• What kind of photographers do you use?

    Online Profile Pros works hard to only use the very best professional photographers that we can find in your area. Our photographers go through an application and review process and a robust examination of their portfolios to make sure they are a good fit for our shooting specifications and clients needs. Our goal is to […]

  • How long is the photo shoot?

    Photo shoots are scheduled for approximately 30 -50 minutes from start to finish. We ask that you come 10 minutes prior to your scheduled shoot time to sign the payment confirmation form and to do any preparations prior to your photo shoot.

  • What happens if I am late to my photo shoot?

    We give you a 15-minute leeway; therefore anytime up to 15 minutes you can still sit for your scheduled photo shoot with no penalties. After 15 minutes you forfeit your scheduled time and the full price of your photo shoot. You will have to reschedule and pay full price for another photo shoot.

  • What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel my photo shoot?

    All sales are final. You have until 24 hours prior to the shoot to alert your photographer that you need to reschedule. The photographer will then work with you to find another mutually agreeable date. If you need to cancel your shoot before the 24 hour deadline you must contact online profile pros at support@onlineprofilepros.com […]

  • What is my “proofing site” or my Online Portfolio?

    After your photo shoot we will create a personal, secure online portfolio with all of your photos. Your photos will be presented as thumbnails for you to review. Click on a thumbnail image to see a much larger version of the photo. These images have not been modified or retouched in any way. You can […]

  • What’s the best way to choose my favorite photos?

    In our experience, the best way to choose your favorite photos is to review the photos and note the ones that “stand out” to you right away. Your first reaction will probably be the best. In addition, while your online portfolio is anonymized and only you have the link to the portfolio, you can share […]

  • What are “favorite photos” or final photos?

    When you are reviewing your proofing portfolio you will inevitable have some photos that you prefer over others, we call these your “favorite or Final” photos. These are the photos that you choose using the on-line order form if you want additional processing on your images such as retouching. You can choose as many photos […]