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We want you to be completely satisfied with your photos.  However, the nature of photography is that it is subjective art form. Not everyone will like every photo. There are a large number of variables that go into a photo shoot , some of which are out of teh control of teh individual photographer. The goal of any photo shoot is to shoot a sufficient number of images in order to get a small percentage that meet all of the requirements and are aesthetically pleasing to the viewer or intended viewer.

Therefore, your photos can only be judged on their technical merits, such as focus, sharpness, color and brightness. If you believe that your photos are lacking in these technical aspects, Online Profile Pros Inc will review the images and determine their technical merits. If the photos are determined to be inferior then you will be offered, free retouching (when applicable) a re-shoot or a full refund.  Online Profile Pros reserves the right to partial refunds in select instances.

PLEASE NOTE:  This guarantee does not extend to issues with your clothing choices, physical appearance, hair, make-up, weather, acts of God or any other issues out of Online Profile Pros control.  In these cases, we will not be able to issue you a re-shoot or refund.

Our goal is to never make you look fake or overly posed! Our photographers shoot outside or in casual locations outside the studio to prevent this. We use the best photographers and best equipment to make you look your very best, giving you every opportunity to make a great first impression. Think about it, celebrities use professional photographers because they know that professional photographers are going to capture the best images of them. Why not do the same for you?

Yes, it can be added directly from your online proofing site

Yes, indeed we do have clients that book 2 or more shoots back to back to extend the time of their shoot. All photos from a singe shoot would be grouped together into a single online portfolio for you.

Our Photographers are all professional photographers [professional written twice] who specialize in the best photographic work. At the conclusion of the checkout process you will be provided with full and complete contact information for your photographer as well as a receipt for your photo shoot and even maps to the studio. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your shoot you can always contact DatingHeadshots…we can answer any questions you might have.

No, you will need to provide your own clothing for the photo shoot. Also, the photo shoot is only 30-40 minutes, so please only bring a few simple changes of clothes, like a change of shirts/blouses, coats and tie. There will not be enough time for a full wardrobe change.

No, hair and make-up services are not provided. As with your wardrobe choice do your make-up as you would on a first date.

Anytime that you see one of our zip code locator boxes or an input box that asks you to “Input your zip code” we will show you all of the studios in your area. Then all you need to do is choose the one that suits you best and book your shoot.

You have two options available to get all of your online dating pictures from the shoot. The first option is free; the second option requires an additional charge. For the computer savvy users, the fastest method is to choose the images that you wish from your on-line portfolio pages and then, click on the thumbnail to see the larger image. You can then download / save the larger image directly to your hard drive.

Another alternative is that we can create a photo archive of all of your images, including any retouched images that you may have ordered and then send them to you in a secure file for you to save and open on your computer. The photo archive is available to order directly on your secure online portfolio


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Each photographer that applies to the Online Profile Pros Photographer Network goes through an application and review process including a robust review of their portfolio to make sure they have the skills, equipment and experience to get the very best for our clients. Each of the service providers in our network are under direct contract with Online Profile Pros Inc. and know exactly what we expect of them.

The basic photo shoot is only 30-40 minutes while the premium photo shoot is uaually about 45-60 minutes depending on the client. The goal of the shoot is to get a variety of looks from portrait to full body and many in-between to make sure the client has a full portfolio with several looks and wardrobe changes. The shoots move at a casual pace as the photographers know exactly what they are going for and what looks best. Some shoots go a bit longer than others and it is up to the photographer to decide if the shoot will continue based on the images they are getting that meet the Online Profile Pros shooting specifications. Our shoots are designed over many years to get just the right number of photos and styles to maximize the portfolio so that you can use your images in a variety of online profiles from dating to LinkedIn to social media.

While we will provide a full dating portfolio, in a lot of cases it is best to focus on shots from the waist up. The amount of space that the online dating companies give you to showcase your portfolio is not very large. People want to see your face primarily, that is why we tend to concentrate on shots mainly from waist up and shoulders up.

Secondly, the photo shoot is only 30-40 minutes, so please only bring a few simple changes of clothes, like a change of shirts/blouses, coats and tie. There will not be enough time for a full wardrobe change.

Online Profile Pros currently offers 2 retouching packages, a 1 photos retouching package and a bundled package with 6 photos. If you think that you need additional photos retouched then you can order more than one package at a time or contact us for a custom retouching package quote.

