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Your dating profile on your online dating site is the ONLY thing that matters to your online dating success. Your photo, your written profile, your portfolio even your likes and dislikes are the only thing others have to get a first impression of you and decide to start a conversation or ask for a date.

This sounds obvious, right? However, you’d be surprised how many people fail to fully complete their profile or don’t take it very seriously, and then they are dumbfounded why online dating doesn’t “work” for them. Online dating is a competition and if you don’t want to lose all your dates to someone else then you’ve got to take your dating profile seriously if you’re going to be successful.

I’ve got a number of dating profile tips to create the best dating profile possible so you can get the dates you deserve. The dating profile examples will make you stand out from the crowd and really get the most out of your online dating adventure. Use these dating profile examples to win.


Table of Contents

10 Facts About the Best Dating Profile Examples

Developing the Online Dating Mindset

Mastering Your Online Dating Profile Picture

Step One: Use Elements of the Best Online Dating Profile Photos

Step Two: Say No to Selfies

Step Three: Focus on the Composition, Not the Competition

Writing a Dating Profile Like a Pro

The Headline

The Hook

Best Dating Profile Examples for Men

Best Dating Profile Examples for Women

Conversation Starters



Dating profile examples can help you navigate the ruthlessly efficient world of meeting people online. More than 12% of adults in America have gotten married to their virtual sweethearts. So, how did they snag a date and turn it into a wedding?

Online dating statistics change rapidly. But what people want in a partner seems to stay the same. So, use these simple examples of successful dating profiles to find love and keep it.

What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?

Actual Photo Analysis Results:

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Results: Great Dating Photo


10 Facts About the Best Dating Profile Examples

Claire Bahn, CEO of Online Profile Pros, suggests considering these key points before making your dating profile:

  1. Online Dating is a Full-Contact Sport. However, your profile is your best and only tool to capture attention.
  2. It’s All About How You Market Yourself. So, choose flattering images and use good grammar.
  3. You Get Your Money’s Worth. Free online dating platforms can be scams. Plus, they attract people who don’t value dating enough to pay for a subscription.
  4. Dating Sites Are Marketplaces. That means you have to “sell” yourself to be successful.
  5. Cameras Can Capture Emotion. So, don’t snap selfies until you feel confident.
  6. You Must Follow Dating Etiquette. Otherwise, you may compromise the integrity of the site or risk getting scammed.
  7. Your Location Is Crucial. Virtual dating sites are generally more effective in densely populated areas.
  8. Nothing Ventured Is Nothing Gained. Try to jump in with both feet and play the numbers game. Contact several people and let nature take its course.
  9. Check Your Ego at the Door. Nobody sees what happens in your DMs. So, you can’t give up hope just because someone told you no.
  10. Not All Fools Fall in Love. So, don’t pester people to get a response. And learn how to take rejection without negativity. Everyone has a type.


Remember, creating an attractive summary of yourself isn’t easy. But it’s the first and most critical step to finding dates nearby. That’s why Bahn also urges people to use dating profile examples to develop an appropriate mindset for modern love.

Developing the Online Dating Mindset

Swiping left or right can negatively impact your mental health if you’re not careful. So, cultivate a curious yet cautious attitude instead. Also, understand the unique benefits and challenges of dating online. The key is to enjoy the experience, stay open to adventure, and maintain your sense of humor. And try to let the little things go in favor of the bigger picture.

Virtual date sites are efficient marketplaces for people to connect. But like any marketplace, the way you advertise determines the response you get. Unfortunately, the only tools at your disposal are pictures and prose.

“Online dating can be incredibly fun and adventurous if you’re willing to have some flexibility on whom you meet and have a good sense of what you have to offer.” – Grant Langston, former CEO of eHarmony

So, what does it all mean? If you’re too rigid, can you get the most out of your online dating profile? The answer is no. People aren’t perfect, so you can’t go into this process rejecting everyone who isn’t a supermodel. And the mere act of paying for a subscription isn’t a guarantee of success either. You have to present yourself as someone who other people would want.

Furthermore, people typically seek partners based on their compatibility. They usually look at appearance, education, social standing, and health. But they also pay attention to values, morals, goals, and pet peeves. So, make sure you bring all the best stuff to the table. And don’t forget to be genuine.

TIP: If you’re stuck, use an impartial AI Photo Analyzer to get some feedback.

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Mastering Your Online Dating Profile Picture

The photo you choose is crucial. Some people might automatically swipe left just because you don’t have one. And in that case, the thoughtful words written on your profile won’t even matter. That’s because your picture helps people make snap decisions based on their first impressions.

According to Princeton psychologist Alex Todorov, people pass judgments quickly. Most individuals determine whether someone is competent, likable, or trustworthy within less than one second. Meanwhile, online dating sites such as and eHarmony try to analyze successful pictures. But no algorithm can clearly define what makes a winner.

