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    9 Tips to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship

    When a relationship is new, there are butterflies and everything feels new and fresh. As time passes long-term partners might grow weary of the day-to-day, so ways to keep the spark in your relationship are crucial. Don’t let your love get boring! Show your lover you care. Here are 9 tips to keep the spark in your relationship and keep the love exciting.

    1. Mail Love Letters

    Why not revive the art of letter writing? In a world that is inundated by technology, a handwritten note will definitely let your honey know that you care. Mail it to him or her. This will add an extra touch and element of surprise, which will definitely keep the spark in your relationship alive. Find love-letter inspiration at Letters of Note.

    2. Go Out

    Work responsibilities, kid activities and the general stress of life can put a damper on your connection and put your relationship in a rut. Set up a date night at a restaurant you both enjoy. OpenTable.com makes reservations easy, even last minute.

    3. Send Sexy Texts

    Sometimes it isn’t possible to have a date night or take a weekend for yourselves, but that doesn’t mean your relationship is on pause. Send romantic text messages to each other. Get personal. A few flirty words sent throughout the day will be a welcomed interruption for the both of you.

    4. Dress Up

    Everyone want their boyfriends or girlfriends to notice them. Put effort into your appearance and take pride in your clothing and accessories. Splurge on a classy Coach handbag, a new outfit or a new haircut. This effort will show your significant other that you are still attracted them. Looking good and feeling good will ignite those initial sparks.

    5. Stay In

    You don’t need to go out to dinner for you and your special someone to go on a date. Cook a favorite meal and eat in the candlelight. With good food and good music in the background, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

    Or keep it casual. Low-key evenings are a fun way to add an extra something to your relationship. Grab the popcorn, chocolate and the beverage of your choice and unwind with a movie you’ll both enjoy.

    6. Be Intimate

    Sweatpants, dishes in the sink and screaming kids all get in the way of intimacy. Don’t let the sensual part of your relationship slip. Carve out time to nourish that physical connection.

    7. Go on a Staycation

    Extended vacations are not always possible, but a few days in town might give your relationship the boost it needs. Plan a few nights at a local hotel or bed-and-breakfast. Plan this in the off-season, so you can take advantage of the best deals.

    8. Air Grievances

    All couples run into problems and need time to vent and share relationship concerns. Take a break from your regular environment and slip into a coffee shop, where you two can discuss issues in a constructive manner. It shows you’re both still willing to put in the work.

    9. Surprise Him

    Plan a poker night for your significant other at home or organize an evening with the boys or girls where they can enjoy some guy or girl time. Your significant other needs space and a night out with their friends just like you do.

    A long-term relationship can show signs of age, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it fresh again.  Do you have any tips to keep the spark in your relationship?  If so, please let us know in the comments below.

Claire Bahn


Claire Bahn is the CEO and Co-Founder of Online Profile Pros (OPP). She founded OPP to help individuals build, maintain and protect their personal brand to help them get the jobs, promotions and dates they desire. She has 15 years experience in branding, public relations and event marketing at start-ups as well as large Fortune 500 companies like Rueters and SAP. Claire has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur magazines among others. Online Profile Pros helps executives, entrepreneurs & influencers strategize and create their best personal brand.


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