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    Ideas to Strengthen Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

    So maybe last Valentine’s Day was a bust. One of you worked late; no one made dinner reservations. Maybe one of you even forgot. Whatever the case, this is the year to make it up to your significant other.

    Forget traditional flowers, chocolates and a fluffy teddy bear holding a heart. Get creative by seeking gifts and ideas that will strengthen your relationship. Here are five small, yet meaningful ways you can ensure the best Valentine’s Day for you and your significant other.

    Give an Experience

    Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become more materialistic. Who can buy the biggest diamonds, the reddest roses or the most chocolates. Break away from the materialistic mold this year by gifting your significant other an experience instead of something tangible. If you’re looking for a concert, show or musical, purchase tickets through Telecharge for an artistic and performance-filled evening with you and your loved one.

    Get Crafty

    A good ol’ homemade gift shows your significant other how much you care. However, if you’re not a very crafty person, let photos do the work for you. Find a great frame or photo album, and fill it with pictures of the two of you. Don’t forget to leave space for your future memories as well.

    If you want to find your way to your significant other’s heart via the stomach, festive baked goods are a great way to go. Make heart-shaped brownies, pink frosted cupcakes or stud-muffin treats. For a traditional yet creative approach, decorate your own vase or pot for a unique twist to hold Valentine flower favorites.

    Stay Local

    I’m not talking about your local restaurant or bar, but even more local — your own home or apartment. Invite your significant other over for a three-course meal you make. Or do the cooking together while sipping wine and dancing around the kitchen to your favorite tunes.

    Set the table with your best china and candles to create a romantic ambiance. After dinner, watch a movie you both enjoy and cuddle up on the couch. The best part about staying local: no reservations, no overpriced Valentine’s Day menu and no crowd to beat home.

    Send It in the Mail

    If you’re spending Valentine’s Day apart, UPS or FedEx are here to help. Create a care package for your significant other filled with lots of favorite goodies and knick-knacks. If you’re at a loss for ideas, throw in favorite snacks, a book they would enjoy reading, photos of the two of you and personal care items such as lotion or cologne.

    Write It Down

    Although Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day you should tell your loved one what they mean to you, it’s definitely a day you shouldn’t forget. If you’re not great with spoken words or just want something your loved one can read whenever he or she wants, write it down. It doesn’t have to be a love song or a poem, although those would be greatly appreciated.

    Write the story of when you first met or one of your favorite memories together. Write a love letter that speaks from your heart. If you’re looking for some inspiration, consult one of these famous love letters guaranteed to get your juices flowing.

Claire Bahn


Claire Bahn is the CEO and Co-Founder of Online Profile Pros (OPP). She founded OPP to help individuals build, maintain and protect their personal brand to help them get the jobs, promotions and dates they desire. She has 15 years experience in branding, public relations and event marketing at start-ups as well as large Fortune 500 companies like Rueters and SAP. Claire has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur magazines among others. Online Profile Pros helps executives, entrepreneurs & influencers strategize and create their best personal brand.


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