• Secret Online Dating Fundamentals

    I believe that there is a range of “types” of relationships that people are looking for. Not everyone is looking for marriage or even love. The online dating industry simply increases your opportunities for finding the relationship you are looking for exponentially.  To do this they give you two marketing tools, your written profile and your photos.  Unfortunately, there are online dating fundamentals that you should follow, but they are often hard to figure out.  We are here to help.
    The only problem is potential dates aren’t interested in wading though the mountain of written profiles, they go right to the photos. In fact, the online Online Dating Fundamentalsdating companies don’t even give you an option to start reviewing peoples’ written profiles. All they present you with is a thumbnail of the person’s main profile photo. If you don’t have a photo …you don’t even get a chance to have someone look at your profile because you are on the 30th page of the dating sites search results!

    The dating industry constantly ignores helping their subscribers with the fundamentals in favor of the next big technology like, pings or smiles or even mobile dating. They keep trying to find ways to put people together in the same virtual “room” but they forget to help you “dress” for the occasion.

    Imagine you have a friend who is constantly bringing eligible dates to your house at all hours of the day and night regardless of how your dressed or made up. Imagine you just got out of bed and look like shit and here they come through your front door.  They probably aren’t going to be very impressed and will turn around and walk out the door.  That’s what its like when you don’t take care of the online dating fundamentals.

    That is what I think every time I look through the online dating sites and see countless lousy photos of people looking for a relationship ..don’t they get it? Isn’t it obvious?

    The dating companies think that photos are the number one most important thing to helping you start a conversation with the other person …that’s why when you do a search all that comes up are page after page of photos of people that meet your search criteria. If it is so important to them that they would build the entire web site to show your photo first then don’t you think that you should probably put at least a good photo in your profile?

    Out of focus, to many people in the picture, too small, too distorted, pixilated, photo with a baby, photo of only a dog, too funky, photo looks like a mug shot….these are the common photos people upload to try and make an impression on someone enough to get the other person to start a conversation. Then they are surprised that online dating doesn’t work for them!

    Everyone has heard the stories or even knows somebody that got the relationship they were looking for with online dating. However, they forget to ask what those people did differently to make it work for them.

    Most people only stay with an online dating site for 3 months before they leave it for good. Yet within a few weeks they usually pick another online dating site, usually a free site, and start all over, thinking that it was the sites fault that they did not get a lot of dates. They load the same profile photos, if they have them, and copy the same profile to the new site and sit back and wait. Then they are surprised that they get the same results.

    Here’s some advice, Try something different. Take some time with your profile and make the best “first impression” that you can. Write some thing “real” and take a little time to find a photo of you, just you, that you like.

    Your dating sites is not going to help you with the dating fundamentals, no matter if you pay them every month or it’s a free site. With a little care and attention to the dating fundamentals you will enjoy the most dating success possible.

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