A Guide To Looking Your Best In Your Online Dating Profile Photos

Your dating portraits are the key to a winning online dating profile.  Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-timer, you probably feel a little nervous about getting back out there. In order to ensure that your time is not wasted, and you are making the best connections possible with new people, you need to take your time putting your dating profile together, beginning with your profile pictures.


Choosing the perfect dating portraits of yourself to include in your dating profile will be your first step in what could be your “happily ever after.” Figuring out which dating portraits of yourself to use should be something you put a great deal of time and consideration into. After all, this will be the main way all of your potential matches make their first impression of you.


When it comes to showing yourself in your best light, there are a number of things to consider. If you want to make your profile pictures look more visually appealing, convey different aspects of your personality, or simply show yourself as authentically as possible, we’ve got you covered. If you’re ready to upgrade your online dating profile photos and make new connections, read on to learn just which photos you’ll need and how to take them.


1.    Take Photographs in Well-Lit Areas

To begin the photo-taking process, you should first look for locations with good lighting to capture all of the unique details that make you who you are.


If you aren’t exactly a professional photographer with an entire studio lighting set-up, then it’s best to go outdoors for a natural light source and a variety of locations to take dating portraits. Try to avoid heavily shaded areas or areas of direct, harsh sunlight. Finding just the right lighting that keeps you, the subject, the focus of the image is key. Too many shadows will hide your appearance, but direct light can wash you out or make you look a bit too harsh for a dating app profile photo.

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If you want to take dating portraits indoors, try to capture images near a window with natural light pouring in, or in a well-lit room with plenty of artificial light. You want to make sure that you are clearly visible to all potential viewers so they can easily see precisely what you look like.


2.    Utilize A Self-Timer

If you are more comfortable taking your own photos but want to capture a variety of images that aren’t just selfies or mirror pictures, give the self-timer feature on your smartphone a try. These days, most smartphones have self-timers on their cameras, so you have the ability to set up a shot all on your own, and then take your picture.


While you may find that the process of taking your own photos is more time-consuming than having someone else do it for you, this option gives you the freedom to tailor your set-up to your liking as you go about the process. If you find that the lighting isn’t just right, or your outfit simply isn’t photographing the way you hoped it would, you have the option to start and stop your photoshoot at any time to make adjustments.


Additionally, you can have a photoshoot any time you want when you are your own photographer. Say you are dressed up for an event and you really like the way you look; this is the perfect time to find some good lighting, set your phone up somewhere, and take some dating portraits of you looking and feeling your best! Sometimes, a spontaneous shoot can add greater variety and interest to your profile photos rather than taking all of your pictures in a single day.


3.    Include A Full-Body Shot

 One of the most important images you can include in your online dating profile is a full-body photo. A picture that shows off your figure is the best way to ensure that you attract matches that are genuinely interested in you for exactly what you look like.


You never want to hide parts of your body or conceal half of your figure. Dating prospects want to know what to expect when the two of you finally meet up for a date, so providing as much visual information as possible will ensure that you both can be honest with each other from the get-go.


Including a full-body shot in your dating profile doesn’t mean you need to have any specific body type or shape in order to be attractive or find the right match. People of all shapes and sizes have something beautiful to offer, so this photo is your chance to show off all of what makes you who you are.


Taking a full-body snapshot is also the perfect time to show off your favorite outfit! If you’ve got a fun sense of style, or simply have a favorite look that makes you feel your most confident, now’s the time to get dressed up and show off!


If you want to add an extra layer of confidence while you take your head-to-toe profile photo, supportive shapewear can be a helpful tool. Sometimes, all you need is just a little extra hold or smoothing under your favorite dress or form-fitting outfit to really bring out your confidence and let your best self-shine through. Shapewear doesn’t dramatically alter your appearance, but simply adds a finishing touch to any outfit that will provide you with the extra confidence boost you never knew you needed


4.    Try A Variety of Poses

 In order to avoid creating an uninteresting pattern of images that all look practically the same, be sure to capture a variety of poses when choosing which pictures to include in your online dating profile.


If your go-to image is a selfie, and you only have a carousel full of close-up face images, it will be difficult for potentially interested partners to get a good idea of what you truly look like. While you should show off your face in your photos, try to stick to no more than two selfies in your dating portraits line-up.


Instead, try out a variety of poses, from all sides and angles. In this instance, there is no need to conceal any angle of your body. While you may feel you have a “good side,” and refuse to take a picture from any angle other than that, you will need to switch things up if you want to give your suitors a well-developed idea of what you look like.


If you find yourself feeling less confident than you normally would when straying from your go-to poses, think of it this way: when you meet someone at a bar or other public place, you have little to no control over how the other person perceives you. They can see your “good side,” “bad side,” and all other sides in between. At least with dating portraits, you have some control over the final image, so creating as realistic and natural an image as possible will help you recreate that feeling of meeting in person, but in a more flattering light.


5.    Avoid Using Filters

 In the same way that you want to show your most authentic appearance with a full-body photo, you will want to avoid disguising yourself with any sort of filters. Here again, honesty is key. Show your potential love-interests what you really look like, without any effects that alter your facial features. While you may feel more attractive with a face filter on, you aren’t being completely honest with those who are viewing your profile. Save the filtered photos for social media or for sharing with friends and stick with the authentic pictures for your dating profile.


