to convey, but there are some clear winners and losers, as we’ll see in the next section.

    What Studies Show

    According to an in-depth study analyzing which profile pictures get the most “likes,” the results were clear when it comes to men’s profiles:

    • Smiling without teeth, you’re 43% more likely to get a “like”
    • Looking into the camera versus away, you’re over 100% more likely to get a “like”
    • Standing solo, you’re 11% more likely to get a “like”

    Based on results from this same study on men’s photos:

    • 80% less likely to receive a “like” if you choose a beach photo
    • 45% more likely to receive a “like” if you use a sports pic
    • 15% more likely to receive a “like” with candid photos

    Black and white photos are extremely attractive based on the 106% higher likelihood of getting a “like.”

    Posture is also important. You don’t want to look like a soldier. But you also don’t want to have lousy posture, since this can give the impression of low confidence.

    Research shows that in between these two is best.

    Choosing a Profile Picture That Starts a Conversion

    Starting a conversation is your goal, right?

    Time and again, studies show that women want to start that conversation with a guy who is open about his hobbies, interests, pets, sense of humor and his zest for life. Ladies are looking for someone who’ll bring some pizzazz into their lives.

    Promote something about yourself that you want to attract in the other person.

    Women enjoy conversation-starters on a first date. If your profile pictures have you posing with a tennis racket, and she loves tennis, this can be a definite in. She may feel more connected to you and feel drawn to share her own tennis stories.

    Some conversion-starting profile pictures to consider are:

    • A night out on the town
    • Laughing with friends
    • Big family pictures
    • You playing in the floor with your young niece or nephew
    • You with sports equipment
    • You enjoying an event

    Perhaps you’ve heard of the Internet meme, “I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I totally trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”

    This is why a pic of you with your loyal mutt or cuddly cat can pique interest. Women see you as loyal and cuddly, too.

    What to Avoid When Choosing Your Profile Picture

    When a woman sees all, or even most, of a man’s profile pictures are selfies, she may assume one of two things. Either he is totally full of himself or he has absolutely no friends. Neither will help you score that first date to prove otherwise.

    If a lady believes that you have no friends, she may take the short leap to assuming you have trouble with relationships. So pack your pictures full of fun, engaging times you have with those you care about the most.

    Some pictures that have been proven unsuccessful in the online dating scene are:

    • Two-person snapshots with any person that could be perceived as being a potential partner, even if it’s your sister! (the ladies don’t know that)
    • Photos that conceal any part of your face, especially your eyes
    • Stained clothing
    • Beer photos
    • Attempts to be seductive (often come off as creepy)
    • Wearing sunglasses can give the impression that you have something to hide
    • Bathroom selfies, or any selfies for that matter!

    The OKCupid study “Your Looks and Your Inbox” suggests that ladies are more apt to message a man with an everyday look versus a “stud.” So, it may be in your best interest to post a profile picture that appears most similar to the average guy even if you have all the assets.

    Where to Go for Perfect Profile Pictures

    Finding the photos to send the right message isn’t easy. These kinds of pics don’t always happen naturally. Capturing what you’re all about in an image is crucial if you want to find that woman of your dreams.

    A professional photographer can help you send the right message.

    We’ll help you pick out your best attire, the best background, and the best pose to get you on that lovely lady’s radar.

    With four different photo packages to choose from, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect photo options for you.

    Let us help you land the woman of your dreams. Book now in 3 easy steps today!

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