Flirtation Applications: Your Guide to the Best Hook-Up Apps

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Are you looking to enter the world of online dating?

Dating in the 21st century has moved from chaperones and courting to swiping. Dating and hook-up apps are the primary way to meet people these days.

Downloading an app could be the key to finding the love of your life or at the very least a memorable night. This article will tell you the 5 best dating apps of 2018.

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1. Get Toasty with Tinder

Tinder is arguably the dating app that started the app dating craze.

With Tinder, hundreds of potential mates are sitting right at your fingertips. All you have to do is create a profile and start swiping.

Tinder uses a “match system” where if you and another person both swipe right on each other, you become a match.

You’re not allowed to message anyone who doesn’t match with you so be sure to make your profile enticing enough to get people swiping on you.

If you really want to show a special Tinderella or Tinderfella how you feel, you can “Super like” them. This feature will show them that you like them enough to really let them know. Super liking is the only way a person can know if you swiped right for them without even matching.

Keep in mind people are looking for a variety of different things on Tinder. Some want hookups and some want real relationships. If you’re not sure what the deal is, just ask!

2. Bumble it Up

Bumble is deemed the “feminist” dating app because women must message men first.

On Bumble, men can swipe on women all day, and even get some amazing matches, but if a woman doesn’t message the man first, the match disappears after 24 hours.

This causes the women of Bumble to be more assertive and go after what they want. It can be a thrill for men to be pursued on Bumble.

If you’re a guy on Bumble, be sure to give the ladies a lot of information to work with. This will make it easier for them to start a conversation with you.

Women are driven to Bumble because it takes away the possibility of getting unsolicited dirty messages from guys. In Bumble, women have control over when a conversation starts and if she’s not enjoying it, when the conversation ends. That means no more dick pics in lieu of greetings, ladies!

3. Gear Up With Grindr

If you’re a man seeking another man, Grindr is the app for you.

The swiping and matching work very similarly to Tinder and Bumble, but you won’t find any ladies on the app.

Grindr is the number one hook up app for gay men.

4. Drink Some Haterade

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But what about a man scorned? Or even a couple who are scorned over the same thing?

Hater is an app that matches you with people who hate the same things as you. Sometimes all it takes to make a positive connection with someone is to talk about all the negative things in life.

Want someone to rant with about how horrible pineapple is on pizza? Can’t stand the current president? Do you just thrive off of negativity in general? If so, Hater might just be the app for you.

Sit down now and start listing the items you hate so you’re sure you have things to talk about.

5. Level Up with The League

Sometimes it can be difficult in relationships when one person is more ambitious than the other.

Two workaholics coming together, however, can be a recipe for success. The League is a dating app that searches through your education and work history before approving your profile.

The League allows you to find a mate who will motivate you in your career. A motivated mate might also be more understanding of you having to work late because they’re working late themselves.

If you find yourselves craving to be a part of a power couple, The League might be the dating app for you.

7. Make it Happn

With the Happn app, you form connections with people who you really crossed paths with in real life.

You get to see where you might have met by seeing your connections with people. If you always feel like you’re running into attractive potential partners at your local gym or coffee shop, this app might be for you.

It might just put a name to the face and finally give you the courage to say hello.

Happn only matches you with others who are interested. So you don’t have to worry about someone stalking you who you have no interest in.

8. Cuddle up to Cuddli

Are you a self-proclaimed nerd? Do you love gaming and movies more than people sometimes?

If so, find your geeky soul mate on Cuddli. Cuddli is a warm and receptive place full of people who actually want to talk about the fandom you’re involved in!

Find people who are dying to discuss Harry Potter fan theories. Discover your next Pokemon hunting partner. Cuddli understands your obsessions with “nerd culture” and gives you access to people who feel the same way.

Join Cuddli if you love wearing your geek on your sleeve.

Enjoy Your Time on These Hook-up Apps

We hope this list of hook-up apps has inspired you to download one and get to swiping.

Keep in mind that you’ll be more successful on some apps than others. Finding an app that matches your personal lifestyle and interests can be an important step to finding quality dates.

Don’t assume if you’re unsuccessful on one app that you’ll be unsuccessful on them all. Keep trying, and remember online dating is supposed to be fun. When embarking on the adventure of online dating, always be yourself and be respectful of other’s privacy and personal space.

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