Filters don’t have to be a complete deal-breaker, though. To add some interest to your carousel of dating portraits, using a black and white filter or a color vibrancy enhancing filter on just one of your pictures can help break up some of the monotony.


Ideally, your profile photos should not be monotonous, but adding a color-changing filter can help add a bit of drama to your images, and further emphasize the details of a picture.


6.    Wear Bright Colors

As you decide what to wear in your profile photos, neutrals and muted colors should be avoided. Instead, opt for bright, colorful clothing pieces. Certain colors can say a lot about you, without speaking a word, which is particularly useful when looking to attract new connections through just your photographs.


The color red, for example, is a popular color that is suggested people wear in dating portraits when they want to convey feelings of passion, romance, and even sexuality. Conveniently, these feelings can work to your advantage when used on a dating profile. The color red specifically can make you seem more interesting and attractive and will subliminally attract more people to match with you.


Other colors which can communicate positive feelings and emotions are yellow, orange and pink. Yellow alludes that you are cheerful and self-confident, both of which are strong qualities to showcase when making a first impression on a potential partner.


Wearing the color orange says that you are creative and energetic. This color is especially good for those who are artistic to wear to subtly communicate this aspect of their personality.


Those who wear the color pink are said to be loving and compassionate. These traits are great for drawing people in and creating deep connections.


Before you put on any old outfit for your profile photos, take a moment to reflect on the colors you are wearing and what message you are conveying. The more positive and inviting you can make yourself appear, the better, especially when it comes to meeting new people.


7.    Capture Yourself Doing a Hobby/Activity

A dating profile picture is a great way to show some of your interests, hobbies, or personality traits. Don’t be afraid to show yourself off doing something you love. Regardless of if you love playing sports, rock climbing, painting, or even doing stand-up comedy, showing yourself doing these things can make you appear more attractive to potential partners. These images also give matches a better understanding of who you are and what your personality is like before the two of you even have a conversation.


This leads to another point about starting conversations. When you show off your skills and interests, matches will have a greater reason to reach out to you and begin a conversation. Providing visual information is a great starting point for a conversation to learn more about one another, and even uncover some shared interests!


8.    Share A Group Photo

Group photos are a fun way to display yourself in social interactions, whether that be with family or friends. A particularly silly group photo may be another option for sparking conversation with those who match with you.


On a more straightforward level, group photos show potential dates that you do, in fact, have a social life, and enjoy spending time with others. When deciding which photos to include in your profile, remember that not every photo needs to have a cryptic meaning. Simply showing that you have a group of friends or family members that you like to spend time around provides plenty of information for any interested prospect.


Group photos also demonstrate that other people like to be around you. This is another important factor for those in the dating scene. Others want to know that people like to hang out with you, and you aren’t completely boring or difficult to spend time with.


Finally, group photos at family events, weddings, and with children can help portray that you are interested in something more serious or long-term as opposed to a quick fling. Displaying your values in various ways by showing what types of events you spend your time at is a great way to subtly communicate with those who are interested in you.



9.    Hire A Professional

 When all else fails, or you don’t feel up to the challenge of taking the perfect pictures for your dating profile, you can look to a professional for help.


Professional photographers who specialize in taking headshots and profile photos know exactly how to capture you looking your best, all while using high-end equipment and making you feel and comfortable the entire time.


Oftentimes, you need an outside perspective to truly capture you at your best. After looking at yourself in the mirror your whole life, you may not notice some of your best features, or you fail to see yourself in new and interesting ways.


Hiring a photographer who has gone through training and certification to know how to take the best profile photos for any social media site will make it easier to put your best foot forward. Especially if you are very serious about dating and finding your perfect match, taking care with the images in your profile that will serve as your first impression for any potential partner is well worth the investment.


Another perk of utilizing professionally shot pictures in your profile is that others on the app will take you more seriously. If you’re looking for a serious relationship or something more casual, you will command respect from those you meet when you present yourself in such a professional way



 Let’s face it, there is a lot more to the art of online profile photography than any of us ever knew. For those looking to seriously overhaul their online dating profile (or profiles), taking new and improved pictures is your best bet.


While you can certainly make your own dating portraits by following the steps we’ve outlined in this article, you may be wondering just what key points you need to consider to get the job done.


To summarize just what you should do to take the perfect profile photos, be sure to wear something that makes you not only look attractive but also makes you feel your most confident. Take pictures of yourself that show who you truly are, inside and out. Don’t conceal anything about yourself that you might think is a flaw, because for anyone who is seriously interested in you, none of your flaws will be enough to cause them to stop pursuing you. So, capture yourself from every angle, or, from head-to-toe.


Finally, show off your personality the best way you know-how. Whether you prefer quiet activities like drawing or painting, or you instead prefer sporting events and concerts, capturing yourself doing something you love is a great way to find others who feel the same way as you do.


If you need some help along the way, check out all of our online profile services to learn more about how you can make any of your social profiles stand out from the rest. No matter where you are located, or if you need personal or professional dating portraits taken to meet your needs, we have verified professionals available to meet your photography needs.


Take your first step to the next great relationship in your life by getting professional photos taken for your online dating profile. Soon you’ll see why the photos you were using before just were not cutting it when it comes to making some of the greatest connections of your life.

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