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    The Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating Profile Pictures

    Do you know what is one of the most common mistakes that people with their online dating profile pictures? They put photos of themselves and someone else.

    When you hear this, you’re probably thinking, “Why would they do that?” It seems like an obvious mistake but you’d be surprised by how many people do it.

    People make many mistakes when it comes to dating profiles. It could be the result of the person making their profile way too late at night, or it could be that the person really doesn’t have that many photos of themselves.

    Our point is, sometimes obvious mistakes just aren’t that obvious. Luckily for you though, here’s a cheat sheet you can use to make sure you’re using the best pictures for your online dating profile.

    5 Don’ts of Online Dating Profile Pictures

    Unfortunately, it’s easier to mess up dating site photos than to get them right. Let’s being with the don’ts.

    1. Not Enough Photos

    The first thing many people do when they get to your profile page is probably clicked on your photo and try to scroll left or right to see more. But if you don’t have any more then it just stays there and the person is left disappointed. The person might think, if you can’t bother to post one or two more photos, maybe you’re not serious about online dating either, and there goes your potential mate.

    2. Pictures Are Too Provocative

    Whether it’s your intention or not, the truth of the matter is when you show a lot of skin in your online dating profiles, you could be attracting the wrong types of people.

    If all of your pictures are of yourself in low-cut dresses or in the gym half-naked, people might think you are only interested in having a physical affair, and if that is what you are looking for, then that’s fine. But if that isn’t your motivation, think carefully about what your outfit says about you in the photo.

    3. Group Photos

    We’ve already briefly touched upon this but seeing how many people do it, we feel it’s worth reiterating. Do not post photos of you and someone else on your online dating profile. No matter how good you look, it only confuses people. Even if you have a caption describing which person you are, it is still distracting. Your dating profile picture is supposed to be about you, not your best friend, not your mom, no matter how much you love them.

    4. Photos Are Too Dark

    To you, the photo of yourself at your cousin’s wedding with the lights dimmed might be great because you were dressed up and your makeup was done, but the stranger who is looking at your photos on the internet do not know that. All they’ll see is your silhouette with a faint outline of your smile and although it looks fun, they don’t know what you look like.

    5. Photos Are Too Old

    It’s tempting to put pictures of us from a few years back when our skin looked brighter and our hair looked shinier but don’t. Even if you haven’t aged that much, people can still tell it’s an outdated photo when they see you.

    We all change more than we think every year. Our hairstyle change, our clothes change, and even our expressions can change. It’s only fair to others to post photos that reflect the current you.

    5 Dos of Online Dating Profile Pictures

    Now that we have the don’ts out of the way, let’s get to the dos.

    1. Crips and Clear Photos

    When it comes to dating profile pictures, quality matters. If you don’t have a great camera phone, borrow your friends or hire a professional photographer. It might sound silly to hire a professional photographer for your online dating pictures but many people do it and get professional photos of themselves for work at the same time.

    2. Face Should Be Unobstructed and Clear

    We’ve seen way too many dating profile pictures of people with huge sunglasses and hats on. While these might look cute, we can’t see your face! Try to only post photos where your face isn’t blocked by anything and you are facing the camera directly on eye level. If you must, learn to take a mean selfie.

    3. Full Body Shots

    Along with close-ups shots of your face, you should at least have one picture of your full body. People like to know what kind of a body type you have, how tall you are, and etc. Most of the time, people aren’t even checking to see if you have a model body, they just want to see what you look like as a whole person because that’s what they’ll see when they meet you.

    4. Casual Photos

    Another mistake that people commonly make is they think they have to be all dressed up in their photos. Women will post photos of themselves with full-on makeup and men will post photos of themselves in suits. While they are nice, they shouldn’t be all of your photos. In order to show off your true personality, make sure you post casual photos of yourself as well in your normal outfits and hair.

    5. Edit Your Photos

    We’re not talking about using filters to turn you into a different person. We’re talking about using simple tools to crop or brighten your photos. You’ll be surprised how much you can improve your pictures with just a few simple techniques. Most phones and computers already have applications to edit photos but if yours doesn’t, you can download free photo applications on your phone to help you out.

    Give It Your Best Shot

    Online dating can be scary but we’d say as long as you aren’t posting any pictures to purposely deceive people, you should be attracting the right people. First impressions are important when it comes to dating but don’t forget that your dating profile pictures are only one part of the attraction.

    If you would like more helpful tips on how to take better pictures either for dating, work, or social media reasons, head on over to our blog to learn more!

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