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    9 Mistakes Your Making With Your LinkedIn Photo?

    As of 2017, LinkedIn had over 467 million users. For a professional, networking platform, that’s pretty impressive.

    If you are like most professionals, regardless of if you own your own business, are searching for work, or just want to connect with others in your industry, you have created a profile on this growing site.

    That’s great. LinkedIn was designed to help you connect with others. However, there are some all-too-common mistakes users make when presenting themselves on LinkedIn. One of the most detrimental is using the wrong type of profile photo.

    Your LinkedIn photo is a “first impression” of sorts, along with your written content. As a result, you want to make sure you make a great one. One of the best ways to avoid problems with your photo is by avoiding some of the most common mistakes, which are found here.

    Using an “Oldie but a Goodie”

    Is there a favorite old picture of yourself you absolutely love? Do you seem to keep going back to it when it comes time to upload a profile picture? If so – stop right now. This is a huge mistake.

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    It’s time you realize that this picture needs to be stored away in your device’s archive folder. You need a recent picture where you look like, well – you. After all, if you are networking for a job or connections, you want people to be able to recognize you if you ever meet in person.

    Using a “Weekend” Photo

    Everyone likes to go out and have fun, regardless of what they do or where they are from. However, your weekend pictures should be restricted to your friends’ circles.

    LinkedIn is definitely not the right place to showcase these photos. If you do, others may not take your seriously, limiting the benefits you gain from this site.

    Hiding Your Face

    You need a profile picture where potential clients or employers can see who they are going to deal with. If your photo is dark, photoshopped or gloomy, it means your face isn’t very visible.

    A good rule of thumb is to avoid using these types of pictures altogether. Otherwise, you may not make that great of a first impression.

    Using a Photo to “Show Off”

    Remember, LinkedIn isn’t Tinder, and it’s not used the same way Facebook is. LinkedIn isn’t designed to help you get a date or attract interest from the opposite sex.

    The image you upload needs to reflect professionalism and help build trust, instead of trying to attract more attention. If you think your picture would be great for a dating site, then it doesn’t belong on LinkedIn.

    Funny Faces

    Goofing off and having fun isn’t prohibited; however, LinkedIn isn’t where you should try to showcase photos of you doing this. Try to choose a photo where you are smiling in a friendly manner.

    Remember, your future clients and networks are going to be more eager to connect with a real, genuine person, rather than someone who looks “silly.”

    Photos with Your Pet

    Unless you work with animals for a living (i.e. you are a vet), you need to change any pictures you have put on LinkedIn that include your dog, cat – or animal of any type, for that matter.

    The goal for LinkedIn is to create and maintain a professional appearance on your profile. Your pet may actually hinder your ability to grow your network and, as a result, your career.


    While taking selfies may be an addiction for you, it doesn’t mean you have to upload these photos to LinkedIn. Save them for a more appropriate platform, such as Instagram.

    Regardless of what you think, people are going to know if you have taken a selfie. If this is the case, then clients and possible employers may view you as being an amateur.

    Not Having a Photo at All

    There are many users who have opted not to put a photo on their profile at all. However, a justifiable reason not to post a photo is a rarity.

    In the digital world of cyber-interaction and social media, your photo is what helps to personalize your profile and helps others develop a human connection to you.


    Also, many people ignore a profile without a picture. The last thing you want is to be ignored, right?

    Photos that are too Far Away

    Don’t bother with a full-body photo on LinkedIn. The area you have to display your picture is just one square inch. If you try a full-body shot, no one will be able to tell what you look like.

    Think driver’s license picture when developing your LinkedIn profile. This is the type of shot you should try to use.


    If you have used a logo for your profile picture, then you are showing virtually everyone else on the site that you have no idea how to use it.

    Did you know that using your company logo as your profile picture is actually against LinkedIn’s terms and conditions? It’s true!

    If you want to use your logo, then you need to create a company page and post it there. Profile pages are for people and company pages are for your business.

    Choose the Right LinkedIn Photo for Profile Success

    If you want to get the most from your LinkedIn profile, be sure to use the best LinkedIn photo available. Avoiding the mistakes listed here is a great way to start this search.

    If you need more information about choosing the right LinkedIn photo, or even how to find the right online dating picture, visit our blog. We can help ensure you make a great first impression, regardless of what platform you are on.


Gordon Gooch – COO & Co-Founder Mr. Gooch is the Co-Founder / COO of Online Profile Pros. An experienced entrepreneur and startup executive, who’s spent the last 10 years working in the online dating industry and personal brand industry to help individuals create, maintain and protect their personal brand thorough their online profiles and social media so that they can find a better job, get a promotion or start a new relationship. He’s appeared in numerous publications and news outlets including CNN, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer MSNBC and a host of others. Prior to that he spent over 12 years working for financial services and New Media companies including 8 in startups, 3 of which he directly founded. He’s an accomplished photographer and videographer with IMDB credits. Mr. Gooch has an extensive background in eCommerce, technology, marketing and online strategy. He holds a BA from Washington & Lee University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gordongooch/ Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/gordon-gooch Twitter: https://twitter.com/gordongooch?lang=en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealgordongooch/ IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4921097/ Angel List: https://angel.co/ggooch-zoondy-com


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