How to test your Profile Photo using Artificial Intelligence

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What’s the most important part of your online dating profile? Answer: Your primary profile photo.  Should you let and artificial Intelligence (AI), like or A.N.N.I.E (Autonomous  Neural Network Intelligent Entity built by Online Profile Pros) analyze your online dating profile before uploading it to your online dating site?

Many people wonder how to choose the right dating profile picture. Before you test your photo on a site like Photofeeler or A.N.N.I.E, follow these 12 steps to make sure your profile picture is on the right track.

The first thing that anyone sees when they start searching on their online dating site is page after page of thumbnail images of other online daters using the same dating service. These thumbnail images are called your primary dating profile photo. The dating profile photos are the first impression you make with people on the dating site. Thus, the right photo can make or break you.

So many people have tried online dating and had a great deal of success with online dating that we’ve figured out the best practices for creating the best online dating profile. However, you do not need to take our word for it. You can see that eHarmony and say about the importance of your dating profile picture.

Because of the critical nature of a person’s dating profile picture, people have started to use a scientific approach to choose the right online dating picture. These new Artificial Intelligence-based systems like Photofeeler and A.N.N.I.E analyze your profile photo against millions of other profile photos to give you feedback on the photo you selected

Table of Contents:

Artificial Intelligence Profile Photo Analysis

Choosing the Best Dating Profile Picture

1)     Don’t use a Selfie

2)     Not Enough Photos

3)     Pictures Are Too Provocative

4)     Group Photos

5)     Photos Are Too Dark

6)     Photos Are Too Old

7)     Don’t Wear Sunglasses

8)     Crisp and Clear Photos

9)     Face Should Be Unobstructed and Clear

10)       Full Body Shots

11)       Casual Photos

12)       Edit Your Photos



1.  Artificial Intelligence Profile Photo Analysis

The same person can be perceived quite differently based on the photo they choose to represent them. Differences in lighting, angle, clothing and even time of day can all impact how you look in a particular photo.

The differences can make us look older or younger than we are. They can make us look less attractive. Different photos can even make us appear to be less intelligent or less trustworthy.

Individuals sometimes have difficulty choosing the right online dating picture for themselves because they do not see themselves objectively. Also, asking your friends to judge your dating profile picture is not much better as you probably will not get an honest assessment.

What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?

Actual Photo Analysis Results:

Age: 35:
Ethnic: White_Caucasian
Attraction: 7.64 out of 10
Emotion: Happy 
Results: This would be a GOOD choice for a Dating Profile.


Hence several Artificial Intelligent systems were developed like Photofeeler and A.N.N.I.E to give people scientific-based analysis and feedback on the photos they choose to upload. In this way they can get a better assessment of the impact their dating profile picture will have on other potential matches.

Many people use the photo rating site Photofeeler or A.N.N.I.E to find out if they have great dating profile pictures.  If you want to test your photos on Photofeeler or Ask Annie, make sure that you’re following our rules first as sometimes the feedback can be a bit harsh.

2.  How Does Photofeeler Work?

Photofeeler takes a mixed approach to analyze your profile pictures using a combination of AI and human voting. All you need to do is provide your name and email address and upload the image you’d like analyzed. While the AI would be virtually instantaneous, to get the votes from other users, the “human voters” it can take about an hour.


Also, Photofeeler is not exactly “free“ as advertised. You see to get the human reviews you need to A) take your time and review a lot of other people’s photos to earn “ karma” that will apply to get your photo review…. Or B) you can buy credits and have your photo reviewed by other “human’s” much faster.


While Photofeeler purports to have a sophisticated Algorithm dedicated to weeding our bad human reviews the fact is that if you are encouraging people to quickly review others photos to get their photo reviewed faster, how much are you going to trust that these are honest, trusted reviews and not someone’s off-hand review to chalk up another Karma point?


