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    3 Profile Photos Every Man Needs for Online Dating

    3 Profile Photo Tips For They Guys

    Guys, we all know that online dating can be hard and frustrating. Sometimes its just plain hard to get a date online; you don’t get any matches; no messages; no dates.

    When that happens sometimes it’s a good idea to ask your friends to give you an honest critique of your most important aspect of your online profile, your primary profile photo …you know the one that everyone sees when they do a search. More often than not this is the root of your problem.

    Our brain processes images faster than text because we think visually. If you don’t choose the right pictures, you won’t find your match. They’ll move on without a second glance. Many times you will find that upgrading your profile photos will have an immediate impact and you’ll go from zero dates to one or more dates a day with the type of women you’re most attracted to.

    No more shots in the dark. All you needed were these simple online dating photo tips for men to turn your profile around. We’re going to share with you three online dating photo tips for men to include in your profile so you can score more high quality dates with less effort.

    Candid and Close

    This might be the most important tip out of all the online dating profile photo tips for men.

    Your profile picture should be more of a close up like a simple portrait from your chest to just over the top of your head.

    The most important picture is the first one. It’s the one everyone sees first, like your Facebook profile picture. And it’s your greatest line of defense against being swiped left. Make it as easy as possible for them to match with you. Choose a photo where you have a candid smile and you’re looking directly at the camera. Profile pictures tend to be small, so this gives them an up close view. It also leaves more to be desired. Curiosity is what’s going to drive people to click and scroll through the rest of your photos and information.

    Smiles have the proven side effect of increasing attractiveness. Women like men who smile. Even better is a smile when you’re genuinely happy. That’s a candid smile. Maybe it’s the smile after your best buddy told a great joke or a smile when you didn’t know someone was taking your picture. In these pictures, you look the most relaxed. It’s the best representation of who you will be once they get to know you.

    Don’t forget about the eyes when you’re working on your killer smile. Just like Jessica’s husband, you should consider showing off your eyes. Especially if you have a less common eye color like blue or green. For light color eyes, wear a shirt or find a background that’s the same color. For brown eyes, it can look really cool to have light reflecting in them. Eyes are the focal point of the face. If you can make your eyes stand out in some way, you’ll stand out. Pictures that tend to feature your eyes really tend to stand out.

    Don’t be afraid to practice your “look” before your shoot! Models and celebrities practice in front of a mirror to get that perfect smile and learn their best side for the camera. You can too. It might seem foolish at first but it’s the best way to nail your look and nobody has to know.

    Dressed up, Zoomed Out

    Once someone has decided to click through to your profile, it’s time to build momentum. They saw your face, but they want more. The second photo should showcase your full body. But for goodness sake, keep your shirt on! Ask someone to take a picture of you on Fancy Friday or during Cocktail Hour, or at a wedding instead. The reason you should get someone to take your picture at events like these is you’re already dressed to impress. Why not take advantage of it?

    This is a good idea for three reasons. One, it avoids a mirror selfie. Two, when someone else takes your picture, it lets potential matches know that you actually have friends and family who’ll take your picture and Three, it shows that you’re putting effort into making a great first impression.

    It’s a good idea to have a range of casual and formal outfits on your dating profile. This way, women can picture themselves with you throughout their daily lives. If they can picture you going to the movies with them and going to a event, they’ll be more excited to meet you.

    Remember to choose a backdrop that lets you be the main focus. Shine that winning smile. If you’re not someone who’s into dressing up, that’s okay. Be honest about who you really are. Whatever you choose, pick something that you would wear on a nice date for the formal shots. As for the casual shots, try not to go too casual. She might not be ready to see you in sweat pants just yet.

    What do you like to do?

    The first thing people connect on and that will carry them into long term relationships is hobbies and interests. What do you do during your free time? What do you see yourself doing on your first, third or one hundredth date? You’ll attract women who have the same interests and they’ll know you’re a good match because you take pictures doing it.

    If you’re a musician or an artist, show that off! Playing guitar is sexy. While you want to attract a wider variety of women, you want to balance it out by attracting the right kind of women. By utilizing these online dating photo tips for men, you will attract more people by curating your photos, but they’ll also be people who fit your lifestyle. Take the time to put thought into not only your profile picture, but all your photos, and you’ll reap the rewards.

    When women find your profile, they’ll be able to connect with you on a deeper level. If they like what they see, then there’s a good chance they’re a good match for you. Women want to feel like you have enough common interests that they can see themselves spending the rest of their life with you, starting from day one.

    One word of warning here: if the activity you showcase is in a group setting, you will be judged by the other people in your photo. It’s okay to show that you like to do things around other people, but there’s an art to it. You neither want to be with too few or too many people. If you want to learn more about what pictures not to include in your dating profile, check out our post here.

    BONUS: Something unexpected

    After reading these online dating photo tips for men, you should have three to five photos. It’s good to have more than one photo that showcase different strengths in each category, so add them! She should feel like she knows a little about you before the first date. The unfortunate reality is that women not only have to figure out if they think you’re hot and interesting, they also have to make sure you’re not an ax murderer. That’s why more pictures that show who you really are through hobbies and in different environments can help her feel confident in setting up a date.

    That’s where this bonus category comes in. Show a picture that she’s not used to seeing on dating profiles. Stand out with an unexpected picture. These can be action shots where you’re moving, like cliff jumping, rock climbing or giving a presentation. It could also be where you are instead of what you’re doing. If you love to travel, share a picture from one of your favorite places.

    If you have a dog, this is a good spot to throw them into the mix. It’s not really unexpected, but no one has a dog like yours. Ladies are suckers for dog lovers. You could make your profile picture unexpected by putting a dog in it. Again, it’s not the most unexpected thing in the world, but dog lovers will be instantly hooked.

    Be authentic. There are a lot of ways you can be unexpected. You could hold up a sign that says something, hold a pose that’s out of the ordinary for dating sites.

    Want to take your dating profile to the next level?

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    What did you think of these online dating photo tips for men? Share this article with your single friends who also need help sprucing up their dating profile.

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