LinkedIn Profile Tips to Get You to the Next Level

LinkedIn Profile Tips

A LinkedIn Profile is extremely important, especially for entrepreneurs, job seekers and anyone in the corporate world.  You will be instantly judged by the quality of your LinkedIn Profile.  It’s so important to make sure it’s a great that we wanted to give you these LinkedIn Profile Tips.

Linkedin has grown a lot, shows how much of ourselves we put into our work, and shows how important it is for people to have a digital place to talk about their career life.

And, if you haven’t heard, more and more people are finding new jobs or hiring through Linkedin.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of social value in a LinkedIn profile today. It’s become a part of who we are. LinkedIn gets compared and used in relation to online dating and other kinds of social Internet research.

In short, no matter who you want to impress, dress up your profile with these LinkedIn profile tips!

That’s why we’ve compiled some favorite LinkedIn profile tips to help you to make your page a better window into your personal strengths and qualities, as well as to impress potential employers and others online.

Take a look, and think about how you can put your best foot forward with a profile that’s not just “average,” but a stunning reflection of what you have learned and what you have accomplished in your career.

What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?

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LinkedIn Profile Tips: Work with the Format

Want to make your LinkedIn profile better? Work with the format the site provides.  Make sure you know the rules and build your page so it is easy for people to read.

It almost goes without saying that you want the best photograph available – a professional photo taken in good lighting, while you’re wearing professional clothes and looking good.

In addition, lots of experts suggest creating attractive headlines for your profile to attract readers.

Here’s another excellent tip that has to do with the format of the LinkedIn site — instead of going with the URL that you’re given, you can get your own custom URL that’s a lot easier to remember and type. You might not think this would make a difference — but it does.

When viewers cut and paste all of that text garbage associated with the conventional LinkedIn URL, it ‘clutters up’ their experience on the site.

By creating your custom URL, you’re making it a whole lot easier for people to visit and bookmark, and tag and remember your profile location.

Use LinkedIn Features Effectively

Another good tip is to use all of those extra features that LinkedIn provides to give your profile a bit of context. These can include recommendations, endorsements, company pages and more!

You want to list your groups and affiliations so that people know what you’ve been involved with in the past.

The same goes for the resume history that goes on the center of the page. This is one of the first things that recruiters and hiring managers read, so put some thought into what you include.

LinkedIn also gives you the ability to list all your skills and tag the things that you are best at, to help people understand what you do when they visit your LinkedIn page and read about your career.

Yet another LinkedIn feature is your network.  This is probably the single most important feature to use in your LinkedIn profile. It’s where you reach out to people that you work with or known previously, and you build your network from the ground up.

As you do this, you’re getting much more visibility for your profile — it’s just like when you add more Facebook friends — when you post, you have a bigger audience for your posts.

When you extend your LinkedIn network, you’re not only getting more attention from those people, you’re building the context for your profile to make it more impressive.

There’s one more feature that you want to pay attention to — endorsements.

You can get your new LinkedIn contacts to endorse you for various skills, which will add proof of your abilities to your LinkedIn profile.

Jazz Up the Content

When you’ve mastered the other LinkedIn profile tips, like formatting and features, you’ll want to also put some work into the content that you’ve included on the page, especially in that resume portion.

Some experts suggest using specific keywords in your LinkedIn profile, the same way that you would in a standard resume.For example, listing software skills and abilities shows recruiters more of what you can do in a clearer way.

For example, listing software skills and abilities shows recruiters more of what you can do in a clearer way. There’s also the reality that a lot of companies run profiles or anything else through a computer program that looks for those keywords. Adding keywords can’t hurt, unless, that is, you end up keyword stuffing and making your profile look artificial or made up.

Another good tip is to always be creative as what you put content on your profile.

If you’re in between jobs, don’t just put unemployed — that’s a real bummer.

Put in something creative that describes what you’re doing in the moment, whether they are self-employment gigs or anything else.

In the same way, you want to dress up your profile by adding some of your personal ideas about your field or industry. You don’t have to write a book — just get some of your key ideas in there.

Talk to people about what’s important to you – and they’ll probably want to read your profile more.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as an ideal opportunity for an elevator pitch — a quick one-two narration of what you believe in and what you’re best at, to make other people believe in you, too. Brainstorm as you work on creating a fuller profile that delivers more of a concept to readers.

Be truthful and not overly flashy — people who try to inject too much confidence and assertiveness into a profile can come off as being full of themselves.

Another way to think about this is that just like in any part of the business world, you have to be a realist!

Building a thoughtful and realistic assessment of yourself is going to work well for you when people actually read your profile.

Do you have a LinkedIn Profile? What efforts did you put into creating yours? If you’re stuck on these questions, consider a personal branding expert to give you the profile of your dreams.

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