• Do Men Ignore You? Find Out Why

    You’re an interesting and attractive woman, right? So why are you not having any success in the online dating world? Even if you are getting messages from interesting men, why is it that, after the first date, they never want to speak to you again?

    Often times women don’t realize when they’re turning men off or why they’re turning men off. However, there are a few tips you need to take into account when searching for the perfect guy in the online dating world and it begins with your online dating profile picture.

    1) Your Dating Profile Picture Doesn’t Show The Real You

    We don’t all have the eye of a photographer, that’s true. However, it’s safe to say that we all know what looks good. There are so many online dating profile pictures that are either fuzzy or disproportional once confined to the online dating service‘s photo dimensions that even the most attractive woman can look unappealing. Yet, your profile picture is the first thing that men look at. That isn’t because men are shallow (although some are, of course) but mainly because that is the way online dating sites are set up — the first thing people see is your online dating profile picture.

    The first step to gaining men’s attention online is to get a professional headshot taken. This let’s your true beauty and personality shine through. There are great online services that allows you to find certified professional photography studios in your area, that way you’ll start getting more messages from men.

    But, what happens when it comes down to the actual date?

    2) You’re Too Flirty

    Men love it when women flirt, that’s a given. However, when you’re giggling, touching and tossing hair everywhere it can be an immediate turnoff. For good or ill, men love a good chase and you need to play hard to get. Becoming too outwardly flirty will guarantee you won’t see him again. A woman that flirts and demands too much attention is a woman with low self-esteem issues and men know that.

    3) You Talk Too Much About The Future

    Men like to live in the right here, right now. Talking to your first date about how many children you want to have, what kind of house that you want to live in and what kind of wedding dress you’re going to wear will turn him off immediately and you’ll find yourself ignored by yet another man. Saying things like this on the first date is a no-no. Not only that, but talking about these things during the first month is a no-no.

    4) You’re Too Clingy

    No one, no matter who they are, likes a clingy nuisance. If you find yourself adopting his interests whilst staring at him adoringly, calling him 15 times a day, emailing him and asking him to go everywhere with you, then whatever relationship that could have been will be destroyed — no questions asked. Men enjoy being independent and they respect a woman that can be independent herself. The best thing to do is meet him in the middle.

    5) You’re The Party-Too-Much Girl

    Every guy likes a good party and they certainly don’t want a boring woman that never wants to go out and have a good time. That’s why the proverbial party girl can seem like a good match for a guy at first. However, women who don’t know the meaning of “closing time” will turn a guy off very quickly. If you can’t have a good time without going off the hinges, then you’ll loose a guy’s respect in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

    6) You’re Talking Too Much

    A woman that talks too much is either too into herself and no one else or someone that has incredibly low self-esteem. Men hate it when women talk too much, it makes them clench their jaw, tighten their fists and rub their temples incessantly. Many times the perfect relationship isn’t based on how much you have in common or how easily you chat back and forth, but how you both can sit in silence comfortably, simply being with each other. Remember that.

    The first step to getting a man’s attention is you paying attention to your own profile pictures, especially ones that allow your true personality to shine through. Again, men need incentive and you don’t need to be the most stunning woman on the internet to gain that incentive. You only need to have a clear portrait of yourself that shows who you are so that you can gain the right man’s attention. OnlineProfilePros.com is a fantastic resource for finding photographers in your area that concentrate on making your dating profile pictures not only better, but true to your personality.

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