Online Profile Pros launches profile photography service to solve problem.

Without quality photos, online daters waste their time and money.

New York, NY (PR Newswire) December 9, 2004 – launches a national photography service that specializes in providing online daters with premium photography services. solves two predicaments many online daters face: 1) where to turn for quality, reasonably priced, professional digital photographs and 2) how to meet the rigorous photo specifications of the online dating companies.Most online daters either have no photo, or worse a poor quality photo, which many independent studies have shown, makes it difficult for them to get noticed online.


The service offered by is specific to the needs of the online dating community; the customer receives flattering, professional digital photographs, which are set to meet the photo specifications of their online dating service. “One of our clients actually said that his dating headshots were the trump card that made his online dating experience successful,” said Gordon Gooch, President of Online dating companies have very strict rules about the size, format and resolution of all photos submitted. If the photos sent to an online dating service do not meet their requirements, the service will reformat them. This can result in photos that are distorted and blurred, which can be worse than having no picture at all. allows the client to choose two to four favorite photos from the 50+ photos taken during their photo shoot. Those photos are then formatted to the online dating company photo specifications. “You need good photos, but that’s only half of it; the photos also need to be formatted to the exact specifications of the online dating company to ensure that the image online isn’t a blurry distorted mess,” urged only uses professional commercial studios and experienced portrait and headshot photographers. The photographers of work with each client to design a photo shoot to make the client feel comfortable and look natural. “We don’t want to make the clients look posed or too perfect, but to let their personality shine through. The average person can be very intimidated in a photo shoot. Our photographers are used to dealing with this and can calm the nerves of even the most timid clients,” stated Gooch. also offers an online and phone reservation system which enables the customer to choose the date and time of their photo shoot before they pay for the service. “We designed a reservation system that makes it as easy to order a photo shoot as it is to order a movie ticket,” said Gooch. has a network of syndicated photography studios across the US and parts of Canada to accommodate clients. Quality and continuity are maintained by processing all photos through their headquarters in New York, including order fulfillment, customer correspondence, and final order production.

About is a network of syndicated photography studios across the US and parts of Canada, that specializes in providing online daters with premium photography services. The photographers of have been shooting dating headshots since 2001. They understand the technical necessities as well as the artistic nuances of online dating headshots. is a subsidiary of Echelon Photography, LLC. For more information, please go to