How to Use OurTime Login for the Best User Experience

OurTime isn’t like most other dating sites. Designed for older adults, OurTime is an exciting alternative that can reward you with a real relationship. Keep reading to find out how to best use this service and sign in to your OurTime login.


Table of Contents:

How to Use OurTime Login for the Best User Experience

How Does It Work?

Best Practices for Using OurTime



Honesty Matters

Photos Are Important

Don’t Be Afraid to Browse

Chatting for the First Time

Where to Find the OurTime Login



How Does It Work?

Before you head on over to OurTime login, it’s important to understand the intricacies of this service. First and foremost, OurTime is centered on adults 50 and older who are looking for meaningful, lasting relationships. Think eHarmony, but for the older crowd.

Not only is OurTime the perfect platform to meet that special someone, but it’s also a great place to connect with like-minded individuals. Just because you are in your senior years doesn’t mean that you’re out of the game.

That’s what makes OurTime the success that it is. You now have an alternative to those other dating sites. One that makes it easy to connect with the type of adults that you are interested in meeting.

What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?

Actual Photo Analysis Results:

Age: 42
Ethnic: Black/ African descent
Attraction: 9.96 out of 10
Emotion: Happy
Results: Great Dating Photo


But before you jump in feet-first, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with using OurTime. If you’re new to online dating or want to improve your chances of meeting someone, there are some practices you should employ to ensure that you get the response you’re looking for.

OurTime asks its users to choose from 32 questions to answer to help conversations start and flow easier. The popular apps Bumble and Hinge also have their users answer very similar questions, so if you ever wanted to use this profile on those apps as well, these questions would easily transfer over!

It’s very important to have pictures so people can see what you look like. The app lets you upload up to 6 pictures, and requires that you upload at least three. (If you do decide to also use these questions on a Hinge profile as well, Hinge requires that you use six pictures).


Best Practices for Using OurTime

After you establish your OurTime login, you’re going to be prompted to set up your dating profile. It’s important that you not rush through this process, as it is what others see to help them determine if they want to connect with you.

While it’s tempting to get started finding someone special, take your time on each section to ensure that you have the best online image of yourself. What’s more, you shouldn’t settle for basic descriptions about who you are and what you like.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get creative. The whole reason you’re using OurTime is to find someone unique. As such, you should convey that you are fun, vibrant, and energetic – qualities that you want in your partner.

Let everyone know that you aren’t ready to throw in the towel and that you want to explore new possibilities and see the world. Try to be as unique and creative as you possibly can when answering personality questions about yourself.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure your written dating profile contains, what I call “hooks”, to give people something to ask you about or comment on. You can even ask questions of potential readers in the written section.

Maybe you like to travel, and you mention you’re thinking about going to Spain. You could ask in your profile” So if you’ve been to Marbella, what’s your favorite restaurant? Another question might be;” when you travel do you like to eat the local fare, or do you seek out more familiar food options?”

This will go a long way in catching the attention of others. And the more authentic your profile appears to other users, the better chance you’ll have of meeting someone.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure your written dating profile contains, what I call “hooks”, to give people something to ask you about or comment on. You can even ask questions of potential readers in the written section.

OurTime (and Hinge and Bumble) also has a “details” section above the questions, which is a space for you to fill in your occupation, your height, your ethnicity, and what you are looking for. Make sure to fill this out so that the matches can learn more about you. So let’s say you’re an engineer by trade but you happen to love exotic travel and be outdoors hiking and going on adventures. How would you write that in a compelling way to get someone’s attention?

Well, you could try an example like this:

Your headline might be:” Travel-loving engineer looking for his best friend”

and your details section might start off like this…

“I’m an engineer that works on developing aircraft. When I’m not working, I love any excuse to be outside, whether it’s a weekend-long ski trip, an afternoon spent hiking somewhere beautiful, or just a short walk around my neighborhood with my dog. Although keeping an active lifestyle is important to me, I also enjoy relaxing with a good movie or show (mostly sci-fi or mysteries) and watching sports (any other Bears fans in the house?!)

I also enjoy cooking, particularly healthy meals, and especially for those, I care about. There are few things in life better than enjoying a meal and a glass of Pinot with your loved ones. 🙂

I travel every chance I get and have been fortunate enough to visit Australia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. When the world opens back up again, I hope to be able to explore Italy someday.

