10 Pros & Cons You Should Know About Using A Dating Profile Writing Service

With the growth of dating apps, there is an increasing demand for profile writing services. The world of online dating can feel complicated to navigate at best, and simply terrifying at worst. There are multiple dating apps and sites, each with their own set of rules and intricacies about them but all of them have two things in common, they require you to create a profile and populate it with information about yourself. The common goal of all dating sites is to facilitate you finding your perfect match by creating a vehicle by which you can interact with others, and that’s the key for every single online dating app, interaction.


So, what is a dating profile ghost-writer? In general terms, a dating profile writer is a person that’s hired to create content on behalf of someone else but never takes the credit for it. An online dating ghost-writer is somebody that will write your profile for you.


Taking all of this into consideration, online dating requires a level of creativity, charm, and most importantly effort. A well-written, compelling profile is undoubtedly the best way to showcase your personality. Every word counts. Every word is an opportunity to make a strong first impression and make her/him smile and want to know more about you.


You may feel like you want to dip your toes in the online dating scene but aren’t sure how to go about filling that empty profile or starting conversations with new people, or simply you may feel like you don’t have the time to sift through endless icebreaking conversations that eventually fizzle into nothing. Hiring a dating profile writer is a common solution to all these problems, but is it something worth doing? What are the pros and cons of outsourcing your online dating profile?


This article will delve into the ten main things you should consider before taking the plunge and hiring a writing service to help you date online. If you want to better understand the ins and outs of hiring a love dating profile writer, read on!


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PRO: A Profile Writer is NOT a Dating Assistant

PRO: It could relieve your beginner’s jitters

CON: Results aren’t guaranteed

PRO: You don’t have time to write your own profile

CON: You will have to sit for an interview or fill out a questionnaire

CON: Not everyone feels comfortable with someone talking on their behalf

PRO: The written part of the profile is important

PRO: There’s a science to online dating and you may simply not get it on your own

CON: Dating profile writers have no idea who you are

CON: Some online dating writing services cater to male customers only



PRO: A Profile Writer is NOT a Dating Assistant

There is a big difference between a dating profile writer and a dating assistant. A dating assistant is basically a service the tries to impersonate you and actively works on selected dating sites to get you date without you having to lift a finger.  They essentially trick other daters into thinking they are interacting with you when in fact they are interacting with a number of different people just trying to secure you a date.


A dating profile writer interviews you to learn about you and then crafts a well-written, compelling profile that will get others’ attention and entice them to connect and interact with you so that you have a better chance of getting a date.

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PRO: It could relieve your beginner’s jitters

If you truly don’t know where to start and you’re at a complete loss on how to fill out your dating profile you can definitely count on a writer to get your foot in the door. Dating profile writing services have plenty of experience and know exactly what attracts all the likes, right swipes, and messages. Dating profile writers can help you to complete your profile correctly so that you maximize your chances of attracting the right person and starting a conversation by adding “icebreakers or “hooks” into your profile that gets people’s attention and makes them want to ask you questions.


This is quite a time saver for you if you don’t have hours to spend trying to come up with the perfect dating profile, and also can be quite helpful in terms of your dating chances if you’re not very experienced at using online sites and what kind of chatter will keep a person interested in you!


Online profile writers really know how to market you and your best assets, so if you’re feeling insecure about your photos and aren’t sure how to make an impression in your bio, a profile writer is your best friend.


Most online dating writers will probably go as far as suggesting you do a photoshoot so that your profile pictures match the general vibe they’re going for when profiling you. A professional dating profile photoshoot is a great way to maximize your profile and really helps to tie everything together. We all know that they check out the photos first. no one is going to bother to read your profile if your photo is crappy. A bad profile photo can be a deal-breaker.  You will benefit from getting a professional shoot so you get some amazing pictures for you to use on your dating profiles (and elsewhere).


CON: Results aren’t guaranteed

Everyone wants to find love, and the investment of resources on a timeless, priceless outcome doesn’t need justification, however, results aren’t always guaranteed, and you may feel like you wasted your money on something that didn’t work out.


In order for a dating profile writer to accurately represent you, they will need to interview you and ask some questions you may feel are invasive, and often times the results can come out cheesy sounding or taken straight out of a dad joke book. It’s important you find a good online dating service that will take the task of essentially marketing you seriously! The investment will be worth it and you’re far more likely to see the desired results!


