What Are the Best Dating Apps of 2019 so Far?

best dating apps

5 Of the Top Dating Apps You Should Try

Are you constantly looking for love to no avail? Maybe we can help.

As you may or may not know, the search for the right partner is always tricky. Do you go to a bar and wait for someone to come along? Do you have your friends help you match with someone they think is a good fit? Or do you take the search online?

Well, more people are choosing option number 3 in 2019 and so should you. We’re not talking about dating websites that mine all of your information to choose from a bank of suitable candidates, we’re talking about dating apps that can get you chatting with new people constantly. Cast a wide net, as they say.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best dating apps of 2019. If you’re down in the dumps about your love life, some of these apps can get you back on the dating scene. No matter the situation, you could always try a little harder. After all, it’s not rocket science, it’s just dating. Let’s take a look see.

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What Are the Best Dating Apps?

So, what makes a good dating app? Is it the layout of the app? It is the target audience? Maybe it’s the in-app features that help you meet the right people. The beauty of using different apps is that there’s something for everyone, so let’s find out which one is right for you.


Tinder was one of the first dating apps on the scene. Back in 2012 when Tinder launched, you would see some close friends swiping away while you were trying to have a drink with them. Now, everyone’s swiping left or right.

In the beginning, Tinder would allow you to set some parameters for what you were looking for. Age, location, and sex all came into play. Then, it would simply show you other Tinder users that fit your criteria. If you liked what you saw, you’d swipe right and if you didn’t, you’d swipe left.

That created a bank of potential matches that you could talk to. Now, you can pay a little extra for Tinder and get things like “super likes”, “rewind”, and the “passport feature”. For this reason, Tinder remains at the top of the dating app world.


Tinder’s biggest competitor is Bumble. By the end of 2014, Tinder had enjoyed almost two years of free reign over the dating app scene, but Bumble came in and took some of the spotlight. By giving the female a little more control, Bumble became a go-to for women and less frightening men.

Because of all of the unfortunate ways that single, straight men try to communicate with women, Bumble decided to make their platform a more safe environment for them. Instead of the free-flowing conversational platform of Tinder, only women can start a conversation on Bumble.

Not only does this make women feel a little bit safer, but it can also actually help those fellas who are a little shy when it comes to initiating conversation. Like Tinder, there are upgrades that you can pay for on Bumble that allow you to re-connect with old matches and add extra filters, among other things.

The League

The League is a much smaller app than the “big two”, but it offers an interesting design that some may find beneficial. It’s geared towards young (and old) professionals that might be a little too busy to get out and find love.

It scans your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to show you potential matches, but you can add filters of your own to create a more accurate representation of what you’re looking for.

Once The League has scanned your profiles and used your filters, it presents you with the results in a similar manner to Tinder, asking you to swipe left or right on other users.


When you install Happn, you’re putting yourself out there all the time. If you’ve ever walked by someone on the street and made seemingly meaningful eye contact, then Happn is for you.

Happn’s location-based service uses GPS to find out where other users are, but it won’t tell you about the other users until you’ve checked the app.

So, if you talk to a cute bartender or barista after work one day, it’s possible to reconnect with them over this app. It can give you new vigor as you walk through your day-to-day life, as you can feel like anyone on the street could be a potential match.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This app was created by three NYC sisters and uses Facebook to create a bank of potential matches. Instead of giving you a random selection of users to choose from based on your search parameters, CMB looks at your Facebook friend lists and obtains potential matches from the mutual friend section.

The idea is that, by having a mutual friend/friends, CMB is taking the awkwardness out of the beginning stages of dating. You’ll always have a conversation to go back to since you have at least one mutual friend. It’s like blind dating, but the person setting you up has no clue that they’re doing it.

Unfortunately, Coffee Meets Bagel is still only available in a few cities, but if you’re in NYC, San Francisco, Boston, and a few other cities, this app is worth a shot.

Traditional Dating Sites Gone Handheld

We’re starting to see more of the old-guard dating sites going with a mobile app platform. OK Cupid, Match, and Plenty of Fish are the most notable of these large-scale dating companies.

OK Cupid uses a series of multiple choice questions to create your match bank. There are millions of members, so it can show you a seemingly endless number of matches in your area that you can choose from.

Match remains one of the most popular dating sites out there. It’s up in 25 countries with millions of users, but it’s now developed an app to keep users from jumping ship to Tinder and Bumble.

Unlike those apps, Match tries to keep things above board. You have to have your profile approved by a moderator before you can start searching for love.

Lastly, there’s Plenty of Fish. As one of the oldest dating websites, POF has a huge database of users that are looking for the one. A paid upgrade allows you to search for users based on personality traits, but the normal version only allows you to communicate with other users over email.

Find Love Today

Why wait any longer? Use one of these dating apps to start finding matches today. They’re a great way to meet people and go on dates if you’re shy or hesitant to get back on the dating scene.

The best dating apps are always innovating and changing to better suit their users’ needs, so choose the one that best suits your personality and start building your profile.

For help building your profile, check out Online Profile Pros. Our service can help you overhaul your dating profile to help you find the right match. While you’re there, check out our blog to see more posts about the importance of a good and accurate profile.

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