3.  How Does A.N.N.I.E Work?

A.N.N.I.E (Autonomous  Neural Network Intelligent Entity) is a “Pure” AI with no human intervention that reviews your profile picture in comparison to millions of other profile photos to give you a weighted analysis of the image and image attributes so you can make a good choice on the right profile picture to use. Simply put A.N.N.I.E  is free. There is no karma or credits to buy. It will cost you your name and email address so that they can send you the results.

The results from A.N.N.I.E are constantly evolving as she learns new skills, and machine learning allows her to add services from other vendors to increase the competency of her analysis exponentially. Pure AI can provide a very thorough analysis of your images but it doesn’t have any human interaction to soften the blow of a bad review. It is a pure, critical review designed to let you know how others will perceive your age, attractiveness, intelligence, and emotion.


Photofeeler A.N.N.I.E
Photo Analysis
Immediate Results
Attractiveness Score
Human Review
Follow up analysis



4.  Choosing the Best Dating Profile Picture

You might be surprised at the common mistakes people make when choosing their online dating profile picture. Before you let an Artificial Intelligence like PhotoFeeler or A.N.N.I.E review your profile photos take a moment to make sure you have not made some of the common mistakes outlined below.

Take a look at our top tips for creating and choosing the right online dating profile picture that will help you make the right first impression and make your online dating experience a success.

Sometimes obvious mistakes just aren’t that obvious to everyone. Luckily for you though, here’s a cheat sheet you can use to make sure you’re using the best pictures for your online dating profile. That way when you test them on PhotoFeeler or A.N.N.I.E, you’ll be ahead of the pack.


a)    Don’t use a Selfie

Another big No-No is using a selfie. Why can’t you use a selfie, it seems a simple solution to getting a great portrait? There are several reasons why but how about this one for a start. The camera lens on a cell phone, by its very design because of the small form factor distorts and bloats your face and tends to flatten out your features. Think about it. If cell phone cameras were so great a capturing great portraits then wouldn’t pro photographers start using them? I mean think of all the weight and equipment they would not have to carry around anymore! The fact is they know that the results, while quick and shareable are not flattering. That’s why many online dating sites have started to either ask people not to use selfies or outright banned them. The reason is simple, they make it harder to match people so people are less happy with the dating site.A.N.N.I.E = Autonomous Neural Network Intelligent Entity

b)   Not Enough Photos

The first thing many people do when they get to your profile page is probably clicked on your photo and try to scroll left or right to see more. But if you don’t have anymore then it just stays there and the person is left disappointed. The person might think, if you can’t bother to post one or two more photos, maybe you’re not serious about online dating either, and there goes your potential mate.

Besides, one of the telltale signs that a dating profile is fake is that it only has one single photo. You do not want people to think your profile is fake or a scam.

Take the opportunity to fill out your profile with some photos of you doing the things you love or in a more casual setting. You can even use a few selfies here and it will not lessen the profile. Be creative and find or take photos that will have potential matches asking you questions about your photos. It’s a great conversation starter.

c)    Pictures Are Too Provocative

Whether it’s your intention or not, the truth of the matter is when you show a lot of skin in your online dating profiles, you could be attracting the wrong types of people.

If all of your pictures are of yourself in low-cut dresses or at the gym half-naked, people might think you are only interested in having a physical affair, and if that is what you are looking for, then that’s fine. But if that isn’t your motivation, think carefully about what your outfit says about you in the photo.

Besides, the wrong photo or ones that are too provocative, while they will get a lot of responses they will most likely be the wrong kind of responses …”DTF” anyone?

d)   Group Photos

Do not post photos of you and someone else on your online dating profile. No matter how good you look, it only confuses people. Even if you have a caption describing which person you are, it is still distracting. Your dating profile picture is supposed to be about you, not your best friend, not your mom, no matter how much you love them.