Depending on which service you choose the cost of hiring an online dating writing service can vary drastically, with some charging very reasonable amounts of money to others wanting hundreds and even thousands. Remember that a more expensive service doesn’t always mean a better one, so consider carefully what service you chose and how much you’re willing to pay for it.


Again, be mindful that this isn’t a cure for all and you may invest a lot of your hard-earned money for a service that may not yield the results you were exactly hoping for.


PRO: You don’t have time to write your own profile

When thinking about hiring an online dating service consider the reasons behind your decision. Sometimes you may be inclined to outsource your dating site presence because you’re simply too busy to use dating sites consistently enough to get to know someone. If this is the case for you, it may be worth thinking about what comes after successfully connecting with someone online, which is going on actual dates, spending time getting to know them, texting them, and interacting with their social media. If the time commitment you have to make to use a dating site is too much, it’s important to assess whether you do have the time needed to see a new connection flourish into a successful relationship.


Unfortunately, the job of a dating profile writer ends once they’ve found an appropriate match for you and have established a connection with them, and then it’s over to you. If you don’t have the time to carefully maintain contact with a given person before your first date arrives, they may lose interest which will have made the job of a dating profile writer completely futile. Moreover, after the first few dates it’s also up to you to maintain a good level of online communication, so if you fail to do this because you simply don’t have the time, once again the job of a ghost-writer will have proven pretty pointless. It’s very important that you do make time for your potential new dates, and even if you feel too lazy to take the first steps and prefer a writer to do it for you, keep it at the forefront of your mind that their services are only meant to be a preliminary step on your dating journey, the rest will ultimately be up to you.


CON: You will have to sit for an interview or fill out a questionnaire

Even if you don’t have time to write your own profile you will still need to sit for an interview or fill out an extensive questionnaire. It’s not as if the writers are mind readers after all, so they need to learn about you in order to write a compelling dating profile


If you hire a competent service, you will have to go through an extensive 1 on 1 interview process where the dating profile writer has to get to know you on a very personal level. They may even suggest a photo shoot to get the best photos of you to add to your profile.


It’s worth considering that hiring help with your social media dating sites requires not only the money investment but also the time and energy needed to go through these interview processes and really dedicate enough time to let the writer see all your different facets so they’re able to speak on your behalf in your dating profile. As previously mentioned, this interview process may also include some invasive questions that you may find difficult to answer, especially to a stranger, so be prepared to share personal details about yourself, and be prepared to trust the writer to use that information wisely to reflect you under the best light possible on your dating profile. Some people find this process unpleasant so be mindful that you may not necessarily enjoy the probing of a stranger to get to know the nitty-gritty about you.


CON: Not everyone feels comfortable with someone talking on their behalf

This is a point that must not be overlooked, as dating is about you and another person. Many people have reported that if they found out they’d been speaking with someone that wasn’t who they said they were in a dating site, they would feel lied to, disappointed, and even catfished. Unfortunately, as charming and enticing as your writer can be, they’re still not you, so the counterpart they’re chatting to could be massively turned off if they learn that they were never talking to you.


You may choose to never disclose this information, and that is completely up to you, but consider what that means in terms of building the foundation of a trusting, healthy relationship.


PRO: The written part of the profile is important

While research suggests that most people are guided by their first impression looking at your photos, the written bio still has a lot of importance. This may sound superficial but the saying does go one picture speaks a thousand words. If you put effort into taking pictures of yourself that favor you and point to your best assets, you still need to think about writing an impressive bio, so making the investment to pay for an online dating writing service may be exactly what you need to succeed in the world of online dating.


It’s true the profile photo might be the “hook” but the written profile is what Reels them in. A good profile writer understands this and takes all of your likes and dislikes into account, as well as the most interesting things about you and weaves them into a cohesive and interesting profile that will get people’s attention and if done right will give them enough to start a conversation and get the ball rolling.


PRO: There’s a science to online dating and you may simply not get it on your own

Writing an online profile isn’t as simple as jotting down a few sentences together and hoping for the best. There’s an entire science about it that involves understanding the language of attraction, as well as subconscious action triggers.


There are times where you may simply not understand how to translate this into a short profile so hiring help to do this may be the most efficient way to kickstart your profile and get those matches!


