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6 LinkedIn Profile Tips For Professionals

If you’re trying to expand your network in the working world using Facebook, you’re wasting your time.

Sure, they rolled out a new feature where users can search for jobs on that platform. However, you’re more susceptible to scams. Facebook doesn’t charge for listings as LinkedIn does. Someone looking to pull the wool over your eyes won’t pay to do so.

While it seems everyone is on that platform, LinkedIn is still the way to go. It’s dedicated to professionals looking to advance in their careers. You won’t have to wonder if businesses are legit or if that job is too good to be true.

If you’ve made your profile and you’re left scratching your head on what to do next, don’t worry. We’ll go over effective LinkedIn networking tips to help you out.

Ready to find out what they are?

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Get Your Profile in Tip-Top Shape First

Simply filling out all the personal information isn’t enough. Making a good first impression starts with optimizing your profile for the best results.

Start with the headline. What is it that you do?

If you don’t currently hold a job title, put what you specialize in instead. A couple of examples are “graphic designer” or “freelance writer.”

From there, go through the rest of your profile and fill it out accordingly. The more completed yours looks, the better your chances of gaining opportunities.

Let recruiters know how you are as a person and not just as a worker.

And don’t forget, you need a great headshot for your profile picture! Be sure it’s clear, represents who you are and isn’t inappropriate. Don’t think about leaving it blank because ones that are don’t receive as many connection requests.

Optimize Your Profile

Optimization isn’t just for blogging on LinkedIn. You can easily do the same to profile.

The way you do that is by including keywords where appropriate-headline, summary, and work experience.

Recruiters and potential connections can find you easier if you use keywords. For example, saying you’re a “content marketer” instead of “SEO writer” will increase your chances of being found in search results. Consider hiring a personal brand strategist if you wanna optimize your profiles even more.

Write a Personal Note When Requesting to Connect

Connecting is similar to friend requests. Although people don’t have to be classified as “friends” in order to connect. These can be current or previous coworkers or colleagues.

When requesting to connect, sending a personal note is optional. However, it’s always best if you write one.

This makes the encounter less awkward and it’s a conversation starter! If you notice you two have something in common, let that be the icebreaker. If you don’t, you can complement them on their accomplishments instead.

Getting this person to reply back is a feat in itself. As your relationship develops, it could lead to job opportunities or fun projects. That’s why it’s always best to send a personal note.

Improve Your Online Presence

What’s on LinkedIn isn’t the end all be all. Prepared to be Googled outside of the platform.

That being said, be aware of what’s out in the World Wide Web about you. If you have questionable posts on your Facebook, delete them. Embarrassing photos on Instagram? Delete them or set your profile to private.

LinkedIn is no different than interviews in real life. Employers will research you.

That first impression of you can quickly turn sour if they see undesirable traits thanks to your other social media profiles. Clean up anything that’s unclear or doesn’t represent who you are today.

Aside from the negative outcomes, use your online presence strategically. If photography is your thing, make sure your portfolio shows up when Googled. This will let potential connections see your work without having to ask for it.

Ask for Endorsements

A few years ago, LinkedIn rolled out a neat feature called “Endorsements.” This allows connections to vouch for your skills. You can find this section where it says “Skills.”

It’s a great way for recruiters know you’re reliable when it comes to certain skills. You, personally, aren’t just boasting about what you can do. Other people are giving you credibility.

As for asking for endorsements, don’t be afraid. LinkedIn makes it really easy for connections to do so. It won’t seem like you’re asking for a humongous, complicated favor.

If you find endorsements that don’t reflect your preferred skill set, you can easily delete them.

Join Groups

Being on a new social networking platform is scary-especially when you don’t have an extensive network already. LinkedIn makes this less daunting with the introduction of groups.

Groups rally around a specific topic (technology, marketing, human resources, etc.). Within these groups are hundreds of thousands of people. That’s plenty of people to make a connection with.

You can join ones that are of interest to you or that represent your industry. The point is to be engaging. Lying dormant won’t open the lines of communication.

Participate in discussions and answer questions. Be helpful. Groups are about community, not about selling yourself.

You’ll get yourself noticed better if you prove to be a valuable member. That means more connections and opportunities headed your way!

LinkedIn Networking Tips to Help You Connect Better

LinkedIn beats other social media platforms because it’s geared towards professionals and businesses. It’s not about what awesome experience you had over the weekend but more about contributing to society.

Use these LinkedIn networking tips to get you ahead of the curve in the working world. This way, you’ll gain more connections and land yourself better opportunities.

To stand out from the rest, you need a great looking profile. Let us help you by checking out our online profile services today!

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