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    How to Create Your Written Profile on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is one of the cornerstones of your personal brand and your LinkedIn profile is certainly where most hiring managers and recruiters will go to  vet you for a potential job or promotion. Therefore it’s imperative that you take it very seriously when considering what to write and even how to present yourself and your accomplishments to have the most impact.

    But, unlike your Facebook page, it’s a lot of information about you in particular. Where you worked. What certifications you have. And more. It’s essentially your digital resume and C.V. all in one place.

    Even though employers still require a cover letter, and resume most of the time, you need to keep your LinkedIn written profile up to date. As we’ve seen, the world of HR is turning more and more to Artificial Intelligence to match potential hires with jobs. Many times they never really look at your resume, instead waiting for the ATS to spit out a list of 3-4 candidates. That’s when they head over to your Linkedin Profiles ( and others profiles0 to get a sense of who you are and frankly, what kind of impression you leave.

    If you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile, we recommend join the more than 2 billion people on LinkedIn straight away. That’s what we’re here to help you do. Actually, create a LinkedIn profile you can be proud of.

    1. Treat Your Written Profile Like SEO Quality Web Content

    You need context. You need to set the scene. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “who is my audience?” How do you want them to feel after reading your profile? What is the takeaway?

    You’re trying to sell yourself. If you’re a writer, you want clear, concise copy that reflects your ability to write. You also want to include jargon and terminology that writers will relate to.

    Also, ask yourself what you want your readers to do once they read your profile. This really depends on your field. Are you an independent contractor looking for small jobs? Are you wanting to be hired full time and have the reader offer a major position?

    Are you a freelance writer looking for gigs? You will gear your written profile to this goal.

    2. Organize Your Content By Category

    Your LinkedIn profile is divided up into several sections. These are categories of information LinkedIn thinks is vital to your resume.

    What are the different categories you need to fill? Let’s take a look.


    “Anything you can do, I can do better! I can do anything better than you!” The classic song from Annie Get Your Gun is almost what you should convey in your strengths section.

    You really do need to be a little bit humble. But this category should be about what you can do better than most people.

    Where have you excelled? What are you good at? It’s all about you.

    Values And Passions

    What things will you never give an inch on? What is your work ethic? What really gets your mental juices flowing?

    These are the kinds of questions you need to ask when writing down your values and passions. You’ve got a moral and ethical code at work. You may not think about it on a daily basis, but it’s there. It’s how you operate.

    What is your professionality? What kind of work environment are you looking for? These things tie into who you are in relation to your work and your passions.LinkedIn Profile square


    This might seem the same as strengths, but it’s quite different. This defines more your individual interests that set you apart from other people. Boil your interests down to a list. Then pair them down into as small categories as you can manage.

    This will show the unique aspects of what you’re passionate about. And then this is what will show those looking at your profile that you’re unique from the crowd.

    Also, look at how you interact with other people. Are you a high-class managerial person?

    Did you know that you will get 13 times more profile views if you list your skills? That’s something that could differentiate you from the rest.


    What value have you created? You will write a sentence on each thing you’ve accomplished in your career so far.

    Make each thing sound amazing. You really have accomplished those things. Perhaps you built a new product. Or maybe you streamlined a system in your workplace. Did you write a whole novel? Publish it? Those are accomplishments you can add.

    Quantifiable Facts

    These are the numbers accomplishments. These are the data that back up what you’ve done. You speak five languages and visited twenty countries in your last job. Information like this could be invaluable to an employer. You need to focus on achievements you’ve had in past gigs so that employers can imagine you doing the same for them. ” I achieved sales goals of 35% in 6 months by instituting quantifiable tracking and accountability with the sale team”. Accomplishments that people can sink their teeth into and feel good about adding you to their team.

    You could get even more detailed with your accomplishments if you know the numbers. How much you personally added to the revenue at a company for example. Or how many clients you served last year. You need to come up with , analyze or generally discern some quantifiable results that resulted from your actions.


    Here’s where your certifications come in. You’ve gotten awards. People have quoted you. You’ve received accolades. This is the time to write down every outside recognition you’ve received from someone. Don’t be shy. Include everything relevant to your goals.

    You Should Write Your Profile In The First Person

    How do you introduce yourself to people you meet? Do you say, “Hi! George is pleased to meet you. George does wonder, though, what do you do for a living?”

    People would cut that conversation as short as possible, smile awkwardly, and walk away. Why then do we feel like it’s a good thing to speak this way about ourselves in a resume or cover letter?

    Your written profile should be personable while remaining professional. Write the profile as if you are addressing an audience and giving a presentation on yourself and your experiences.

    The only time to avoid any particular perspective is when you are writing a list of experiences. In these instances, the “I” is understood. For example, if you wrote copy for a local paper every week say, “Wrote newspaper copy for the Alliance Times once a week.”

    Now Just Combine Everything And Write

    Start off with a provocative statement or tag line that sums up your personal brand. something like “Formidable thought leader who coaxes stunning results from challenging situations while still having the time to learn the guitar and cook the perfect steak” Something quirky and memorable.  This is called the hook. Like we said before, treat this like any other piece of online content. Give a strong opening, a solid middle, plenty of facts, a few outbound links and you’ll have an amazing profile.


    Creating a written profile on LinkedIn is pretty easy. Their interface is pretty simple. If you follow our advice on creating a LinkedIn profile, you should have should have no problems.

    If you’re looking for a great way to boost your profile with awesome professional personal photos, book a session with us today.

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