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    Entrepreneur Need A Linkedin Premium Profile to Succeed

    Have you floated the idea of Linkedin Premium? The basic Linkedin account has many beneficial features. This includes community access, profile search, and insights of who’s viewing your profile. The platform is a hit for job seekers and recruiters. The basic features are more than enough for those building a professional network. Yet, what if you’re in the middle-ground of job seeker and recruiter? What if you’re an entrepreneur?

    Linkedin Premium: What’s Included

    There are variable tiers of Linkedin Premium — let’s explore each:


    The ‘Career’ plan improves job seeking features.

    • Price: $29.99/mo
    • 3 InMail credits
    • Who’s viewed up to 90 days
    • Salary insights


    The ‘Business’ plan improves job seeking features with extra insights.

    • Price: $47.99/mo
    • 15 InMail credits
    • Who’s viewed up to 90 days
    • Company insights
    • Unlimited browsing (up to 3rd degree)

    Sales Navigator Professional

    The ‘Sales Navigator Professional’ plan is intended for sales.

    • Price: $64.99/mo
    • 20 In Mail credits
    • Who’s viewed up to 90 days
    • Lead insights & custom lists
    • Unlimited browsing (up to 3rd degree)
    • Saved leads

    Recruiter Lite

    • $99.95/mo
    • 30 InMail credits
    • Who’s viewed up to 90 days
    • Advanced search filters
    • Integrated platform for hiring
    • Unlimited browsing (up to 3rd degree)
    • Candidate tracking

    Bonus Features

    Each account includes:

    • Linkedin Learning — Online video courses to grow your skills
    • Linkedin Salary — View job/career salary details

    Free trials are offered for each. Subscription price lowers when billed annually.

    Which is Best for Entrepreneurs?

    The best choice is Sales Navigator Professional.

    The Sales Navigator Professional plan provides tools & resources to discover and mature leads. The plan includes flexibility for building business connections. This becomes the leverage you need to reach business maturity.

    Linkedin Premium for Entrepreneurs: The Inherent Benefits

    Linkedin has more than 546 million users (as of April 2018). This tantalizing stat would excite any entrepreneur with thoughts of growth. Though, Linkedin Premium is more than a better experience… it creates better opportunities.

    What are those implied benefits bundled with Linkedin Premium?

    Better Contact

    With InMail credits, you can directly contact prospects even if they’re not in your connections. This could create opportunities to:

    • Generate sales
    • Request feedback
    • Get partnerships
    • Gain sponsorships
    • Build out content

    Your use of InMail parallels email marketing campaigns. Mixing qualified candidates with personalized offers can entice conversions. This could create a sale or build a relationship aiding brand awareness and growth.

    Stronger Outreach

    Premium members’ applications appear higher than free members. This creates better positioning with outreach efforts like applying to freelance listings.

    Additionally, premium improves:

    • Keyword usage – Helping you touch on talking points to relate to the listing
    • Search filters – To weed out and refine your selection
    • Comparision – See how you measure up to competitors
    • Transparency – Never underbid yourself by using business insights

    The extension of “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” to 90 days also improves outreach efforts. Knowing who’s visited and keywords they used to find your profile can refine your tactics.

    A premium plan also lists “top 100 most viewed’ among your connections. You could use reverse engineering to monitor competition. Then, swoop in to outbid them on a job listing. Or, submit a better offer from your business.

    Robust Search

    Creating and using a customer profile can improve your sales efforts. These profiles are also ideal for attracting talent to your business. The premium search feature included with an upgraded plan adds many additional filters.

    How could you use this for a startup? You could filter results for:

    • Roles – Great for getting through to decision makers
    • Size – Discover real competitors and potential partnerships
    • Experience – Tap into their knowledge or bring them on board

    Premium includes a saved search feature. This provides a weekly report of profiles defined by your search criteria.

    Getting the Most from Linkedin Premium: Quick Tips & Tricks

    Making the switch from free to a premium takes little more than financial info. You’ll gain access to tutorials helping with its onboarding. But, that takes time and experimentation — let’s get you right into using it well:

    1. Use tools

    Linkedin Premium has a strong set of built-in tools. But, Linkedin tools make better sense of the information so you’re not overwhelmed.

    Popular tools include:

    • LeadFuze – A CRM-like service for collecting and managing leads
    • Discoverly – Find Linkin connections other social profiles
    • Crystal – Generate personality reports of your leads & connections

    2. Content first

    Linkedin is a social platform but its value shines with content. One of the goal’s of content marketing is developing authority. With authority comes influence, later leading to a slick sales funnel.

    Make Linkedin work for you by using it as a publication:

    1. Tell interesting stories about your business and its industry
    2. Highlight your best customers and share their experiences
    3. Provide helpful tutorials and insight about what you offer
    4. Do interviews with influencers or share a case/user study

    Content generates almost 3x the leads as traditional marketing. Leverage your expertise by creating regular posts for your connections. This gets you in front of them, and shows up in search results —- which solicits leads!

    3. Be authentic

    LinkedIn’s success created a flood of spam, scams, and inappropriate behavior.

    Don’t participate in this. Do this, instead:

    • Grow your business organically by building real connections
    • Filter and send messages to qualified candidates vs mass mailings
    • Spruce up your profile to reflect changes and success

    The goal, whether it’s creating sales or landing gigs, or helping to create your personal brand; is best done through personalized contacts. This requires extra time when crafting your message. But, you’ll greatly increase your response rate. Also… avoid gossip and conflict.

    What you say and share is public. This can affect your online presence positively or negatively. Stay positive and you’ll attract positive connections and you’ll make the right first impressions.

    Struggling to Grow with Linkedin? Let Us Help!

    Like it or not, our looks and presentation dictate our business potential.

    With that in mind…

    What’s first noticed when browsing Linkedin profiles? The headshot, of course!

    Your entrepreneurial journey is like dating. Appearance matters, and gets you through to the prospect. An unattractive profile screams unprofessional. Ask, “would I hire myself?” when comparing your profile to the competition.

    Here’s how we can help:

    1. Browse our list of professional photography packages
    2. Book and attend your photography session
    3. Add the winning photos to your profile

    Don’t let your business growth stifle because of a lousy photo. Go now, and find a photographer near you!

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