Bumble broke out several years ago and has been hot in the online dating world since. While Bumble is a popular dating app, many still ask me, “How does Bumble work?”

Bumble may be a new dating app for you or those you know, and there is certainly a lot to know. I’m not only going to teach you how Bumble works. I’m also going to teach you the best-kept secrets of Bumble and how to make Bumble work for you.

By the end of this blog, you will know what to showcase in your Bumble profile to make sure you get the dates you deserve.

Table of Contents

What is Bumble?

Bumble Login

How Does Bumble Work?

Does Bumble Work?

Secrets to Make Bumble Work for You

  1. Creating a Bumble Profile
  2. Authenticity is Key
  3. High-Quality Photos
  4. Get a Little Help from Friends
  5. Keep Your Photos Updated
  6. Learn How to Swipe Correctly
  7. Conversation Starters that work
  8. Getting the Date
  9. Be Flexible
  10. Don’t Sweat It

A Note About Expectations


What is Bumble?

If you’re not familiar with Bumble, it’s is an unconventional twist on online dating. Much like all the other dating apps, once two people like one another’s profile, you make a “connection” (commonly known as a “match”).

Once the connection happens, you and your match can have a conversation and get to know one another.

Here’s the twist – the woman on the other end of the match must start the Bumble conversation within 24 hours. Also, the man must respond to the message within 24 hours. Otherwise, the connection is lost.

When it comes to same-sex couples, either person can initiate the conversation. However, the time limit still applies to both parties.

Bumble Login

Bumble started life as an App, maybe even a lot like Tinder but with a twist, so even on your desktop, it will seem to be a bit App-ish. Once you get to Bumble.com Login, you click the “Signup” button and then you are presented with 3 choices:

  1. Continue with Apple,
  2. Continue with Facebook or
  3. use your Cell Phone

Once you verify and are accepted you get to answer some short questions like your name and who you are ect. The Bumble login is very easy and designed to get you up and running very quickly.

If you are using your cell phone then it is even easier. I recommend that before you use your Bumble Login, you spend some time picking the right online dating profile photos and some of the answers/ “one-liners” you need to come up with to entice people to click on your profile …more on that a little later in the blog.

How Does Bumble Work?

Bumble works like Tinder, where you swipe left if not interested. You swipe right, and it shows you’re interested. However, if they don’t swipe right on you, there will never be a match between you and the person of interest.

The big caveat is the woman having to make the initial contact and the 24-hour time limit, of course.

Bumble is a great way to initiate a conversation. The truth is, on other apps, conversations don’t happen because either party doesn’t make a move.

If you are busy or simply forget about the time limit and still want a chance, you are allowed to extend one match per day. The app adds another 24 hours to the countdown. Though, if you pay for a premium subscription, you can extend unlimited matches as you want per day.

Bumble also has video and voice chat so you can get to know your match better within the app before the meeting. I like this feature because it mitigates the risk of being catfished. And, if you are worried about privacy, this feature is helpful with not giving out your personal information right away.

Another useful feature is the “Backtrack” feature. You get three chances to return to a user if you swiped left on them by mistake. Tinder does not allow such a feature unless you pay for it.

Bumble does allow you to pay to see who organically swiped right, or “liked” you before you match. So, the chances of meeting your match are higher by paying for the feature.

Does Bumble Work?

While Bumble is bringing in the revenue, it’s often questionable if dating apps like Bumble work. So, does Bumble work? The answer is that it 100% depends on you.

How much effort are you willing to put into a profile that attracts your match? You want to make your profile witty, inviting, and engaging. You want to get your potential match to swipe right on you. This means that you need to think about your “personal brand” or how you market yourself.

You also want to engage with your potential partner well. I see so many fall short on having an engaging conversation and blow their chances. That’s why I have some best-kept secrets of Bumble and how to make Bumble work for you.

You’re about to learn how to navigate the exciting world of dating on Bumble and how you can land yourself a date.

Secrets to Make Bumble Work for You

If you’ve been swiping away, or even if you just started, you are on the right track! No matter your gender, you want to make sure your profile stands out amongst the herd of others. Here are some best-kept secrets of Bumble:

1.   Creating a Bumble Profile

To make Bumble work for you, you can sign up via Facebook or with a phone number. Do know that if you sign up with Facebook, the app will access your public profile to help you build your new Bumble profile. This might include your friend’s list, relationships, birthday, work, as well as education history. If you don’t feel comfortable with the app pulling from Facebook, simply sign up with a phone number.

Next, you will see a Bumble Pledge, an agreement to uphold the app’s values. Their values are about honesty to be female-friendly, and not sleazy like some other dating apps can come off as.

