How Good Profile Pictures Can Help You Meet More Women

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Online dating is tough for anyone.

Considering the fact that there are almost 39 percent more men than women using online dating apps, such as Tinder, it’s difficult to stand out.

Your picture is the perfect place to start, though. In our fast modern world of online dating, good profile pictures are the difference between a dead-end conversation and a first date.

If you’re trying to meet more women in the online dating scene and want to know how to make your pictures stand out, to find out some do’s and don’t’s.

What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?

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How Important are Good Profile Pictures?

Short answer? They’re very important.

While online dating may be more prevalent today than in the past, meeting someone online is a little awkward.

It helps to be able to put a name to a face. Even if your photos are Time-Magazine-level quality it doesn’t matter if they’re just haphazardly chosen or don’t represent you well.

If you want to meet more women, then you at least need to make them comfortable with knowing what you look like in the first place.

Not only is it simply about recognition, though, it’s also about making a good first impression.

In the case of online dating, your first date isn’t the first impression. Your profile picture is the first impression.

Much in the same way that you want to use the right words in your bio you want to pick the best profile picture that represents you well.

If you’re wondering how to take a good profile picture, though, we have a few specific ideas for you to consider.

1. Ditch the Selfie (For the Most Part)

We’re not saying you can’t do selfies at all. With all the front-facing cameras on today’s phones, selfies are an easy way to snap a picture and get the job done.

There’s even some good tips and tricks for taking selfies out there, too.

The fact remains that you’re better off having someone else take the picture, or to use pictures that were naturally taken of you.

Having someone else take your picture helps in a number of ways:

  • It inherently shows you have friends
  • A photographer can take more flattering photos of you
  • It shows that you’re not obsessed with yourself

Whether you mean to or not, a selfie may shout out that you’re trying too hard or are a little too obsessed with yourself.

When talking about relationships and dating, people aren’t always attracted to self-absorbed people. A photo that someone else takes of you shows that you have other friends and have a social life outside of just the online dating scene.

Having an extra pair of eyes to take a picture of you is just smart, too.

A good photographer will be able to spot out good photo opportunities and catch your best side with the best lighting.

2. Show Your Personality

Another way non-selfie photos help you out is that they can explore other aspects of your personality.

A well-written bio is great and all, but a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Make sure you use pictures that show you doing something or being a part of something.

Do you like going to theme parks? Use a picture of you out at one with your friends and family.

Maybe you’re an active individual. Use pictures that show yourself in the middle of the action. Maybe even use a photo of yourself in competition.

These types of pictures help show your interests, accomplishments, and social side.

The goal here is that you want to appear like the “full package,” or a well-rounded person.

3. Use Pets to Your Advantage

Do you have pets? A fluffy companion or a cuddle monster?


If animals themselves can have popular dating profiles then you better use them, too.

Animals are not only cute and interesting, but they show that you’re a caring individual. If you have pets (and care for them well) then it shows you’re responsible and already capable of companionship on some level.

Sure, rescuing a Pitbull isn’t the same as being in a relationship with a human being, but it still shows that you’ve got a soft spot for Spot, and that counts for a lot.

4. Show the Whole Package

By “package,” we simply mean you. Not . . . “other” kinds of packages.

You should have a picture somewhere in your dating profile that shows your whole body.

This isn’t necessarily about showing off, though. If you’ve got a great body, then good for you! The point is that people want to see more than just your face.

If you’re paraplegic or disabled in some way, it’s absolutely no reason to shy away from dating pictures, but it’s details like those that people want to know.

Your face is probably the center of attention for a lot of women looking, but they still are going to want to see more before they commit to a real-life date.

5. Order Your Pictures Correctly

The order of your pictures is actually important.

First of all, start with your best one. When women are swiping they may judge you in milliseconds based on your first photo, so make it a good one.

What is good is subjective, but you can enlist the help of friends (maybe someone else who dates online) for this.

Also, make the first picture just you. Don’t use a group shot with your friends or family.

Showing you have friends and family is good, but you don’t want to confuse women.

If they have to keep swiping back and forth between your first, second, and third picture just to determine which one is actually you, then you may have already lost their interest.

6. Be True To Yourself

This last one is sort of a two-parter.

On one hand, be accurate and timely. Don’t use old pictures. You may be tempted to if some of your best pictures are from when you were younger, but don’t do it.

You’re not trying to trick women into meeting you. You’re just trying to show them the real you.

On the other hand, do what you feel is right. The whole point of online dating is to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

Do what you feel represents you well. With some time and patience, the right person will come along who sees the real you.

Professional Pictures Can Help

Hopefully, you got some ideas for taking and using good profile pictures that will help you meet more women.

That being said, sometimes it’s difficult to get those pictures just right or to make them happen all on your own.

OnlineProfilePros is capable of using high-quality studio resources to take dating pictures that will stand out from the competition.

If you’re interested in any of the services we offer or just have more questions about great profile pictures in general, feel free to contact us anytime!

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