Step One: Use Elements of the Best Online Dating Profile Photos

So, how do you take a great profile picture if even the algorithms can’t help? Based on the limited analysis, great photos share several characteristics. And these are the elements of the best online dating profile examples:

  • Lighting
  • Pose
  • Background
  • Style
  • Wardrobe
  • Attitude
  • Eye Contact
  • Facial Expression


Factors such as field depth and composition are less important. However, they could still affect the quality of your photo. So, work on your camera technique when studying different dating profile examples.

TIP: Try not to use “artsy” photography because it makes you look less authentic.

Step Two: Say No to Selfies

You might think you can get away with using a simple selfie for your dating profile picture. But nothing could be further from the truth. That’s because selfies send the message that you don’t take online dating seriously. Personal photos might even make you appear arrogant. And many people don’t want to overlook that.

Meanwhile, the selfie fad is long gone. For example, let’s say you’re scrolling through a dating site and see rows of thumbnail images. Side by side, sloppy selfies might not look as attractive as candid photos. Thus, the people with all the dates have terrific profile pictures to match their thoughtful responses.

Self-snapped shots say you’re lazy or friendless. They may show your cute smile, but they tell others you can’t be bothered by details. Is that really the message you want to send someone you’ve never met? You’re decreasing your chances automatically, and you haven’t even gotten started.

TIP: Choose your background carefully to ensure it’s simple and clean.

Step Three: Focus on the Composition, Not the Competition

Don’t make your pictures too busy, or else people can’t focus on your face. Also, steer clear of group shots or photos with other people. Potential dates can get confused about which person is you. So, blur the background, and look for pictures where you’re the star.

The most effective shots are more formal than a selfie but less formal than professional photos. They typically consist of the subject’s bust, plus about two inches above their head. Think headshot for a modeling gig. And this is your time to shine.

Don’t forget about the full-body shots as well. But don’t make full photos your profile picture. That’s because images can get distorted when you turn them into thumbnails. Besides, your eyes and smile attract people to you the most.

TIP: Dress like you’re going on a date when taking photos for your online profile.

Writing a Dating Profile Like a Pro

The written part of a profile is just as vital as the picture. If you can get people interested in your looks, you can hook them with your personality. But unless you give them something to talk about, they won’t know how to start a conversation. So, nail the headline and make yourself unforgettable with witty words.

The Headline

Inspire others to know you better with a clever headline that captures their attention. Here are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Avoid Using Clichés
  • Stay Away from Pick-Up Lines
  • Don’t Mention Past Relationships
  • Highlight Your Strengths
  • Keep It Lighthearted and Fun
  • Show Off Your Creativity
  • Be Open and Honest


If you want, ask loved ones to help you decide between several headlines. But begin with a stream of consciousness and edit it afterward. Start by saying something like, “Spice Up Your Love Life with This Fantastic Cook.” Or get cheeky with a line that says, “I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea, But I’ll Be Your Shot of Tequila.” And remember, the written portion helps you hook potential partners despite your profile picture.

The Hook

What is an online dating profile hook? That’s easy. It’s a powerful comment, description, or question that motivates others to act. Candid quips also help get the conversation started in your DMs. So, they’re usually a primary part of dating profile examples.

However, people read the words on your profile to gauge their compatibility. And many people aren’t concerned primarily with your looks. So, you have to capture and keep their interest with topics that can break the ice. And those topics should help define who you are as a person.

For example, assume you enjoy traveling. The best profile hook in your case would be something like this: “I’ve been to X, Y, and Z. What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?” Straightforward, leading questions like that can naturally spark conversation between strangers. But they might also serve as the foundation of your future relationship.

That’s why you must check the tone of your headline and profile. Make sure both read as friendly and open, not bitter and stubborn. And while being an open book is excellent, try not to overwhelm people with your personal information. Provide Cliff’s Notes, then let them decide if they want to see more. And in the meantime:

  • Complete the Questionnaire
  • Be Specific
  • Keep It Casual
  • Avoid Certain Topics
  • Don’t Gripe
  • Hide Your Wounds
  • Use Good Grammar
  • Obey Dating Etiquette


Next, give yourself a head start by ignoring requests from incompatible people. And don’t try to be funny or witty too much. Some of your charms could get lost in translation because most humor comes from shared experience. So, create profiles on several sites to maximize your dating strategy. Then answer questions thoroughly and always be yourself.

DID YOU KNOW: Most online dating sites use the Meyers Briggs personality test to develop profile questions.

Best Dating Profile Examples for Men

After over a decade of experience, Online Profile Pros has seen it all.