As with your wardrobe choice do your make-up as you would on a first date.

The photographers shoot on location all the time and they take the changing wardrobe situation into account; they usually have favorite places that they have shot previously that have bathrooms or other amenities to change in. That said the wardrobe changes are usually very simple and do not need to be overly dramatic to get the different looks. We usually suggest that gentlemen start with a button down  and sweater or jacket  and then lose the jacket/sweater and maybe change shirts. There is no  need really to change pants as no one pays attention to what pants you have on. We’ve been doing these shoots for years and clients usually find that the on location shoot s are preferable and like any professional model that is shooting on location making minor wardrobe changes in a bathroom is not a big deal.

No, it is not just a series of “head shots” or portraits. We will provide you with a complete dating profile portfolio so that you can change the look of your profile many times. In your portfolio, your photographer will work with you to create the best most natural “look”. We usually recommend a variety of shots from ¾ body. ½ body to close-ups to give you the variety you need to stand out form the crowd and make the best “first impression” possible.

Photo retouching is done to enhance and/or correct an image, such as to remove a blemish or stray hair, to adjust or remove unwanted elements, to correct color and adjustment to lighting.

Online Profile Pros works hard to only use the very best professional photographers that we can find in your area. Our photographers go through an application and review process and a robust examination of their portfolios to make sure they are a good fit for our shooting specifications and clients needs. Our goal is to use professional photographers with the right equipment, experience and understanding of lifestyle photography. Photographers with years of experience shooting portraits, fashion, actors headshots, weddings and editorial shoots. These photographers have what it takes to understand what a great online profile photo should look like, whether it be for business, dating or social media, and have the skill to pull it off. On occasion, and depending on the area in which you live, commercial studios may be attached to the photographer’s home.

Really! You’re profile photo is your literally the first impression people have of you and a selfies just isn’t going to cut it anymore. A selfies makes the wrong first impression and tell people you don’t really care all that much whether you get that great new job or awesome date. Worse it might tell them that you don’t even have any friends that you can get to shoot a few snaps of you …even if it’s on a mobile phone. The bottom line is selfies were fine a few years ago, but not any more.

Selfies for LinkedIn / Business Profiles

This is especially true for business platforms like LinkedIn. While LinkedIn does not officially ban selfies, they expect that you would know better and only use more professional photos for your online profile. LinkedIn only allows one main profile photo that is front and center of your profile. This is where you want to make teh right first impression to potential hiring managers and recruiters. There are other places within your profile to add additional media but we would not recommend adding selfies even there.


check out more here:

Selfies for Online Dating Profiles

Now major sites/platforms are discouraging or even outright banning selfies. Save your selfies for after you start dating or you might not even get that first date.

See more here:

Your profile is an investment in your romantic future. Nowadays, it’s important to standout and get the recognition you deserve. So while anyone can own a camera not everyone knows how to use it to make you look your best. When you finish signing up for an online dating and you run the first search, what do you see? Answer, row after row of photos of people that meet your criteria near you.  In fact, most online dating sites will not show a profile without a photo. So what does this tell you? Well, you’re competing with lots and lots of other people for the same group of people who meet a certain “type” if you don’t stand out and look your best, then who’s going to notice you? Nobody. If you’re going to go through all the trouble to use a dating site then why not do it right and create a great profile that puts you on the track to success. Your photo is a cornerstone to achieving that success becasue if they don’t like your photo they sure as heck are not going to read your profile.

Don’t take our word for it. What do the actual dating site say:

Does $2-$3 per photo should like a lot for 50 to 100 professional photos or more for an investment that can be used across all your business, dating and social platforms? We didn’t think so. We’ve negotiated the best rates with the best photographers to give you just what you need to make a great first impression no matter what platform you’re on.

While there’s definitely cheaper photographers out there. There’s a lot that goes into this experience. We’re going to be there every step of the way. We take a limited number of shoots to make sure  you get 100% of our attention. We’ll make sure you have an unbelievable experience that you get your photos back faster in a much higher quality. If those aren’t important to you we’re sure you’ll find a cheaper photographer that you’ll be happy with. You can see the many testimonials from our very many happy customers.

Our process creates imagery that you can use across all of your profiles with just a one hour shoot