Why Entrepreneurs Need A Linkedin Premium Profile to Succeed

Linkedin profiles are key for entrepreneurs to build their personal brand

Have you thought about joining LinkedIn Premium? While the basic LinkedIn account has many beneficial features like community access, profile search, insights of who’s viewing your profile, and of course the ability to build a network. The basic is perfect for those just looking to build their network and connect with colleagues, but LinkedIn offers […]

Why Online Dating Photography Matters to You

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The Cold Hard Facts of Online Dating Photos Almost everyone you know is online dating (whether they want to admit it or not) or knows someone who is. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these people are doing it wrong. Even though the very platforms they are paying explicitly tell them what they need to do […]

7 Online Dating Message Tips That Will Get a Reply

online dating message tips

Our Online Dating Message Tips To Get (and Keep) the Conversation Going So you’ve set up the perfect online dating profile with your best online profile pic. Now how do you start using this profile to start messaging people so you can meet them? It’s going to be awfully hard to meet them if you never […]

5 Dating Profile Photo Tips Every Woman Needs to Follow

Dating tips for women

What are the top five online dating profile photo tips for women?  These should help you no matter what reason you decided to try online dating or what state of disarray your dating profile is in. We get it, nobody thinks dating is easy. Dating online today can be difficult. So you need to take […]

5 Profile Photo Tips Every Man Needs for Online Dating

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Guys, we all know that online dating can be hard and frustrating. Sometimes its just plain hard to get a date online with out the right dating profile pictures to make the right first impression. It sucks. Here are some dating profile photo tips that will help you to remedy the problem. When that happens […]

Say Cheese! Here Are 7 Factors That Go into the Perfect Headshot

good headshots

Learn About 7 Factors That Go Into Good Headshots. Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and been horrified by the way you looked in it? If the picture was on your friend’s camera, you maybe even begged them to delete it, or at least not to post it on social media. If the […]

Crucial Elements Every Creative Portfolio Should Have

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Here Are 9 Crucial Elements That Every Creative Portfolio Has to Have The average job opening gets around 250 resumes. Is yours going to stand out? While it’s true the market for creative jobs is growing steadily, this means there’s more competition than ever. You need to be able to stand out and get the best positions. […]

9 Tips for Crafting an Amazing Professional Profile for LinkedIn

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What are the 9 Tips For The Perfect Online Profile? Struggling to get noticed? Your professional profile is the first thing a potential employer will see. Make a great first impression, and you maximize your chances of getting hired or get a promotion by following these simple steps to improve your LinkedIn profile for a […]

Social Media Pictures Help! Should I Have a Default Profile Across Platforms?

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Social media has become a major part of our culture these days. We use it for professional networking, finding dates, keeping in touch with friends, and more! This trend has gotten so big that most people have social media accounts. Studies show that there were 196 million social media users in 2016 and projections expect […]

How a Narrative Resume Profile Can Help Your Job Search

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Contrary to what you may have been taught, there’s no rule – or law, for that matter – that says your resume has to be written a certain way when you apply for jobs. In fact, the latest trend in job hunting is submitting what’s known as a narrative resume. This approach shucks the standard […]