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    What Are the Top Professional Skills You Should List on Your LinkedIn Profile?

    If you’re new to setting up online profiles, you might wonder where to start and how it all works. Even if you’re experienced when it comes creating your profile online, there are always a few things you can learn along the way.

    Besides your resume, your online profile is the one place that prospective employers can get a feel for who you are. It’s here that they will learn about your previous work history and education before they even meet you.

    That’s why it’s so important to make sure your profile looks professional.

    There are a lot of things to consider when putting together a business profile. Your goal should be to convey your personality, but not too much. And, of course, you’ll need to list out your skills so that employers will know whether you’re a match or not.

    In this article, we’re discussing 10 professional skills you need on your online profile. Keep reading to learn more.

    Works Well With Others

    Many companies revolve around team environments. Employers want to know that the people they intend to hire work well with others. They also know that a friendly office environment can improve morale and job satisfaction.

    Make sure to list ‘teamwork’ or other similar words in the skills and qualifications section of your profile so employers can see it. Avoid terms like ‘friendly,’ and choose phrases like ‘team-oriented’ instead.


    Just as teamwork is an important aspect of running a successful company, independence and the ability to work alone matter too.

    Employers want to know that job candidates have a mind of their own so that ideas are more likely to be unique. Independence also indicates strength and mental agility.

    You can be creative with your expression of independence in the workplace. Phrase it so that your employer knows that it’s not your only best skill but one that stands out.


    Regardless of how well you work on your own or in a team environment, it doesn’t matter if you can’t communicate effectively.

    Written and verbal communication is one of the first professional skills employers look for in prospective candidates. They want to be sure the candidates can clearly express themselves and get to the point of matters.

    In business, effective communication can mean the difference between success and failure.

    Problem Solving

    If you’re a good problem solver, then why wouldn’t you put it on your profile? Companies rely on those who can navigate unexpected challenges.

    In case you choose to list this at the top of your professional skills, make sure you can follow up with an example during interviews. Employers will hire candidates based on how they came up with a solution over why.


    You can also think of this as flexibility, meaning that you’re capable of handling whatever is thrown your way. Employers want staff that can adapt to changes while remaining flexible enough to work through problems.

    If you’re adaptable in a certain arena, such as technology, list it on your profile so employers know what questions to ask when they meet you.


    Personal development in the workplace is desired and admired because it shows that you want to perform your best.

    Employers are concerned with how well you will evolve in an environment that is constantly changing or stays the same. No matter what the situation, they want to make sure you won’t bring others down with a bad attitude.

    List ‘lifelong learner’ or ‘self-motivated’ as professional skills on your profile where employers will find it.

    Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking skills are a huge asset because companies thrive on them in most situations.

    Decision making and problem-solving go hand in hand. Employers want to know that you have the skills to think your way out of things.

    Critical thinking has been known to save both time and money which is important for businesses. So, don’t leave it off of your profile!

    Presentation Skills

    Your online profile is a presentation in itself. If you’re not confident about it, then don’t add presentation skills on your page. But if you’re the type of person who enjoys getting in front of people and sharing information, list it.

    Employers need people they can count on when it comes to making formal presentations and putting together business materials.


    Besides solving problems and thinking critically, it’s important to have analytical skills in the business world. Many employers in the field of research will seek this skill specifically.

    List your previous work where analytical skills were required. Also, be prepared for the interview because the employer will probably ask questions about it.


    If you’ve held a leadership position or proven yourself as a leader in the workplace, list it in your profile.

    Employers look for people with a lot of self-confidence. Plus, it’s no secret that such people are usually natural leaders.

    If possible, include leadership roles that you’ve had, and skills that you’ve polished along the way.

    Beyond Professional Skills

    Your LinkedIn profile, or any online profile, is seen by people who are searching for information about you. Make sure that your presentation is professional.

    Include a quality photo that puts you in a positive light. Refrain from sharing pictures that were taken in inappropriate settings, such as a bar or club.

    Also, keep things simple. Don’t overcompensate with too much information.

    List out only enough information to provide the reader with a synopsis of your personality and what you’re capable of. Leave the rest of the details for the interview. Basically, you want the reader to feel confident that contacting you won’t be a waste of time.

    If you need help with your LinkedIn profile or resume help, contact us. We can help you upgrade your linkedin profile with a professional photo and more.

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