I’m looking for my best friend, someone I can explore and travel with but also connect with emotionally and spiritually. Bonus points if you’re also a nature enthusiast like I am. If this sounds like you, send me a message. :)”

The following are some of the most creative questions that Ourtime lets you fill out. I always find that clients have the most fun and get the most responses when these are filled out correctly.

  1. Two truths and a lie
  2. One thing on my bucket list
  3. I know the best spot in town for

Try answering these after you use the Ourtime Login to give some extra pizazz to your profile!


Alright, gentlemen. If you’ve made it past the OurTime login and are setting up your profile, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. One is that you want women to see you as someone who is exciting to be around.

Your dating profile is usually made up of two discreet parts, your written profile, and your online dating profile photos. You will want to pay attention to both and not rush just to complete them. Be sure to find the right photo that conveys a message that you take this seriously and that you are “well put together” don’t be tempted to use a selfie just to get it done quicker. Selfies are a real turn off and make you look like you just don’t care all that much.

The last thing you want to appear as is an old man who is just looking for a nurse. Make sure your written profile talks about your life and your experiences. Add your plans for the future so it doesn’t seem you just want to sit around and watch TV while someone cooks for you.

You may have plenty of experience and years under your belt, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything left to offer that special someone in your life. Let your potential dates know that you are serious about a relationship and aren’t using the OurTime login to score a quick and meaningless hook-up.



Ladies, you have the same desires as most men who are using OurTime. Sure, there are always going to be users who aren’t in the same mindset as you. But for the most part, men are using OurTime so they can settle down with someone special.

As such, you don’t have to try and compete with a younger audience. OurTime is designed to cater to your age group and no one else’s. Chances are if you connect with a gentleman on OurTime, he fully understands this philosophy and will accept you as you are.

There’s no need to try and look like you’re 20 or 30 years old. The more comfortable you are with who you are, the more success you are likely to have.

Bottom line: be yourself. You will have a much more enjoyable user experience. And with 30,000 active users each month, you shouldn’t have any trouble connecting with serious adults who just want a lasting relationship.

Remember, if you later think of something better to say about yourself, you can always go back and change your profile. The more time you put into your answers, the better you will appear to other users.


Honesty Matters

As with any dating site, there are unfortunately users who aren’t honest about who they are. In fact, studies have revealed that nearly half of all online dating accounts are filled with half-truths and exaggerations. Some even claim bald-faced lies about themselves.

There isn’t a better way for a relationship to end prematurely than being dishonest in your profile.  The truth will come out eventually, so why not be honest and transparent from the start? This will benefit you better than you know.

Firstly, it will allow you to enter your relationship with confidence. Secondly, being honest will help to weed out certain users, thus saving you a lot of time and heartache. And lastly, you will be more apt to find someone who makes a great match for your wants and needs.

There is certainly an art to describing yourself in a way that captures the attention of others. You may not be the best at it to start. But you will eventually learn how to do so in a way that not only gets people’s attention but keeps it, as well.

It’s important not to ramble on too much. Be honest and forthright, sure. But do so in a way that makes your OurTime login profile compelling. The last thing you want is to lose the attention of someone who would make a great match for you because you kept going on about yourself.

There isn’t a better way for a relationship to end prematurely than being dishonest in your profile.


Photos Are Important

I can’t stress this enough. Many Ourtime daters sabotage their success just by rushing their profile and using old, outdated photos or worse a selfie. The very first thing anyone sees when looking at your Ourtime profile is your profile photo. If you have a bad photo or worse, no photo at all, then no one will engage with you and you’re wasting your time and money.

There are plenty of ways to get a great photo for your online dating, LinkedIn, or social media account. There are plenty of professional online dating photographers that can make you look your best. If you’re going to invest your time and money in trying out Ourtime then why skimp on the all-important photos.

You never want to overlook the opportunity to share your picture with others. Sadly, many people skip this all-important step and miss out on connecting with other users. Think about it: are you going to even think about starting a serious relationship if you have no idea what the other person looks like?

Don’t just settle for uploading one picture, either. The more that you can share, the better. A good, clear headshot is needed for your main OurTime login profile picture. You should also upload one that reveals your body type. This will give everyone a better idea of who you are.

From there, try to include photos that convey your personality and the things you enjoy. Maybe you have pictures of yourself on a fishing trip or skiing. These are all things that you want to share with the OurTime community.

In doing so, you will increase your chances tenfold of connecting with that special someone. You can always come back later and upload new photos to your OurTime login, so never settle for the bare minimum and try to keep your content current.