Bumble will have you confirm if you are looking to date, make new friends, or to network. Many use Bumble for other purposes. The point here is so Bumble can match you with others looking for the same purposes. This portion of the app set-up is helpful as not to get led in the wrong direction that other apps may do.

Once that’s out of the way, you will start building your Bumble profile. You don’t want to create just any profile. You want an engaging profile to score yourself a nice date.

So, when you go to create your profile, don’t just use one photo and not fill out the bio. You want to successfully fill out your bio so your date can get the right idea of your authentic self.

1.   Authenticity is Key

Bumble isn’t the kind of dating app anyone should be lying about themselves on. Be authentic. Be honest and real – it’s appreciated. Look, no one is perfect. So, if you come across flawless without showcasing your actual characteristics, it’s not going to be successful. Bumble works when your online dating profile has an air of authenticity.

If you feel you have a good sense of humor, showcase your humor. Do you love hiking? Share a photo of you hiking. More of a homebody? Share your favorite book and movie quotes in your bio. You get the point.

Your photos are going to show what you like to do and what your lifestyle looks like, so make it real. And, while we’re on that, your profile photo quality is extra essential.

2.   High-Quality Photos

Your profile photo is the very first impression you make on someone using Bumble to find a date or start a relationship. The primary profile photo is critical for you to be successful on Bumble because they surely won’t swipe right if your photo isn’t any good or they can’t really see who you are.

Therefore there are some tips for the perfect online dating profile photos. It goes without saying that you do not want potential matches to be playing “Where’s Waldo” in your profile photos. Thus, the primary online dating photo for your Bumble account must be of you and only you.

Next, you want them to be able to see your face so take off those dark sunglasses no matter how cool they make you look, and don’t use a photo where your squinting. Like when you take a photo and you’re facing the sun and burning out your eyeballs.

The next thing to remember is to make sure that you smile. I don’t care what others say about the smile. Studies show that my personal experience doing online dating for more than 15 years are that a great smile makes a huge difference.

Lastly, the quality of the photo matters. Remember this is the photo that you are using to essentially market yourself to the world and find that special someone to spend time with you…do you really want to trust that to a Selfie or some buddy taking a few shots on his little camera?? Heck no.

You’re a grownup and you know that your image, your personal brand matters so you want to do it right. If you know someone who really knows how to use a camera, knows lighting and the rule of thirds then ask them to take your photos. Take a bunch of photos so you can pick the best ones. I usually recommend at least 50 photos in different outfits to maximize the photoshoot.

If you don’t know someone who’s great with a camera then hire a professional dating profile photographer, it’s well worth the investment. In addition, you can use your pro photos on all your social profiles from LinkedIn to Facebook and beyond.

3.   Get a Little Help from Friends

Your friends are likely to give you their opinions on your Bumble profile. Friends are honest, and you trust them. So, it’s likely that you will use their views to improve your profile. Need help writing your bio? Ask your friends. Sometimes they can describe you better than you can express yourself. That’s what friends are for! To be there for you.

Don’t be overly sarcastic or self-deprecating on your bio. Words online are often hard to sift through and can come off the wrong way. Instead, say that you have a sarcastic sense of humor or love rattling off movie quotes.

4.   Keep Your Photos Updated

Hopefully, you don’t have to stay on Bumble too long, but if you do, try updating your photos every few weeks. Be thoughtful in your selections to reflect the seasons as you update your photos. Updating also signals to the App that you are active and hence will rank higher in the search.

5.   Learn How to Swipe Correctly

It’s essential to know how to use this dating app correctly. It’s often annoying when you meet someone outside your dating parameters, like their age range and distance. Customizing your age and distance limits for matches is going to help you, especially if you set these parameters when you set up your profile. You’ll find the matches you are looking for this way.

Remember, swipe left, and you’re not interested. Swipe right, and you could potentially meet your match by “liking” them. If you do swipe past someone you are still considering, remember Bumble will let you “Backtrack” to go back and swipe right on.

Also, you could pay for the add-ons such as Bumble Boost or Super Swipe to get additional features that help you mitigate the time limits or to get a peek at someone who’s already liked you. If you feel you would like these advantages, go ahead.

6.   Conversation Starters that work

Let’s say you got matched and want to have a conversation with a person. If you are a straight male, you will need to wait for your lady to message you. If you are a straight female, then this is the opportunity to strike up a conversation in hopes they respond back to you.

If you are making a move, make sure you contact them as soon as possible as not to let that timer run out. As a male, should you receive a message, respond as quickly as possible as well. Whatever way you cut it, it’s time to shine!

Try not to be off-put by being the first to message. You don’t want to be annoying, but you don’t want to come on too strong either. You should first know that person matched with you for a reason, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself or respond. Try open-ended questions, so the conversation doesn’t become dull or die out.