This is no time to ask people to play “Where’s Waldo”. You want a good, well-lit portrait of you and only you. Also, just a reminder that Kids and Online dating do not go together. It’s great that you’ve got kids. However, if you find that you’re back on the dating scene for whatever reason, keep your kids out of it initially. First, you want people to get to know you before they need to worry about your family.

e)    Photos Are Too Dark or Too Arty

To you, the photo of yourself at your cousin’s wedding with the lights dimmed might be great because you were dressed up and your makeup was done, but the stranger who is looking at your photos on the internet does not know that. All they’ll see is your silhouette with a faint outline of your smile and although it looks fun, they don’t know what you look like.

f)     Photos Are Too Old

This is a common problem with photos on photo feeler.  While it’s tempting to put pictures of us from a few years back when our skin looked brighter and our hair looked shinier but don’t. Even if you haven’t aged that much, people can still tell it’s an outdated photo when they see you.  The feedback on Photofeeler can be brutally honest.  If they can tell the photo is outdated, get ready for the harsh comments.

A.N.N.I.E will indicate a perceived age as well. If the perceived age of the photo you analyze is wildly younger than your actual age then it’s time to get a new dating profile photo. Your worst-case scenario is showing up for a date with someone and they don’t recognize you because the person they think they are meeting was you …from 15 years ago. There is no way to kick off a relationship with dishonesty.

We all change more than we think every year. Our hairstyle change, our clothes change, and even our expressions can change. It’s only fair to others to post photos that reflect the current you.

g)    Don’t Cover Your Eyes

Here’s a bit of science for you…people tend to distrust people if they cannot see their eyes. This is true until you get to know someone. Since your online dating profile picture is your very first impression with another person, make sure they can see your eyes. How many poems have been written about the impact of someone’s eyes?

Don’t just try to be “cool” with the dark shades because it will hurt your dating success.

ask annie the AI profile photo analysis tool

h)   Crisp and Clear Photos

When it comes to dating profile pictures, quality matters. If you don’t have a great camera phone, borrow your friend’s or hire a professional photographer. It might sound weird to hire a professional photographer for your online dating pictures but a professional knows how to get the best photos and find the best lighting.  People will be attracted to your new photos and won’t care that a pro took them.

i)     Face Should Be Unobstructed and Clear

We’ve seen way too many dating profile pictures of people with huge sunglasses and hats on. While these might look cute, we can’t see your face! Try to only post photos where your face isn’t blocked by anything and you are facing the camera directly on eye level. If you must, learn to take a mean selfie.

j)     Full Body Shots

Along with close-ups shots of your face, you should at least have one picture of your full body. People like to know what kind of body type you have, how tall you are, etc. Most of the time, people aren’t even checking to see if you have a model body, they just want to see what you look like as a whole person because that’s what they’ll see when they meet you.

k)   Casual Photos

Another mistake that people commonly make is they think they have to be all dressed up in their photos. Women will post photos of themselves with full-on makeup and men will post photos of themselves in suits. While they are nice, they shouldn’t be all of your photos. To show off your true personality, make sure you post casual photos of yourself as well in your normal outfits and hair.

A.N.N.I.E = Autonomous Neural Network Intelligent Entity to test your profile photos

l)     Edit Your Photos

We’re not talking about using photoshop to turn you into a different person, this will turn off most people on Photofeeler and dating apps. We’re talking about using simple tools to crop or brighten your photos. You’ll be surprised how much you can improve your photos with just a few simple techniques. You can download free photo apps on your phone to help you out.

5.  Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence can do an amazing job by telling you an impartial analysis of your photo and how it might impact other people, good or bad. The power is knowing how people see your photos and what they say about you. It’s better to know than guess what people think.

Online dating can be scary, but we’d say as long as you aren’t posting any pictures to purposely deceive people, you should be attracting the right people. First impressions are important when it comes to dating but don’t forget that your dating profile pictures are only one part of the attraction.

If you would want more helpful tips on how to take better pictures either for dating, LinkedIn, or social media, head on over to our blog to learn more!

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