• How to Get Over Your Ex and Get Back to Dating

    They say that time heals everything and that’s true, but there are plenty of ways that you can help time along and heal faster so you can get over a recent break up and back to dating. So, instead of mulling over your ex and pouting around the house in your PJs all day attempting to find some vice ridden over indulgence to dive wrists deep into in order to forget the pain of the whole ordeal, try the following suggestions instead:

    1) Accept That It’s Over

    Crazy, right? Don’t think about, don’t try to call your Ex, don’t try to drive by your Ex’s house in the middle of the night and certainly don’t email your Ex. It’s over — quit it! Delete the phone number, rip up the love notes, delete the email address and get yourself a new online dating profile. Now THAT’S good advice, if you’ll follow up with it.

    2) Call up Your Friends

    When people are in a serious relationship they tend to fade out of their coveted social circles. So, now that you’re broken up this is a perfect opportunity to start getting back with your friends. Besides, what are friends for, right? Call them on the phone and go out with them even if you don’t particularly feel like it. Not only will you feel a little bit more normal, but you’ll begin ironing out your emotional kinks more quickly so that you can move on and get back to dating.

    3) Improve Yourself

    Think of all the time you wasted falling in love with your Ex just for it to end. Sorry, I didn’t want to make you feel bad, but now is the perfect opportunity to start taking more advantage of your time. Go take some classes down out your local community college and meet some new people. Go on a trip nearby to a place you’ve never been before. Start a new exercise regime. Learn how to play chess — whatever! Just work on improving yourself and using your time more wisely. This may help you discover some things about yourself that you never knew, which will in turn help you choose a different type of love interest the next time around.

    More Tips next time…


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