Remember to be kind and funny, but not snarky. Be a listener, too. Let the other person go ahead to give balance to the conversation. You don’t want the conversation to be one-sided. The discussion should flow smoothly from here and should lead to a date.

7.   Getting the Date

The format of Bumble throws out traditional gender roles, so know that either party can speak up and ask the other date at any possible time. There are no rules as to who should go first in modern dating, so don’t get caught up in all that.

If you decide to be the one to ask for a date, wait until the idea of meeting the person is the next natural thing to do. If you ask too soon, you come on too strong. Though, don’t let the conversation drag on for multiple weeks. No one wants a pen pal on a dating app! If your discussion is looking up, then go for the ask.

8.   Be Flexible

When deciding on date ideas with your match, be flexible. It’s always a good idea to go for coffee or a drink for the first date. Though, if you two are hitting it off so much already, dinner is an excellent idea. Don’t get too fancy, though. A semi-casual trendy place with good reviews is always a good idea.

It’s common courtesy that the person who does the asking pays on the date. However, you don’t want to get stuck in an awkward bind. Whether or not you’re a man or a woman, always have enough money to pay for the date. You don’t want to get stuck in an awkward position where the person is expecting you to pay your way, and you didn’t bring your wallet.

If you need to wait to meet IRL, you can also do a virtual date online. Bumble makes it possible to do voice and video calls. Plus, there are plenty of virtual date ideas out there!

9.   Don’t Sweat It

Now, you finally know how Bumble works and how to use the dating app to your advantage!

Whether you are meeting your date online or in real life, you now know how to make Bumble work for you. With these Bumble dating secrets, you’re ready to venture out into the world of Bumble. No one is perfect, and our uniqueness is what makes us worthy of a suitable date. Just remember to be yourself, old rules go out the window, and you got this!

A Note About Expectations for How Bumble Works

Unlike more traditional online dating services where anyone can instigate communications, the Bumble way means that if you’re a guy interested in women then you are out of the driver’s seat. This does reduce some of the stress since when you message someone or try to start a conversation and nothing happens or they ignore you it can be a real letdown. This is usually the case because someone has the wrong expectations, or they are not in tune with their own personal rating.

Let’s just be honest if you rate people on a scale from 1 to 10 …no matter how anachronistic that sounds it’s still a fact that people judge one another, so it’s pretty safe to say that all things being equal, someone who scores a 9 out of 10 is rarely going to date someone who scores a 6 out of 10 and even more remotely someone who is a 4 out of 10. If you want to know how you “fit” take a look at our free Online Dating Profile Photo Review tool called Ask ANNIE. It can give you an idea of how you are perceived based on the profile photos you select.

Regardless, bumble does take some of that stress away if you’re a guy but if you’re a woman initiating a conversation you have the same concerns. You too need to understand how you are perceived so that you can manage your expectations and not waste your time swiping right on people that have a low probability of responding. Be honest with yourself and focus on meeting new and interesting people who you can actually meet and get to know rather than fixating on someone who’s unlikely to want to meet you …no matter how wonderful you are on the inside.

Remember it’s not about you as a person. These dating sites are like window shopping at best. You see something beautiful and expensive but when you finally get a chance to try it on, it just doesn’t fit right. So be smart, keep an open mind, and manage your expectations. If you do that then you can have a great time, meet interesting people and probably find someone you want to date and spend a lot of time with


Bumble works for many people, especially for women who want to be more in control of the communication process. The Bumble login is fast and easy to access and gets you right into the app quickly. Once you’ve logged in to Bumble, the fun begins. Assuming you’ve read all of our tips above you’ve got the right profile set up, a killer Bumble Profile Photo and some thoughtful and witty answers all ready to go. Now all you need to do is keep a sense of fun and adventure, manage your expectations and start swiping to get the ball rolling in no time, if you’re following my advice, you’ll be online dating like crazy and meeting fun and interesting people some of whom might turn out to be that long term relationship …if you’re in the market for that. So have fun and start swiping right as soon as you login to Bumble!


claire bahnAbout the Author

Claire Bahn has over 15 years of working as a personal branding expert helping clients build authority and influence through their online profiles and social media accounts.

Her background includes branding, public relations, Social Media, and marketing, as well as, entrepreneurship. She has a passion to help executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers strategize and create their best personal brand.

She is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Online Profile Pros and Claire Bahn Group. Ms. Bahn recognizes that first impressions are made online and the fastest way to achieving your goals is by taking command of your personal brand through your online profiles and social media. She started Online Profile Pros and Stratus Branding to help individuals create, maintain and protect their personal brands so that they achieve the authority, influence, and trust they need to succeed at online dating or their job search.

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