• Updating Your Dating Headshot? Tips for a Great Photo Shoot

    As we noted in our last post, your dating headshot is the single most important part of your online dating profile. A well-lit, beautifully composed professional photograph will showcase your natural attractiveness to best effect and attract attention. Online dating is all about first impressions, and it’s your dating headshot that causes a potential date to click on your profile and delve deeper or keep on clicking. With so much riding on your online dating profile photo, it’s smart to invest a few dollars in a professional photo shoot.

    photographerWhen you arrive at your photo shoot, you’ll want to be prepared and ready to go. Before the photographer starts clicking, spend a few minutes chatting about the image you want to portray in your dating profile photos. If there are any specific types of photos you want, make sure the photographer knows this up front; but listen to his suggestions too. After all, you’re paying for his professional expertise, so trust his advice.

    You should arrive at the photographer’s studio with your hair, makeup and nails complete, but make sure you bring cosmetics and hair supplies with you for quick touch-ups.

    A few words to the wise about hair and makeup:

    1. Experiment with hair styles well ahead of time so you have plenty of practice styling your hair the way you want it to look.
    2. Don’t get a hair cut or color job any sooner than a week before the shoot.
    3. Keep makeup, simple, fresh and natural.
    4. Line your lips to add definition but keep it subtle. Dip a cotton ball in powder and dust lips to prevent bleeding.
    5. Use eyeliner and mascara judiciously. Again, keep it subtle.
    6. A heavier than usual coat of translucent powder will prevent shine and make your skin look flawless when photographed.
    7. A little lip gloss is fine, but avoid makeup that shines or sparkles.

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