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    8 Great Second Date Ideas

    Okay, so you’ve made it past all the awkward fumblings of the first date.


    No matter how you slice it, first dates can be rough. Often they feel more like job interviews, and for some, these interviews can feel anywhere from downright terrifying to painfully dull.

    But you kinda have to get through those basic interview questions to make sure the other person isn’t a serial killer, right?

    Well, once you’ve concluded the person you’re with is, in fact, not a serial killer, and you realize the date wasn’t the epic monstrosity you were imagining (hey- maybe you even had a killer time- no pun intended), it’s time to start cracking on some second date ideas.

    While there’s nothing wrong with taking the traditional dinner route for date number two, it can be fun to mix things up a little for the second date.

    Let’s face it- the small talk has probably all dried up. And sitting across a table and staring at someone isn’t exactly the best environment for organic conversation, especially if you still got some nerves going.

    Not to mention- the traditional dinner route can put a dent in your wallet pretty quickly.

    To make sure that spark from the first date carries over into the next one, we’ve got eight awesome second date ideas that will sweep your love interest right off their feet and have you two riding off into the sunset together ( Well, maybe not- but at the very least you’ll have a fun time together.)

    1. Explore the Great Outdoors

    Hikes, walks, and bike rides are all awesome ways to spend a second date while also enjoying some sunshine and fresh air.

    Dinner dates can be especially cringe-worthy due to the fact that you are most likely sitting face to face.

    Chances are, you aren’t quite at the “let’s gaze longingly into each other’s eyes for 5 minutes” phase yet.

    These options eliminate that weird face to face predicament. And with a physical activity to focus on, you should be more relaxed when it comes to making conversation.

    Bonus tip: Take your date on a stroll that provides some breathtaking scenery.

    Double Bonus Tip: Show em’ your thoughtful side by packing a little picnic for the journey.

    2. Play Games

    No, not mind games- don’t be that guy/girl.

    Actual games- like pool, darts, bowling, cards, board games, or shuffleboard.

    A lot of bars have these games on hand, so find one that does and let the friendly competition begin.

    Bonus Tip: You can add a little spice to the friendly competition by placing some harmless bets along the way- i.e. loser has to buy next round or loser has to give the winner a kiss (eeeek!)

    3. Play Tacky Tourist For a Day

    Pretty much everyone is guilty of being a terrible tourist in their own city.

    Use your second date as an opportunity to hit up your city’s most famous attractions that you haven’t gotten around to visiting.

    Museums, monuments, zoos, and aquariums are all up for grabs- you could even make a DIY mini tour of it!

    If the tourist sites in your city are truly a nightmare to experience, consider taking a quick half day trip to a nearby attraction. Even checking out the neighborhoods of a nearby city can be fun.

    Bonus Tip: If you’re worried about making conversation on a long car ride, just pop on the radio or introduce your date to your new favorite podcast. You could even play some classic road trip games to help pass the time!

    4. Channel Your Inner Iron Chef

    Whether you’re a regular Martha Stewart or your idea of a home-cooked meal is a bowl of cereal, cooking together can be a seriously fun and challenging second date experience!

    If you’re still unsure about how you’re feeling about the other person, you can make the date a quick in and out by attending a cooking class together- these usually only run a couple of hours.

    On the other hand, if things really seem to be meshing, you can make a whole event out of it- scroll through Pinterest together to decide on some recipes, make a list of ingredients and go grocery shopping, then start whipping up your feast.

    Bonus Tip: Pop over to a wine shop to find the perfect pairing for your entrees.

    5. Get in Touch With Your Creative Side

    If you’re not feelin’ the Martha Stewart idea, how about Picasso?

    Many cities offer paint and wine classes, but you can also have some fun by going DIY and buying the paints yourself.

    Bonus Tip: Paint portraits of each other- the worse they are, the funnier the date will be.

    6. Try Something New

    It’s always refreshing to try something completely new, right?

    So, why not try it with this new person in your life. Swing dancing,  salsa dancing, rock climbing, pottery, candle making, archery, yoga, ice skating, frisbee golf- there’s gotta be something you haven’t tried. And hey, if the date doesn’t go well, maybe you’ll get a new hobby out of it.

    Bonus Tip: Pick an activity that you both will be equally awful at and let the hilarity ensue.

    7. Hit Up a Special Local Event

    Pick up a local newsletter or magazine and find a special event for that special someone.

    If the weather’s warm, there’s a good chance there’s some type of street fair, festival, or outdoor movie going on.

    Bonus Tip: These types of events can make for great people watching- you can actually print off people-watching bingo sheets and try to fill them out as you go about your date.

    8. Get Festive

    It seems like whenever one holiday ends, there’s always another one right around the corner.

    For Americans, it’s truly never too early to start celebrating an upcoming holiday.

    Get yourself and your date in the holiday spirit by doing a holiday-themed date.

    Christmas time? Crank the carols and make a gingerbread house while sipping on some eggnog. Halloween? Watch a scary movie and carve some pumpkins together. Easter? Decorate some eggs together while munching on some jelly beans. Valentine’s Day? Easy tiger, not quite there yet…

    Halloween? Watch a scary movie and carve some pumpkins together. Easter? Decorate some eggs together while munching on some jelly beans. Valentine’s Day? Easy tiger, not quite there yet…

    Easter? Decorate some eggs together while munching on some jelly beans. Valentine’s Day? Easy tiger, not quite there yet…

    Valentine’s Day? Easy tiger, not quite there yet…

    Second Date Ideas Wrap Up

    Hopefully, one of these second date ideas strikes your fancy.

    For the second dates and beyond, always try to pick something that both you and your date will truly enjoy doing. That way, even if the chemistry isn’t there, at least you can say you had a fun time and made a good impression. 

    Got any other second date ideas that weren’t on this list? Or how about some second date ideas that you thought were awesome but turned into a total disaster?Drop us a comment below!

Claire Bahn


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