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    Getting the Third Date: Great Second Date Ideas

    Your first date with your online match was a success, and they’ve agreed to a second!

    …now what?

    A successful first date is always a great sign. It often means the worst is out of the way. But, second dates are just as important (if not more so!).

    You may have strong feelings for this person already. After all, you guys seem like the perfect match. However, resist the urge to take them to meet your parents on the second date.

    Instead, check out these creative second date ideas that will have you and your special person swiping left for the foreseeable future.

    Let’s deep dive into some fun stuff that you guys can do together!

    Second date ideas don’t have to be expensive, just creative

    There is a common misconception in the dating world that the best dates are the most expensive. That isn’t the case. You can still have meaningful dates that will strengthen a relationship on a budget (which is good news if you’re unemployed).

    The key is being creative!

    Here are a few ideas if you’re on a budget:OPP Side Bar Ad

    An outdoor public pool that’s open late

    If you both like swimming, this second date idea is ingenious. Public pools are usually free, which eliminates the need for an extravagant budget.

    On top of that, if it’s open late you can go at a time which will give you some privacy, and you can avoid the crowd. Perfect for great conversation!

    This is a particularly good idea for warmer months. This creative date idea will give you a chance to see the lighter side of your acquaintance.

    Visit a flea market

    Even though flea markets are essentially places that you can buy items, you don’t have to. Instead, a flea market gives you the perfect opportunity to mill around with your date and take in eyefuls of everything on display.

    This idea is exceptionally good if your date has an interest in different cultures or quirky items. The assortment of wares on display is bound to spark some

    Really, it’s a chance to delve into the mind of your date. Who wouldn’t like that?

    If you want to, you can even buy them something cool as a token to the good times.

    The zoo or an aquarium

    If you both have a penchant for animals, then a visit to the zoo might be one of the best bets for a date on a budget.

    The variety of animals on exhibition will spark some good conversation, and your interactions with the animals will no doubt be memorable.

    Also, if you’re concerned about safety this option is a good one. The zoo or aquarium is a very public place, so the chances of things going awry are slim.

    All in all, memorable second dates can be had on a budget!

    However, what if you do want splurge on your date? Let’s talk more traditionally fabulous options:

    Second date ideas don’t have to be cheap, they can be extravagant too

    If you aren’t “ballin’ on a budget,” then you’re free to choose from a wider range of second date ideas to woo your date:

    Let’s get fancy:

    Visit the farmer’s market then cook a meal for together/for them

    If you and your date are both foodies, then this option is bound to make an awesome choice!

    Visiting a local farmer’s market, particularly in the summertime will give you both the chance to converse about your likes and dislikes when it comes to food, and maybe even explore some new tastes that you’ve never even thought about.

    On top of that, you have the choice to either cook for your date or cook with them. Cooking with them is a great option to bond!

    However, cooking for them also gives you a ton of leverage to impress them, and who knows? It could make them fall in love with you. The choice is entirely yours.

    Get your palms read together

    Copy of OPP Side Bar Ad (3)If your date wanted to know your astrological sign above all else before they agreed to go out on a date with you, chances are they’re a strong believer in all things mystic.

    Getting your palms read together is often an intriguing experience for both parties involved, and is bound to be a great avenue into some deep conversation, no matter what reading you get.

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in “woo,” what matters is that it’s a memorable experience for both of you, and shows your adventurous side.

    Go paintballing together

    However, if you’re truly adventurous then you can definitely take it up a notch and go paintballing on the second date. This idea is perfect if both you and your date love competition and the rush that comes from an adventure.

    Paintballing is bound to bring out the competitive side of your date, and it’s always better to discover that side of them earlier than later.

    Plus, it’s fun! Who doesn’t like the adrenaline rush that comes from a “life and death” paint ball game? Expect lots of laugh and ton of surprises – exactly what second dates are supposed to be.

    Second dates are supposed to be fun for both parties, not awkward

    The whole point of going on a second date is to figure out if the person is right for you in the long term.

    That being said, these second date ideas give you the opportunity to see your date in different spaces and observe different sides of them that you wouldn’t see sitting around at fancy restaurant.

    Give these creative second date ideas a go! If things go well, they’ll definitely lead to a third date (where you can really take it up a notch).

    However, you can only get a second date if you’ve had a first. And to be able to land a good first date, you’re going to need a killer online profile and most importantly, a killer profile photo.

    That’s where we come in. Check out our packages. The future of your love could depend on it!

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