A good profile writer understands the difference between a resume /bio and a dating profile. Think of your dating profile as an advertisement featuring “you”. You want to right persona to sit up and take notice. So, your profile needs to be engaging and attractive to get their attention. Online Dating is a competition and there are lots and lots of choices out there so you need to take advantage of everything you can to be successful, including hiring the experts when needed.


CON: Dating profile writers have no idea who you are


A downside of online dating in most cases is that behind a computer or phone screen, you never really know who you’re talking to in reality, so we can all fall victims of a catfish, which is never a pleasant experience.


This rings true to online dating writing services as it’s someone other than yourself in control of your matches and who you end up talking to, which can add another layer of anonymity to the whole process, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. On the other hand, it’s true that a dating profile writer may widen your scope of potential matches and may successfully interact with people you may have felt you would have never matched with or were too shy to approach.


It all really depends on a lot of factors, but it’s worth being very aware of the risks that come with online dating as a whole, and the fact that an online dating writing service has no control over who the other person says they are, so you may find yourself disappointed if your match ends up being unsuccessful due to them not being truthful. This isn’t your or the writer’s fault, but after investing money on the service you may experience frustration, especially if this kind of thing happens more than once or you simply aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for.


CON: Some online dating writing services cater to male customers only


Regardless of your gender, using a dating profile writer can boost your profile and really be a helpful tool to find your perfect match, however, if you’re a female you may want to consider doing some thorough research about which company you wish to work with. Some services cater mainly to male customers and use techniques to attract more women and make interactions with them as effective as possible. Whilst this is great for the male customer basis it may not be as effective with a female customer as the approach to engage matches is different depending on the person’s gender.


When picking which service to use, be sure to ask questions about their method and approach and make sure you are reassured that their writers have experience writing for both sides of the coin, so you’re not disappointed if they end up not being very successful at attracting the matches you want.




Online dating is ultimately about finding love, companionship, and friendship. The world we live in today makes those things very difficult to find organically so naturally people turn to dating sites to get those interactions facilitated by the use of technology. The main takeaway is that these kinds of technologies are not necessarily easy to use, and the fact that you may not quite get them is nothing to be ashamed of, so hiring an online dating writing service is a perfectly good way to get stuck in and get the hang of online dating.


Many claim that online dating writing services sit on a vast grey area. The reason for this is that although your intentions of hiring help to online date may be pure, you’re essentially having a middle man do the work for you when meeting a new person in the online dating world. Some people question whether having a ghostwriter write for you is cheating or not. There is a big difference between a dating profile writer and a Dating Assistant.


Getting some help writing your profile is not much different than hiring a pro photographer to shoot your dating profile photos. After all nobody wants to use a selfie for their primary dating profile photo, it’s just so cheesy.


When choosing to use help with your online dating profile, consider whether you need assistance creating an attractive profile or whether you want a dating assistant to work the dating sites on your behalf, as there is quite a stark difference between the two services and you may get different reactions from people depending on which one you choose.


When choosing a service, it’s just very important to do some research in terms of what their work involves, what their approach is, how much time and energy they invest in getting to know you to write a profile that accurately describes you and how they’re going to give you your desired results.


It’s also very important to consider the downsides of using such services, and the impact it could have on your potential dates knowing that they’ve been speaking to a dating profile writer. All these things are very important when meeting your perfect match so don’t overlook them just because having a dating profile writer will save you time and energy.


Overall, the investment in finding love will always be worth it, but as usual, be sure to weigh up your options carefully before deciding if an online dating writing service is the best option for you!


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As a business development manager, Kendra Beckley helps companies enter a new market and build long-term relationships with partners. She is also interested in writing articles on various topics at Write my literature review.

After a long-term relationship of ten years ended, Kendra took some time to find herself before jumping back into the dating scene. It was shocking. The only time she had spent on a dating app was at a bar with her single friends when they would swipe for fun while laughing at profiles, but now having to use them for real? This changed everything.

From signing up, Kendra first discovered the effects of catfishing, explicit photos sent in the DMs, ghosting, random IG requests, and the whole lot. Kendra decided she was sick of this already and decided to set out to discover how to succeed and find love through online dating.

This journey changed Kendra’s life, leading her to discover a passion in writing, as well as meeting some new lifelong friends, both male and female while discovering and sharing her own tricks on tips on how to make it in the modern dating world. Kendra has been posting on publications and blogs across the internet and tempts at releasing a book in the near-future.

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