• Why is it so expensive or Why do profile photos cost so much?

    Does $2-$3 per photo should like a lot for 50 to 100 professional photos or more for an investment that can be used across all your business, dating and social platforms? We didn’t think so. We’ve negotiated the best rates with the best photographers to give you just what you need to make a great first impression no matter what platform you’re on.

    While there’s definitely cheaper photographers out there. There’s a lot that goes into this experience. We’re going to be there every step of the way. We take a limited number of shoots to make sure  you get 100% of our attention. We’ll make sure you have an unbelievable experience that you get your photos back faster in a much higher quality. If those aren’t important to you we’re sure you’ll find a cheaper photographer that you’ll be happy with. You can see the many testimonials from our very many happy customers.

    Our process creates imagery that you can use across all of your profiles with just a one hour shoot

Claire Bahn


Claire Bahn is the CEO and Co-Founder of Online Profile Pros (OPP). She founded OPP to help individuals build, maintain and protect their personal brand to help them get the jobs, promotions and dates they desire. She has 15 years experience in branding, public relations and event marketing at start-ups as well as large Fortune 500 companies like Rueters and SAP. Claire has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur magazines among others. Online Profile Pros helps executives, entrepreneurs & influencers strategize and create their best personal brand.