9 out of 10 recruiters and hiring managers review your LinkedIn profile when making a hiring decision.

Getting hired or promoted isn’t just about work experience, hiring managers try to get a sense of you from your written profile, photos and connections on LinkedIn.  Don’t let your LinkedIn profile negatively impact your career.  Our LinkedIn experts can upgrade your profile to one that always wins the job.

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Is your profile photo holding you back? First impressions are important, don't trust you first impression on a selfie.

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“Improve your chances of closing deals, finding employment and growing your network…Having a photo creates trust among members.”

What Does Your LinkedIn Photo Say About You?

Online Profile Pros has helped THOUSANDS of people with their online profiles and photos, now we want to help you .  Online Profile Pros is a network of professional photographers across the US and Canada ready to help you get your LinkedIn photo up to par.

Selfies and blurry photos just won’t cut it as part of your professional LinkedIn profile.  It doesn’t portray a professional image that potential business contacts and employers are looking for.  Your LinkedIn photo is your first impression.  What message do you want to portray?  It’s time to get serious and look professional.  Don’t be passed up for a promotion or job. Make the right first impression.

If you thought just being on LinkedIn was good enough..think again.  Simply having a LinkedIn profile is just the bare minimum, your profile needs to be complete and have a good photo.  Even Entrepreneur.com says you should post a professional photo:  “It’s very important to use a professional picture in your LinkedIn profile. First impressions are very important and people will judge you within a few seconds when they see your LinkedIn profile. Save your casual pictures for Facebook and Twitter.”

Get a Better Job with a Professional LinkedIn Photo

Your LinkedIn photo can make OR break your professional image. LinkedIn is the premier place to network with other professionals. It is the first place recruiters go to find their ideal candidates; so you’ll want to be sure your profile entices them to contact you.

The most appealing profiles are the ones with a good, professional image – don’t let your headshot deter you from getting the high-paying jobs you want. Get your new professional photo up there now and start getting the interviews you deserve!

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