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Why Do You Need New Photos?

Profiles with professional photos are 9X more likely to get attention of potential matches.


Online daters pay attention to your photos more than any other part of your profile.


Why Can't I Just Use a Selfie?

You're profile photo is your literally the first impression people have of you and a selfies just isn't going to cut it anymore. A selfie makes the wrong first impression and tells people you don't really care.

Why Do I Need a Professional Profile Photo?

Your profile is an investment in your professional and romantic future. It's important to standout and get the recognition you deserve. Would you take your car to a neighbor down the street to fix just because he owns a wrench? No! You would only go to a professional. Same with photography, while anyone can own a camera not everyone is an online dating photographer and knows how to make you look your best.

Why Does an Online Dating Photographer Cost So Much?

Aren't you worth a great photo? Your profile photos are an investment that can be used across all your business, dating and social platforms. We've negotiated the best rates with the best photographers to give you just what you need to make a great first impression no matter what platform you're on.

Professional Online Dating Photographer Photo Packages

Online Profile Pros charges one simple price for professional profile pictures. We do not charge extra for sitting fees or booking fees. Your package price includes everything listed in the packages below. You will get all the photos from the shoot at no additional cost.

OPP Photo Basic -studio packages
OPP Photo premium studio packages
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The Right Online Dating Photographer Makes All the Difference

First impressions are very important, especially when it comes to online dating.  Your dating profile photo is the first impression the potential date has of you. Let the professional certified photographers of Online Profile Pros make you look your best.  Don’t trust your online dating photos to a selfie, snapshot or an inexperienced photographer. Go to a professional photographer to get the right photos.

The online dating photographers of Online Profile Pros know how to get the right photo to get you noticed. We’ve been in the online dating photography business since 2007.  There is an art to taking dating photos, and an experienced dating photographer knows how keep you looking natural while putting your best face forward. Many photographers can say they are an online dating photographer, but only the only the photographers of OnlineProfilePros specialize in this type of photography.

You expect an online date to look their best on a first date and you probably expect their online photo to be good as well, right?   So why shouldn’t they expect the same of you?   Get professional photos for your profile from an experienced online dating photographer, and use the same photos for your dating profiles, and social media sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn.  What could be better than multi-use photos for your online presence. Your personal brand matters. It matters with online dating as well is on social media.

Get the dates you deserve and stop wasting your time online with bad photos.  Don’t trust your online dating profile to just anyone.  Trust an experienced online dating photographer with Online Profile Pros to get you dating pictures that work!  And our photos are guaranteed to make you look your best or your money back*.

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