9 Tips on How to Sound More Authentic in Your Online Dating Bio

online dating bio

Are you looking to make more connections online?

Are you tired of your profile going unnoticed?

Online dating can be a difficult world to navigate. It’s tough to decide how you want to present yourself to the world. You don’t want to seem too forced or too casual.

This article will give you 9 tips on creating a more natural online dating bio. Read on to learn more!

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1. Try Not to Sound Cliche?

You probably don’t talk in cliches in real life, so you shouldn’t do so in your dating profile either.

You may be tall, dark, and handsome but there’s no need to include that in your bio. Try to be authentic in your written profile and not sound like a dating cliche.

2. Use Your Own Voice

Whatever you do, don’t have a friend write your bio for you. You can always ask opinions from your friends when you’re done writing it yourself, but don’t have them write the entire thing.

You’re looking for people who want to date you, not be your friend. A dating profile bio should be written in your own voice so people know what to expect and who you really are..

3. Include the Basics

Be sure to include basic information about yourself like what area you live in ( not your actual address), where you went to school, and what industry you work in. This can give potential dates points to connect with you when they message you.

Plus, people like to know they have some interests in common. Two people who went to the same college or university are more likely to feel a bond with each other.

4. List Things You Like

Beyond just the basics of who you are, it’s important you list the things you like.

Try to be specific here to make you seem more authentic and interesting. For instance, instead of just saying you “love movies” say you love “Marvel superhero movies.”

In the same aspect, be specific with the food you like, the places you like to travel, and the music you listen to. This will round you out as a person and make you seem more appealing to potential dates.

People will appreciate the glimpse into getting to know you before even sending you a message. This can also give potential date ideas so they can take you out to do something they already know you like from your bio.

5. Use Personality Pics

Don’t just post a headshot of you from the neck up, looking straight into the camera unless you want people to think you’re Christian Bale in the movie Psycho. While your primary online dating profile photo is important to be a great portrait of you, you want to round out your portfolio with a variety of other photos, including full body shots. Everybody wants to see what you look like now…not 10 years ago.

Use pictures on your profile that highlight your personality. If you’re a big reader, use a picture of you surrounded by books. If you’re an athlete, use a picture of you playing sports. It’s a good idea to include many photos of you rather than just one.

Include a picture of you with friends or family to represent yourself as social and friendly. If you have a dog, definitely post a picture of you with your dog. A dog in your photo makes you seem instantly more likable.

6. Don’t Post Pictures With Exes

You’d be surprised how many times people make this mistake.

Posting a picture with an ex-lover doesn’t make you appear desirable and as dateable as you might think. Instead, it makes you look like you haven’t gotten over this person.

Even worse, it might even look like you’re currently in a relationship. People who are viewing your profile have no way of knowing this person is an ex. Keep photo choices to ones of just you or ones with friends and family.

7. Use Proper Grammar

Using proper grammar and spelling will help you appear intelligent and attractive.

Nail down the proper use of “there, they’re and their” and “it’s and its” in order to not be written off by the grammar-savvy. Have a friend spellcheck your bio before submitting it if you’re unsure you made the right choice.

8. Use Humor as a Dating Mechanism

Humor makes people relax. It disarms them and makes them put their guard down.

People love being around others who make them laugh. Apply this to your online dating profile by adding a hint of your own sense of humor.

If nothing comes naturally to you, don’t force it. But, adding a pun or a silly list of reasons people should date you could get you more matches.

This lets people see your playful side and makes you appear less threatening. More often than not, people would rather go on a date with someone silly than someone who’s too serious.

9. Be Positive

No one wants to go on a first date with a Debbie Downer. It’s important you keep your profile light and positive. Don’t complain about how online dating hasn’t worked well for you because this will automatically scare people away.

It’s also best not to mention the terrible break up you went through or your cat who just died. Remember, you haven’t even met these people yet. You don’t want to bog them down with your life problems before even going on a first date.

You want to appear low maintenance and happy in your profile to draw people in.

Use These Tips to Create an Amazing Online Dating Bio

With these tips in your wheelhouse, we’re confident you’ll be on your way to getting more matches online. Keep in mind people want to see an authentic version of yourself, so write your bio and post your photos accordingly.

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