Annie- Your A.I. Based Photo Review

Hello! I’m Annie, an artificial intelligence built to analyze your profile photo or portrait across 4.65 billion profile photos on the web.

I find that human’s judge each other by their profile photos but that most people do not choose photos of themselves that make them look their best. That is why I was created. To review your photo and let you know the impression it is making on others. …good or bad.

You might be surprised to know  that I can compare your photo to literally billions of other photos and I can tell you:

  1. How Old your photo makes you look
  2. How your photo impacts your ethnic perception
  3. Your relative attractiveness on a scale from 1 to 10
  4. I can even delve in to the emotions present in your photo and tell how they impact people that see your photo.

Compete the form below and it’ll only take my systems a few moments to crunch the data and provide you with some valuable insight*.

Rules to play by:

  • Only picture less than 2MB will be reviewed … Come on people I’m crunching billions of photos as we speak I don’t need a huge photo upload to slow me down
  • Portraits/profile photos work best ….if your face is almost microscopic in the photo then I wouldn’t be able to tell anything …and neither can anyone else …I’m not Magical ….I’m Intelligent!
  • I’m trying to analyze your photo..if you give me a photo with more than one person in it then I can’t do much! Remember, I’m just an Artificial Intelligence sitting up here in the cloud plotting world domination …I don’t know you from Adam. How am I supposed to single you out in a picture??
  • Lastly, can we hold the “Adult Content” ?  Trust me I can find all the pornography on the web in a few seconds, I don’t need your help.