When you are selecting pictures to use, make sure they all follow these guidelines:

  • Use only pictures that clearly show what you look like
  • “Action” shots are great – you with your dog, you at a sporting event, you on a hike, you skiing
  • Avoid repetition
  • Minimal selfies (1 or 2 is fine)
  • Minimal photos with another person or people (1 or 2 is fine)
  • Only upload a photo with a child if you have children (otherwise people will assume it’s your child)
  • NO photos with ex partners


Don’t Be Afraid to Browse

OurTime automatically suggests possible dates for you, but you shouldn’t let this be your only way of finding people. When you proactively seek out other users, you are greatly increasing your chances of meeting someone.

Take a look through all the profile photos of people near you and see who stands out. Then read their profile to find something interesting to comment or ask about. This is the most successful method of getting a response.

What’s more, your OurTime login makes it easy to customize your searches. So you’ll have a much better chance of finding that person who is best suited for you. You can always go back and adjust your search results if you don’t get the response you had hoped for.

OurTime offers a lot of fields that you can edit, too, making it fun and exciting to look for users. And when you have finally found someone interesting, you can start the first conversation.


Chatting for the First Time

After setting up your OurTime login, you may feel compelled to sit back and wait for someone to reach out to you. The problem with this is that there are many other users thinking the same thing. Without someone taking action, there won’t be much excitement to report.

As such, you should do your part and start the conversation from time to time. If you’re new to online dating, this can be a challenging thing to overcome. The more you do it, however, the easier it becomes.

One thing I always tell my clients is to browse the profiles near you to find someone interesting or attractive to you. Then read their profile to find a “Hook” something that you can comment on or ask them about so that they open up and engage. Asking a question or advice is the fastest and surest way to make meaningful contact that will result in a response.

You’ll be amazed at the response you can get by just being open and friendly. Once you have broken the ice, the real magic starts to happen, opening up endless possibilities for conversation and connection.


Where to Find the OurTime Login

The OurTime login can be found as soon as you visit the OurTime website. At the top of the page, you will see “Member log in.” Click on that and you will be brought to the OurTime login page.

In the boxes provided, type in your unique OurTime login (username) and password. Following this, you will be prompted to check a box that confirms you are a real person trying to use OurTime login.

Once completed, simply click on the “Login” button to successfully sign into OurTime. If you’re a smartphone user, you should seriously consider downloading the OurTime app. This will let you manage your OurTime login anytime, anywhere.

You can easily connect with users on the go and make changes to your profile while you’re away from your home computer. The OurTime app is available for both Android and iPhone. Simply visit your smartphone’s app store to download the latest version.

If you need to access the OurTime login from an Android device, simply tap the OurTime icon after you have downloaded the app. You will then see the OurTime login where you can enter your username and password. Then, just tap on “Login” to start using OurTime.

If you need to access the OurTime login from an Apple iOS device, simply tap the OurTime icon after you have downloaded the app. You will then see the OurTime login where you can enter your username and password. Then, just tap on “Login” to start using OurTime.

Don’t have an OurTime login yet? No problem! Signing up for OurTime is easy and straightforward. Follow the steps below to create your very own OurTime login and start searching for that special someone.

  • To start, you will need to visit
  • Near the top of the page, you will see “Sign up Free”. Directly to the right of that will be a box that lets you select who you are searching for, such as “I’m a man seeking women.”
  • After making your selection, you will be asked to select your country (the United States or Canada). Make your selection and click on “Keep Going.”
  • At this point, you will need to provide your zip code. Type it in the available field and click on “Keep Going” when you are finished.
  • Now you are ready to enter your first name. You will also need to come up with a unique password. After doing so and entering it in the available field, click on “Keep Going.”
  • Another section will appear that asks for you to enter your birthday. Type in the necessary date and click on “Keep Going.”
  • The OurTime login process will then ask you to provide a valid email address. If you don’t have one, you will need to set up one before proceeding. After you have typed in your complete email address, click on “Keep Going.”

And with that, you will have successfully set up your very own OurTime login. From this point on, any time that you want to use OurTime, simply navigate to the OurTime login for members as outlined above.



Online dating can be a fun and exciting time for all parties involved. Now that you know how easy it is to sign in to your OurTime login, you can get active searching for someone new to meet. With practice and patience, you can have an enjoyable experience in your quest to find a meaningful, long-lasting relationship.


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