How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Results

linkedin login

Whether you are an entrepreneur or simply looking to escalate to the top of your current company, there is no better platform to utilize than LinkedIn. Over 260 million people use the LinkedIn login and over 40% of those are logging in on a daily basis. If you’re not already on the platform, don’t worry! […]

Why Entrepreneurs Need A Linkedin Premium Profile to Succeed

Linkedin profiles are key for entrepreneurs to build their personal brand

Have you thought about joining LinkedIn Premium? While the basic LinkedIn account has many beneficial features like community access, profile search, insights of who’s viewing your profile, and of course the ability to build a network. The basic is perfect for those just looking to build their network and connect with colleagues, but LinkedIn offers […]

How Artificial Intelligence Killed My Career and Yours Too

Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence Killing Your Career? ***The following is printed with the permission of the author who wishes to remain anonymous as they are still trying to find employment in their chosen field and have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay. The views expressed in this commentary are their own. *** I’ve […]

LinkedIn Profile Tips to Get You to the Next Level

LinkedIn Profile Tips

A LinkedIn Profile is extremely important, especially for entrepreneurs, job seekers and anyone in the corporate world.  You will be instantly judged by the quality of your LinkedIn Profile.  It’s so important to make sure it’s a great that we wanted to give you these LinkedIn Profile Tips. Linkedin has grown a lot, shows how […]