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If you find yourself out there online dating or dating IRL (In Real Life), you probably haven’t thought about hiring a dating coach or a matchmaker. You may be asking yourself if you need a dating coach or matchmaker. If you’ve been doing your research, you will find out that these experts can be costly. However, there may be a more cost-effective alternative for you.


Dating coaches help define what you want. They also help you assess where you are in the dating process and whether you are realistic with your prospects. Hiring a dating coach may help you get into the mindset where you can start looking for the right match.


It’s time to reach your dating goals, give yourself a boost in confidence, and meet the person you can see yourself riding off into the sunset with. There are first a few complexities of the dating scene to sort out. Let’s discover the ins and outs of online dating and figure out if you should hire your dating coach. By the end of this article, you should have an idea if a coach is right for you or not. Let’s get started!

What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?

Actual Photo Analysis Results:

Age: 35:
Ethnic: White_Caucasian
Attraction: 7.64 out of 10
Emotion: Happy 
Results: This would be a GOOD choice for a Dating Profile.


Dating Coach Vs. Matchmaker


First, let’s clear the air on what the difference is between a dating coach and a matchmaker. A dating coach is there for coaching and pushing towards cultivating a lasting and fruitful relationship. Much like a life coach, your dating coach will help you focus on developing your true self and on looking at dating in a different way to bring a healthy relationship into your life.

Dating coaches can help when it comes to issues with online dating profiles, picking out the right dates for you, your style, how to flirt, how to communicate better, having better self-confidence, and how you are presented overall. The end goal with a dating coach is to develop better confidence and communication skills, which are essential when developing a lasting relationship. In the end, you will be more in touch with who you are as an individual and what type of relationship you should have in your life.


Matchmaking is a bit different than hiring a dating coach. It usually involves an extreme and in-depth approach by the matchmaker. A good matchmaker will be very hand-on yet professional. They will also meet and vet all of their clients with interviews. Your matchmaker will get to know who you are and your personality. Your dates will also all be pre-screened, so they are only the most compatible matches. Once they know you a bit more in-depth, they will pull matches from their database to set you up with someone who you are most compatible with. Your matchmaker will also guide you through the pre-date and post-date process with guidance and feedback from both you and your date.


Dating Coaches Cost a Pretty Penny


Dating coaches reportedly cost around $300 per hour, give or take a hundred or few. There are dating coaches who will charge an arm and a leg at $13,000. Though, you could go with a less experienced dating coach at a lower price. You are generally going to see dating coaches out there who charge an hourly rate. You could also work out a package, depending on the coach you go to. These crazy prices are much higher than around a decade ago when coaches charged on average, $125 an hour. Of course, you should do some shopping around first before making a significant decision about this.


Similarly, matchmakers are also expensive. According to the Better, Business Bureau, the average cost of a matchmaker is $10,000. Consumer Affairs reports matchmaker prices anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 per year. Though that is a big range, you should expect to may about that much. When it comes to matchmaking, you definitely get what you pay for. It is reported that the Millionaire Matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger, starts out at $45,000. Her prices go up to $100,000 per year. Selective Search charges, on average, $25,000 to $50,000.


Can You DIY Dating?

If you’re not finding the success you had hoped for with online dating, there might be a few things to try before you start paying an expert. Online dating is actually dependent of a few key factors; 1) the site you choose, 2) your profile photo and 3) your completed written profile. Many times people get discouraged about online dating becasue they chose the wrong dating site for them or they used a bad profile photo and finally they have a poorly written dating profile.


There are thousands of online dating sites int eh US alone. They all appeal to different groups and have the most popularity in certain geographic areas. Since online dating is, for the most part, geographically specific, (ie you want to date someone relatively nearby) you might have simply chosen a dating site which does not have many member in your area. Doing a little research and asking your friends might point you in teh direction of a site that will suit you much better


Since the only thing people initially have to go on is your profile photo, you are going to want to make sure you invest in a great photo that will make you look your best. If you’re not sure about you photo you can always ask a friend for honest feedback or you a sophisticated profile photo testing service to give feedback on your photo. If your written profile does not invite people to comment and ask question then this can be an issue since you’re unintentionally making it harder for people to interact with you and start a conversation



Not many of us have the money to be paying out of the pocket for dating coaches. You can read books on dating guidance and advice. You could search online for the answers. However, the fact of the matter is that you are not going to get where you want to be if you’re still stuck in the same patterns, unwilling to make a change.


So, you’re a working professional. Maybe you retired early. You have the dough available to pay either a dating coach or a matchmaker. If you want to take the leap and find ‘the one,’ you should probably just hire an expert to get you with your ultimate match faster.


Coaches Help You Get Comfortable Getting Out There


Look, we know that putting yourself out there is not easy. An online dating coach or a real-life dating coach will help you gain the self-confidence, your true-self. In no time, you will be comfortable to go out on as many dates as it takes for you to meet the right person. These hired experts are there to push you and offer you support, even when you do not feel that confident.


The support a dating coach can provide you is what you may need during the current state of your life. You may have started feeling like dating is too much like going on a job interview. You may also be tired of going on date after date, doing the same thing, and expecting different results. Dating often makes people anxious and frustrated. With a dating coach, however, you will be able to start seeing the world a little bit differently. You will find a new lease on dating through working with a dating coach.


There will also be bad dates, and your dating coach will be there to offer you the help and support you need. They will help guide you so you have less messy dates and more successful dates by helping you learn what you can do the next time differently, helping you build confidence each step of the way.


Dating Coaches Help You Narrow Down For a Great Match


The truth is, these experts are pretty much always there for you on-call. Think of it as an expert at your fingertips. Your dating coach is there to help you find lifelong happiness. By helping you keep your dating goals in order, your coach will help you narrow down the great match you can see yourself with for the long-term. Many people find their match much quicker than the traditional approach because you will get the focus and attention on your likes and dislikes to help you make the right choices.


Dating Coaches Help You Become Accountable


Without a dating coach, you have to rely on your own willpower when it comes to putting yourself out there. By holding you accountable, your dating coach sets you up with success to find your mate. Your dating coach will be around for you and be transparent about your dating mistakes that you must change in order to achieve dating success.


It’s like when you surround yourself around people you look up to the most, how you tend to take on the same characteristics. Well, your dating coach will help you emulate their confidence and dating skills to land you your catch. Working with a dating coach, you will be able to see their successes that ultimately drive you to be the even better version of you. Your dating coach already has the skills to take on a successful relationship, and so can you by being held accountable.


You’re Less Likely to Make the Mistakes Everyone Else is Making


Many other people are stuck in the dating cycle or vortex: going on dates that are either awkward, dull, weird or just the wrong dates. The list goes on and on. You will have an advantage over the other regular Joes or Joannas out there. Because your consultant will have the experience to know what a suitable date and a wrong date looks like, they can help you resist making the wrong choices when it comes to dating. From the big mistakes to the dumb little mistakes, you will find yourself at an advantage because you are mitigating the bad apples!


Get A New Lease On Dating Overall


A good dating coach or matchmaker can make your world a better place to meet someone special. You’ll be better at narrowing down your choices, going in confident, and maintaining a healthy relationship in the end. You’ll gain a whole new lease on your dating history, your habits, what your goals are, and how you can overcome those questions in your mind. You will finally be in the right state of mind, the right mindset to achieve and maintain a healthy and successful relationship. Everyone who is striking out on dating should give a dating coach or a matchmaker a try. You’ll see a difference!

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