  • Men running on the beach without their shirts
  • Guys standing next to expensive sports cars
  • Dudes sitting in their luxury estates
  • Fellas flexing over their fishing feats

When choosing the best profile picture, men can get confused about what women want. However, empirical evidence shows that women don’t find certain things attractive. Nor do they feel inspired to give a flirty response to repulsive behavior. Remember, you’ll have plenty of time to demonstrate your “coolness” once you entice a conversation or meet.

Now check out these dating profile samples we’ve gathered. Try to make yours similar:

Dating Profile Examples for Men

Dating Profile Examples for Men









Best Dating Profile Examples for Women

Statistically, more women use online dating sites than men. So, it stands to reason that females are also more successful. However, women typically put in less effort when dating. Yet they get the same response, if not more. How can that be?

Most women aren’t pursuers but rather pursued. The predominant trend in major online dating sites that specialize in heterosexual relationships incorporates this trend, right or wrong. Men are just as picky about their partners as women are. But since women can be passive and still connect, they tend to be even more particular.

However, there are some common pitfalls, including:

  • Too Few Pictures
  • Overly Sexy Photos
  • Bad Lighting
  • Messy Backgrounds
  • Incorrect Body Type Classifications


You can use impartial AI to analyze your primary online dating photo and receive feedback. Or check out these online dating profile photo examples for clues about what you could do better:

Dating Profile Examples for women

Dating Profile Examples for Women









Conversation Starters

You’ll need something to talk about once your new profile gains traction, and it will. So, what do you say? How can you be likable and lighthearted without being too silly or sexual? It’s admittedly a slippery slope. Don’t let your ego talk you out of using dating profile examples for help.

Sparking a conversation with a stranger isn’t always easy. And that means you’ll need some ice breakers to get the party started. You must also make your brand forceful with bold, thoughtful, and respectful responses. Then, try to anticipate what the other person will ask or say next. But don’t interrupt.

Dating requires attentiveness and active listening. So, hone your texting skills and work on your response times. Now, pay attention to their profile answers. You can use some of the information to start chatting. And you can forget the corny colloquial greetings. Send an interesting, observational, or curious message instead. Use the conversation to reveal things about your personality.

TIP: Just say no to emojis, shorthand, and slang. Trust us.

Ice Breakers About You

  • I saw the craziest sign on the way to work today.
  • My favorite thing about living here is __.
  • I just had the best day ever, and I’m dying to tell you about it.

Ice Breakers About Them

  • I see you traveled to the Grand Canyon. What were your favorite things about it?
  • You look like you know a lot about biking. What’s the best bike for beginners?
  • Have you ever been mistaken for someone famous?


Show that you read their profile and were intrigued by it. Then keep your responses clean (i.e., no perversion or profanity). Try not to send multiple messages at once. And remember, most people like it when you ask for their opinion. Just be sure to respect what it is.

FUN FACT: Active profiles rank better in the search results. But you can change your status to “very active” on dating sites without having to participate more. If you rotate your main profile photo every 7-10 days, the algorithm will deem you as such.


Online dating success is mostly a matter of perseverance and profile swag. The most successful singles understand that dating sites are marketplaces for meeting new people. They appreciate the competition and have respect for the game. So, they get more responses with or without dating profile examples.

However, the quality of your profile is just always crucial. It serves as your primary weapon in the fight against being forever alone. Online dating profile examples help you advocate for the perfect potential mate. And they can prevent your presentation from falling through the cracks.

Meanwhile, some online daters get frustrated when the love of their life isn’t waiting after a few clicks. You can’t expect instant gratification or guaranteed success. You can only create a unique profile and hope for the best. But sending contact requests and sparking casual conversations can help.

Remember, this is not a life or death situation. You can meet new people without taking things too seriously. That means giving others a chance, even if they don’t fall directly within your wheelhouse. You’ll get more dates online if you use your manners, protect your privacy, and know when to quit.


About the Author:claire bahn

Claire Bahn has over 15 years of working as a personal branding expert helping clients build authority and influence through their online profiles and social media accounts.

Her background includes branding, public relations, Social Media, and marketing, as well as, entrepreneurship. She has a passion to help executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers strategize and create their best personal brand.

She is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Online Profile Pros and Stratus Branding. Ms. Bahn recognizes that first impressions are made online and the fastest way to achieve your goals is by taking command of your personal brand through your online profiles and social media. She started Online Profile Pros and Stratus Branding to help individuals create, maintain and protect their personal brands so that they achieve the authority, influence, and trust they need to succeed at online dating or their job search.

She’s been featured in numerous publications and news outlets including Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines.

Ms. Bahn is a former model and actress, appearing in national ad campaigns for major retailers. An avid fashion/lifestyle blogger she’s a recognized influencer. Ms. Bahn holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and currently lives in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, CA with her 2 red miniature pinchers, Beau and Trixie.

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